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  1. I would be surprised if it only concern french. If I have 5mn, I'll try in german, italian, etc...I bet I'll have the same result.
  2. Note: I'm talking below of the european PS4 version because it's the one I played but it's possible the problem is present in other versions too. Please comment if you have been able to reproduce it in other versions. Hello, I bought on its release day the deluxe edition on the french PSN store. I began to play and found immediatly several problems: -In mission mode, I was stuck on the loading screen after I picked the mission -Match evaluation always gave me 0% I tried to delete the game and reinstall it: same problems. Then I remembered similar-looking problems I got with another game so I tried something: I changed the system language of my PS4 to english (like I said I'm French) and restarted the game. It worked! Problems are gone. I found it very sad in 2018 some games are still released without this kind od basic stuff being tested. I will try to contact Spike to see if they can correct that in a future update but at least there is workarounds for now. I hope it can help.
  3. Any news about EU release? PS Blog announced it for today but I can't find it on the french store https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/08/06/this-weeks-playstation-store-highlights-madden-nfl-19-we-happy-few-dead-cellsovercooked-2/ Edit: I was able to found it because thanks to TheStarlitSkies providing a direct link in another topic: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP3597-CUSA12909_00-WORDSEARCHBUNDLE Weird I can't find if by search or on the last releases page, I hope it won't hurt the game exposure
  4. I just got the trophy :D. Took me 3-4 tries on the bottom left puzzle in Japan, final time was 4:42. Definitively doable there once you know well the level.
  5. I just started to play the Vita version. The only complex trophy for me is: Fast Exposure Solve a puzzle in under 5 minutes using only the Smart Cursor The first levels I did are very large. It can take 20mn to finish one. Maybe there are smaller puzzles later
  6. Dude, look the percentages, it's definitively easy. It took me 1h on Vita and then 15mn on PS4 knowing what to do for the 2 plats.
  7. I'm French and 2 weeks ago I bought this game during a sale. I was unable to synchronize the trophy list with my PSN account. Can someone confirm this is the european trophy list which was missing? I'm not at home to try by myself. Thanks in advance. Edit: I can now confirm it's the european list, my trophies synchronized
  8. I post it here too: PS4 version is now available in Europe. It doesn't seem to be cross buy and for some reason it's slightly cheaper than the Vita version.
  9. PS4 version is now available in Europe. It doesn't seem to be cross buy and for some reason it's slightly cheaper than the Vita version.
  10. PS4 version is not available yet. I don't know if it will be retroactively cross-buy Yes it's really easy. I got a few cheap deaths because collision detection is terrible but the levels are very short so it's not really a big problem. You're pretty much garanteed to get x3 attack and shield trophies in the last level if you didn't get them before so you get the platinum by finishing the 12 levels.
  11. It just released in Europe and it seems I got the first Vita platinum trophy for this game (well, until someone update his/her profile and break my hope lol). It took me 30mn and yes, the game is really bad. It's really cheap at least. If you have questions, I'll try my best to answer them.
  12. Trophy list: Doesn't seem very hard but can be grindy
  13. It has been added recently:
  14. What I don't like with the trophy list is apparently it "forces" us to play with teleport method for one of the trophy. I wanted to play with free roaming and the aim controller. Well, I'l probably do a second run to farm teleports.
  15. It's a different game than the non VR version. It's set in the same universe, both games share a large amount of assets but it's a new story with a new main character.