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  1. Not sure if you got your answer, but to confirm they delisted the standard version. Can only get the deluxe and Ultimate editions on the PSN now.
  2. Noooooooo!!! Better get that trophy for recruiting pawns done soon on both versions so you’ll recruit your online friends pawn and keep them once the servers are offline. Plus, the Ur-dragon will be stupid easy to farm once it’s offline (and yes I know you can disconnect from the servers to farm).
  3. I had a good feeling that Godfall would be a PS+ game. Wasn’t expecting it this year. I have Mortal Shell, but the rest I don’t. One of the best months of plus this year and a good way to end 2021.
  4. Bought Jump Force Ultimate Edition and Tetris Effect Connected.
  5. Browns continue to fuck up and got spanked in NE. I see some changes coming after this season. Maybe Baker won't get that extension, maybe he will.
  6. Know what could've been remastered instead of this that they have in their back pocket? FO3 and FO: NV with all DLC. Why are we getting this for the 40th time is beyond me.
  7. Up listening to Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel's OST (main menu theme) and I'm thinking "Damn, we need a NEW Army of Two game!! 

  8. Browns cut Odell Beckham Jr. Honestly I’m glad this happened. Should’ve been traded to get something in return, but at this point, I’m glad with the decision the front office made. If he balls out elsewhere, it’ll make it look like Baker’s the problem all along; but realistically speaking, he was freelancing in a rhythm based offense, and that’s not gonna work. Good luck to him wherever he goes and I hope he does well, except when playing the Browns.
  9. Agreed. Like, how did you NOT turn around in that route? I don't think he was expecting the ball on that play. It looks like he was blocking for a run play.
  10. This and that F2P kart racer are the only games I like in the whole event. Looking forward to playing this. Star Ocean Til The End of Time was my very 1st SO game on the PS2 and I absolutely loved it! Also would love to see another Valkyrie Profile game. VP2 Silmeria was my 1st game in the series and again, I absolutely loved it.
  11. It’s fitting to have the PS4 version of Amular on plus like the PS3 version was.
  12. Just noticed a price spike on PS4 games on Amazon. For example: NHL 22 is listed at $79.99. Could this be a glitch on their part? 

  13. Or a Deluxe edition for PS4/PS5. Would be SICK!!! And a instant day 1 buy!! If this happens, oh boy!! I do hope they revamp the XP system a little bit. Instead of dividing the XP to everyone, give that same amount of XP to everyone.
  14. Found out about this on Twitter. Signed up the moment I saw this.
  15. I remember hearing about this some time ago. Glad to finally see the list. Thoughts?