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  1. Rather a shame it took them until now to realise this after building a reputation of having games with easy Plats.
  2. As a person who’s has a live and also has better things to do then to do mindless grinding for over a 100+ hours and still got the Platinum for the game, the answer is no. There is no easier way to grind the zeni in the game, just get on with it if you want the Plat. I’m horrible at fighting games and I put in the hours around my life so saying you have better things to do isn’t really valid as a excuse if you want the Plat.
  3. This list would be getting defended more if it had a Platinum. 😎
  4. Finally! At long last I have my Plat for Dragon Ball FighterZ. I'm one happy man right now. xD 

  5. Ah give it time, people are going to be awakening up soon and will bring the pitchforks. I don't understand why my opinion matters so much to some people, I was only saying what some people think but never actually say but I don't speak for everyone of course. Some will love another trophy list like this and good for them for liking this kinda stuff, it's just not my cup of tea. Just don't expect me to start worshipping you because you have over 300 Plats because half of them are filled with some for mashing the X button. You bring up a very good point there, a lot people say it's the age of Remasters but we have been seeing a lot of games like this to go along with it.
  6. How is the number of my Platinums relivent to this? If you want to play like that then yes I do only have 8, but it’s still more then you. Excuse me I prefer quality over quantity, I’d rather earn my Plats and enjoy the game while I do it rather then rushing to get the Plat so I can brag about what I’m number on this week. As for your comment on the “super duper minority” of people that only play games for easy trophies. That’s why games like My Name is Mayo, Midnight Deluxe, Slyde and Little Adventure on the Prairie exist because they are such gems that everyone just needs to play them right?
  7. Another piss easy list so people can get some easy trophies so they can brag about how many Plats they have. Does anyone remember when earning trophies especially a Platinum was a accomplishment? 😑
  8. Only 2 million more Zeni on Dragon Ball FighterZ left for my Platinum. Nothing has ever felt so close and far away to me then that Plat right now xD 

  9. Well I need to be a man and start the grind for Pure Bladestone on Demon’s Souls. If I’m not back in a few days... just wait longer. 😜

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      Oh...That's quite a chore. Killing black Skeletons time and time and again until they drop the damn thing. They can drop it in the first couple of tries or on your attempt 175 lol


      Good luck ^^

    3. KaiserMaglorix


      @Honor_Hand I started it late last night for about 20 mins before bed, woke up this morning and gave it another try and got it within the first hour. xD

    4. Honor_Hand


      @KaiserMaglorix Well, that was rather quick lol >.< Congrats on getting one of the most potentially time-consuming items on that game.


      That is some good luck you have. The drop rate is ridiculously low as I have heard people spending more than 20 hours on it without any luck. When I got it, it took me like 3-4 hours :D

  10. I ordered a Vita Slim from Japan, didn't come with a charger but the cable that goes into your PS4 is the same to charge the Vita.
  11. "Oh look its a free game on Plus, I'll just won't enjoy a game and just think about another easy Plat." I would make a joke about go play Slyde or My name is Mayo but you've already done that. I understand trophy hunting and the addiction some have with it but honestly...
  12. Oh I'm sorry, I thought when you make a thread about something so minute as he gliding animation isn't the same as the original, so class it as a different Spyro series because of it. That gives me the impression you wouldn't be getting the game, you are buying so why the complaining? Also our standards are high, we do not expect a cheap port and that isn't what we are getting. Saying you have higher standards then @ddracarys and everyone who liked he's comment including myself is being on the high horse. Also can people please understand the difference between a Remaster and a Remake please? A Remaster is taking a existing game and making it more pretty, for example Final Fantasy X HD. It's the same game just made to look better with current consoles and TVs, that's why you see a lot more Remasters because they are more easy to make I would assume. A Remake is what it says on the tin, they have remade the game completely. Example, Resident Evil 2 Remake. They didn't just take the PS2 and made it look better, because they would have a hell of a job doing that! They made it as if they was making a new game, normally Remakes have things added in or taken away from the original but still staying close to it as possible. It's not that hard to understand people!
  13. What?! You aren't going to buy a game based on how he glides and that he's head isn't the right shape? Because it's not like the original? Go play the original if you want him gliding "correctly". This is such a pointless nitpick that I'm struggling to make sense of what I just read. I've noticed people will honestly complain about anything at this point. I mean it's a remake, made from the ground up so of course things aren't going to look exactly the same but no reason to get on the high horse and say "It's not a Spyro game".
  14. They are charging us to cheese time? What is even that sentence? It’s a free game, you downloaded it. No one forced you to play it but Bethesda are forcing you to cheese the game? This will be helpful for people who don’t want to grind and just want to get a Plat and move on to the next game. But also what’s wrong with someone having a opinion about the topic? Not everyone agrees with @LuciaRosethorn opinion but when everyone is ganging up on her for simply saying a opinion is a little childish guys. In my personal experience there are about two type of trophy hunters, people who enjoy the challenge of a game and will go to extreme lengths to get a Plat. Then the others who simple enjoy playing games just for trophies, if it’s games made for children or games where all you do is a mash the X buttons to get a Plat in 3 minutes. Point is we all use this site and we are all adults here and I think this crap is getting a little out of hand. People have opinions that aren’t yours, but don’t gang up on someone because you don’t agree.
  15. The game is still very active on the PS4, if you’ve had any previous experience with shooters you’ll be able to do every multiplayer trophy without a problem.