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  1. So i think the trophy at 10K won’t open what should I do, I tried deleting the game but it won’t work.
  2. So do I have to do the same map until I get trophy or Different maps.
  3. So do I have to play the same map over and over again or play different maps til I get the trophy?
  4. Is this trophy glitched? ive played 5 different maps and I still haven’t got the trophy do I need to reinstall it?
  5. So I completed all the Mission and Got Full Sync, Done all the side quest like The Wolves, And five people food. I collected all 3 memory fragments, but it didn’t show up the location for me, so do i have to restart Chapter 1.
  6. Thanks Carol, you have been a great help. i just got the trophy earlier and it was worth it. All is left is the DLC trophies and then I’m done.
  7. Alright, so I’m at 99% completion of this game, I have done every Story mission, side mission, and collectibles to 100% But, The one thing that’s is keeping from getting %100 is Delivery Requests. I now have done all the objectives in Boston, New York and The Frontier and I got the reward from completing them, but when I looked at the database it says I’m at 0% What can. I do to help me get it to 100%.