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  1. Jalen Ramsey wants out of Jacksonville. Would you trade for him if you’re the GM of your favorite team? I would. They want a 1st at least for him.
  2. What he’s saying is that back in the day, you could play a demo of a game with no work around or any cost. Nowadays you have you put $5 minimum to have a code sent to you to play a beta.
  3. Thank you and welp, there it is folks. Nice little pre-game for Black Friday and Christmas sales lol.
  4. LOL got’em!!
  5. There! Satisfied? LOL jerk
  6. if you were waiting for a good price drop, here it is.
  7. It’s the media that overhyped them. I’m just glad to have a actual team on the field.
  8. Big Ben’s out for the year. One has to wonder if this is the end of his playing days. And my Eagles lost (although it was a good game) and my Browns play tonight. I’m hoping they beat the Jets.
  9. Ok by a show of hands: who thought the Rams were going to blowout the Saints?
  10. Good to hear. I’ll be on the lookout for this.
  11. This reminds me to download the PS3 version and play through it.
  12. Ok sale, but I’m marching forward with my word!
  13. Didn’t know that. Thank for the clarification. Guess I’ll buy this day 1 after all.
  14. Didn’t know thots enjoyed trophies? 🤔😂 but on a serious note, looks good to me. Looking forward to playing this.
  15. If this is to be episodic, I’ll just wait for the full versions release.