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  1. Historically in the Brady-Bill era they always start off slow, and ramp it up by mid-October. So while it does seem a bit odd that they’re out of whack, they should be tuning it up by then. If not, then this could be the last time we see them together.
  2. I agree with the OT rules. They should play until there’s a clear-cut winner. I’m thinking it’ll be discussed during the offseason.
  3. Raise your hands if you predicted the beat down the Vikings took from the Bills? I did NOT see that coming at all!!
  4. Purely accidental. Totally forgotten about that until you mentioned it. Oh well!
  5. With September on the verge of wrapping up, what do you think will be in October’s lineup? PS4: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, either Nioh or Resident Evil Revelations PS3: Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition, Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2 or The Evil Within PS Vita: Not sure as I don’t own one PSVR: Not sure. What about you?
  6. Glad I’m not the only who does. Got a ton of games from that sale.
  7. Was looking on my iPhone and saw 4 pages so far.
  8. It’s still updating, but there’s 4 pages of games so far. Give it until later this afternoon for the full update.
  9. Flash Sale currently updating on the PSN. 

    1. Lorajet



    2. starcrunch061


      Was the last Flash Sale good? There have been so many lately. If it was, I expect this one will be mediocre. If it wasn't, this one will be good. That being said, we've seen a lot of cheap games recently.

    3. Lorajet


      But, looking at it, looks like I'm safe this week!

  10. What?! Ace Combat 5 is coming with this? Oh hell yeah!! Day 1 for me!! Pre-ordering this ASAP!!! Loved Ace Combat 5 (honestly, its the 1st and only Ace Combat game I've ever played on the PS2) and I will have this!!
  11. Browns win!! Browns win!!!!
  12. They’ve only version of Diablo is the Eternal Collection on the PSN. You’ll have to find the Reaper of Souls version online on amazon, GameStop for example.
  13. Damn that was fast!! With this and God of War, we have 2 Sony exclusives in the running for GOTY. Both are well deserving of it and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they both ended up with that award.
  14. While I do agree with this, I also have to say that any DLC that comes outside of the season pass should be discounted for those who have that pass.
  15. Diablo free for the PS4 would be awesome!! Got both games already but if this is true, I welcome it!!