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  1. I turned off the soundtrack on the game and turned on Spotify on my PS4. Best decision I made in regards to the music in the game. Plus, I can control the music from my phone while I'm playing. Solid win if you ask me!
  2. Definitely is about to enjoy this tonight!!
  3. The AFC North as a whole ALL took the L today. Never seen that ever. But oh well! Onto the next one!! Go Browns!!
  4. This is CLUTCH!! Thanks so much for this!! Definitely what I need to grind out the plat (outside of those damn Valkyries)
  5. Definitely looking forward to this, but would love to see a new Ninja Gaiden.
  6. Sad for the 2 people playing this. But saw this coming after I played the demo.
  7. No trophies, but it’s a damn good game!!
  8. Platinum #106: Jump Force!! Glad that’s finally done! Now to pop a few quick and easy plats before my next grind! Onto the next one!!

  9. These 1M gold trophies on Jump Force are SO unnecessary. Biggest grind of the whole game and I felt the devs randomly threw those 2 in there for the lolz. 

    1. XchocomanX


      The whole thing is lol

    2. kidson2004


      Hell yeah it all is 😂 

  10. An assassins creed game in Japan?! It’s about damn time! Hope they do right by it.
  11. It doesn't have to be spending money on yourself!!
  12. I know this is a gaming site, but I wanted to make this topic to learn more about the person on the controller. Like what do you do to treat yourself after a long week of work? Or overcoming a difficult challenge in life? For me, I normally eat from home, but once every 2 weeks, I buy breakfast and dinner for myself while I'm out and about taking care of things. Or getting a massage done once a month due to the stress of my job and my workouts; and it really helps! Or buy a new suit (which I plan on doing soon!) so what about you? Sorry if this comes across boring to most on here, but I feel like there's a TON of dope people on this site and I want to shine a positive light on the community!! Also: you never know who you could inspire just by YOUR response!
  13. They really are. At first, I thought it would be hella annoying to do them, but once I got certain abilities, J-Skills it was much easier than I thought it would be. Also I meant to add this on there: Grab the Light element and put it on the Kamehameha as it'll do hella damage against Blackbeard and Astra. Do a 5-6 hit combo and IMMEDIATLEY do the Kamehameha!! That's a good 11 hit combo and shaves off a good amount of health on the AI. But its not as difficult as I thought.
  14. Successfully knocked out Apex Fighter!! Once I figured out how to manipulate the AI, I had a proven strategy to knock or out quick! Overall trophy progress: 81%!! This’ll be my next plat for sure now!

  15. Didn’t want to create a whole new thread to talk about Apex fighter, so I’ll post here what I just did to hammer it out so quickly: I kept doing the 1st Mission on Expert. Got an S rank 10 times for the trophy to pop (yes it’s been confirmed that you can grind out S ranks by doing THE SAME MISSION over and over again until it pops for you) Goes for all the S rank trophies. Next I used the following to knock it out: Kamehameha (works well when you put the physical resistance ⬇️ On it so it’ll do more damage) Airtight (very useful, especially against Vegeta and put the attack ⬇️ Skill on it so when the opponent hits it, it’ll lower their attack when they do attack you) Black Coffin (put the Health drain ability on there) Final Flash (put in the ability Ability Damage Limitbreaker and get that as high as you can before doing this) my main support character was Luffy as he’ll track the hell out of the AI once you drop your Airtight on the field. Once you drop Airtight, charge up and start Black Coffin. Once you do that, watch the AI dash around the airtight; once you see that happening, use Luffy to knock the AI down while still charging Black Coffin. Once the AI gets up, it’ll dash in the other direction!! With your airtight still up, you’ll pull off Black Coffin. This method worked for me damn near 100% of the time!! Got 5-7 S ranks in a row due to that alone. What also help is if you get the J-skill Father…is right here! This’ll negate any damage while blocking. Get it to lvl 5, and you’ll take NO DAMAGE while blocking!! Making the health requirement much easier. Hope this helps anyone still looking to knock Apex fighter out!!