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  1. I’ve played every God of War but not the new one as I’ve only played that a little bit and got rather turned off by it because of how they disregard the original story. Maybe it gets better when I get back into eh? But if what everyone is saying is true the game continues to ignore the whole series of games. Then it simply comes down to the devs slapped on the God of War name to sell copies, I’ve noticed a lot of companies have done that over a good few years now. Where they want to make something “new and fresh” but don’t have the confidence to so. Games that come to my mind are titles like Bioshock Infinite and Evil Within 2, I also thought about putting Dead Space 3 in it but say what you want about the game (I know I do ) but at least it tried to continue a story instead of wanting to do something new but lack the confidence to go all the way.
  2. I can safely say as a person who had zero experience with fighting games to getting the Plat in Dragon Ball FighterZ it is very doable with a DS4 since that's all I used. Although I am considering getting a stick since I plan on getting myself some other fighters (Looks at Persona 4 Arena) you'll be fine In FighterZ.
  3. To be honest XV is a mess, mediocre game along with the company milking or trying too as much as possible. I bought it when it “complete edition” was on sale so I got the session pass along with it. Only to find out they plan more DLC that isn’t included in the pass and basically giving me the middle finger. This whole game is a mess and showed me a long time ago how much of a unfinished game it was and pathetically still is, years after it’s been released.
  4. Finally! After hours and hours of grinding I've achieved the Soldier of Misfortune trophy in Far Cry 2! Should be smooth sailing from now on. ^_^ 

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    2. KaiserMaglorix


      @WhiteDragonAura Thank you kindly, also thank you for following as I only just noticed it. xD 

    3. TNekke


      Nice job man, i know the feeling when you finally done with that huge grind xD

      I even bought a second PS3 for it -_-

    4. WhiteDragonAura
  5. Oh bloody hell, some people on here are pathetic. Cancelling your pre-order solely based on a game not having a Platinum, having the same trophies as the previous game I understand fully though. People need to have their priority’s straight and remember why they started playing games in the first place and stop caring about a number that is meaningless.
  6. Little question for anyone who has Plat the first Red Dead Redemption, how doable is the multiplayer portion of the trophies? Do I need to look out for anything in particular? Say hackers or glitches trophies? I’ve always wanted to play the game but was scared off my the multiplayer trophies but if it’s still doable now I’d love to finally give it a try. ^_^ 

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    2. KaiserMaglorix


      @PooPooBlast @Beyondthegrave07 Thank you guys, I’ll more likely give it a try very soon since I’ve done a little reading about the online and whatnot. I’m no stranger to grinding as I’m going for the multiplayer trophies in Far Cry 2 currently! xD 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Thanks for the follow friend :)


      But yea man if you can manage far cry 2 then without a doubt this'll be a walk in the park in comparison. 


      However the dlc MP can be annoying for me anyways and so atm I need like a few of them done along with some sp dlc stuff. 

    4. KaiserMaglorix


      @PooPooBlast Well I thought why not eh? You always give me nice responses. xD 


      Well If I do get the game and start the multiplayer grind, we can help each other out. ^_^ 

  7. Okay well after reading what amounts to a childish response by a grown adult I have this to say. Who honestly cares? I sure as hell don't and I'm sure a bunch of us don't ether. You are a guy who has a lot of Platinum trophies, you aren't the pope, the President, the Prime Minister or bloody Jesus Christ. Give it a couple of hours and everyone is going to forget this post even existed, this is my first time seeing you and the impression is that you are being a big wimp who thinks your being treated unfair compared to everyone else like you're a special little snowflake. Name calling and shaming just because you can't be bothered to justify what you have been flagged for. Just because you was on top doesn't give you a free pass and if someone thinks you're being fishy then let them be suspicious. It would be your job to show everyone since your so important that you are still playing b the rules. But instead I see a little baby trying over spilt milk because the nasty @MMDE isn't being fair and resort to playground tactics. I'm not the biggest fan of @MMDE but that's mainly because I don't really know him and he sounds like a grumpy guy but with crap like this I'm not surprised, but I know he dose what he does for the site and I'm grateful and respectful for it.
  8. #23 Resident Evil 5! Overall enjoyment 7/10 This game kinda has a special place in my heart, it was the game that got me into the series while also on my first ever account it was my first Plat. Because of that I will always love it.
  9. Plat #23 Resident Evil 5! Once again a game that been on the brink of popping the Plat and I just never did. That changed today! ;) 

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    2. LightningCharm


      Nice going!  Congrats. :yay:

    3. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯 

    4. Honor_Hand


      Congratulations! 👍


      That one was my very first Platinum with my partner. I still cherish it to this day :D

  10. First time posting! #22 Zombie Army Trilogy! Overall enjoyment 4/10 This Plat took a good long time for me finish up, I started it up with my two friends @Lawless_Llama and @LuciaRosethorn as a little fun coop game for us to play together. First few hours was a lot of fun, but then the feeling of not much variety was kicking in. To the end we wasn't having much fun and I had to grind out most of the trophies alone.
  11. Plat #22 Zombie Army Trilogy! Big thank you to @LuciaRosethorn and @Lawless_Llama For the special memories with this game. Would of been done a long time ago but stuff always got in the way. :P 

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    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    3. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯 

    4. Lawless_Llama


      Good job my friend! Now's its time for me to grind out the rest 😂


  12. Clearly you didn't Google hard enough because you are acting just like every sensitive little snowflake who demands things like this be change because it's so degrading! Tits and ass has existed in gaming far before this and will after this. Senran Kagura is a series know for such things as intimacy mode and it wasn't a problem until recently, I'm not a fan of the series myself but I can understand the fans and why they are angry. Also it's funny you mentioned games like GTA and GoW in your post though, because having a lap dance and having sex in a car somewhere then murdering the woman is perfectly fine. But this? Way to much for games rated 18 and over. Way to be jump on the wagon slowflake.
  13. Nothing quite like being awake at 4:30AM with the worst stomach pain. Oh well, I might make use of the time I'll be awake working on some games.

    1. PooPooBlast


      Just play God of war and let the boy talk. His misbehaviour will make you forget your pain :P


      Jk but get well soon man. And I'd try to rest and get some sleep to help with the pain because that's when your body goes into repair mode. 

  14. I noticed there was a DLC sale on myself earlier today, sadly it really is mostly EA stuff I noticed. But as @Crimson Idol mentioned there is some nice ones like the Dragon Ball FighterZ pass and a much of Tales of stuff too.
  15. As a lot of people have already said, I'll also be sticking with my current name. It took me awhile to pick the ID I currently have and I'm content, but it's great for people who wanted this option. Let's just hope the Beta will sort things out quickly and not have people worry about problems on last gen consoles.