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  1. Even if I already killed all the legendary beasts?
  2. Wondering if anybody else had run into this, but I have finished the game, got all the collectibles, and was left with 1 last seed for the plat, but I've waited for hours and left the game on but the plant won't grow. Is this something I gotta restart the whole story for, or is there a fix? I've traveled to different planets, did some free roaming away and closer to the ship but no luck.
  3. After recently finishing BO3 and BO4, I was hoping for a easier list, but this list seems a little TOO easy. Even more bronze and small trophies would've been nice, but as long as the actual game play is good as well, I hope to really enjoy this.
  4. All of the Spyro's
  5. I have done the boss fight the last two nights and never got any error personally.
  6. Yeah I got it at Asylum, I was skeptical cause I legit went through like 7 boxes and didn't get it but finally got it, got one kill but was unlucky for the second. Gotta keep going cause this might be the best time.
  7. Oh so you've gotten the Voyage Shaw Item? Hopefully I can find it and be done with this Character once and for all.
  8. I don't know if it means anything, but I personally spent about an 1 1/2 hours to get the trophies, and I even read and enjoyed the Guide, if you speed through it, you could probably get it done in like an hour. It's just three trophies though so up to you.
  9. I know some characters are unobtainable in Ground War, but my last Character to get is Shaw. I was wondering if people have found the Alchemist Set in the box in the Ground War mode.
  10. They should modify the characters to where they have these new characters. For example, make Reznov be like, "Get 5-10 200m kills" over however long, then when you pick up the item and survive till top 5 or whatever. The luck to get the item, plus the right weapon or scope, is pretty annoying.