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  1. So I need help with a Doom Multiplayer trophy bowling for Gimps. i just need help with this trophy any can help us perfect. also can it be done through private match?
  2. I’m going to start playing GTA online soon and are there any people willing to help me get the online trophies out of the way like heists and Doomsday?
  3. So I completed all the Mission and Got Full Sync, Done all the side quest like The Wolves, And five people food. I collected all 3 memory fragments, but it didn’t show up the location for me, so do i have to restart Chapter 1.
  4. Thanks Carol, you have been a great help. i just got the trophy earlier and it was worth it. All is left is the DLC trophies and then I’m done.
  5. Alright, so I’m at 99% completion of this game, I have done every Story mission, side mission, and collectibles to 100% But, The one thing that’s is keeping from getting %100 is Delivery Requests. I now have done all the objectives in Boston, New York and The Frontier and I got the reward from completing them, but when I looked at the database it says I’m at 0% What can. I do to help me get it to 100%.