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  1. Played it for about three hours last night and managed to unlock about seven sharks; XP is plentiful and progression moves at a good clip, but some missions are tied to extremely specific areas or accessories and are a little annoying to complete.
  2. Considering that Bubsy, of all characters, made an unexpected comeback last year...never say die.
  3. The Jak & Daxter series have debug menus that you can utilize to auto-pop trophies related to collectibles/story progression!
  4. Went ahead and picked up Murdered: Soul Suspect and Sheltered, and I might double back and get The Darkness II--need something low-intensity to tide me over until the next big release.
  5. Well, they can't all be winners. At least now I can offload the physical copy of Mad Max I've had sitting around.
  6. Oof, yeah. Really wish there was an option to change the size of the dialogue text.
  7. I spend a fair amount of time with both consoles. Still have a few PS+ games from 2014-2015 I've yet to finish, and I swore I wouldn't chuck my PS3 into storage until I finished Red Dead Redemption (which I still...have not done).