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  1. Is NFS Payback any good? Currently on sale for $8. 

  2. I have a honest question: I’m going to start a YT channel next week and I was wondering if there’s any advice you guys can give? 

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    2. Spaz


      Green screens used to be the exception. Now it’s considered a necessity. 


      The person, regardless if they’re using a green screen or the standard background, isn’t going to win me over if they’re boring. 

    3. panikooooos


      My advice is: Don't make a yt gaming channel. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.


    4. Spaz


      My advice is don’t be boring. 


      Though those who try to act like PewDiePie or JackSepticEye automatically get skipped by me.

  3. I’ll pass on this as well. Was hoping Hellblade would be in this sale, but maybe next sale (or flash sale).
  4. Daganrompa (sp?) and Persona. What’s so good about those 2 series? 

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    2. Caju_94


      Even though I never finished a Persona game there are many mechanics that are unique to the series.

      I would say that the fact you have to play and live the protagonists' normal/social/school life as well as their "second life" as Persona users is what makes the series unique. What you do in your normal daily life can influence your character's power. For example, the more you interact and spend time with other NPCs (Social Links), the more powerful are the Personas you generate (The stronger the social link, the stronger the personas you generate). 

      Each Persona you use can level up and give the Persona User different skills. You can always manage Persona a little bit like "Pokémons", where you can fuse them, create them, get rid of them, it all depends on the movesets you want the User to have and how you want to build him/her. Persona's soundtrack is really catchy, memorable and the fact you actually have some singing during some soundtracks gives a nice touch. There are also some other mechanics like the calendar (time always goes forward, meaning you can be unprepared for a boss if you didn't fight enough, there are certain days where certain events occur...)



      Alright I'm gonna try to keep it simple....

      Buy them.

    4. kidson2004
  5. The Uncharted Trilogy Remember Me Bayonetta Metal Gear Rising Vanquish The Infamous Series Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (still obtainable) Nier Demon’s Souls Castlevania games The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy Resident Evil games Sonic All-Star Racing Binary Domain (SP’s good, MP’s a troubling grind) Battlefield games The Sly trilogy The Rachet and Clank saga The God of War saga The Saboteur The COD Modern Warfare trilogy (2 of 3 plats) Syndicate Okami ICO and The Shadow of Collosus and many more!! The PS3 has a vast library of games and truth be told there’s so many games it’s not even a joke!! Enjoy it man!!!
  6. Looks fun to me. Interested in learning more about it.
  7. Should I give Black Ops 4 another go? Enjoying the hell out of black ops 3 plus ghosts and MWR. 

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      I guess you will have to decide on your own.

    2. kidson2004
  8. It looks pretty simple to be honest. Had a chance to buy it yesterday but passed on it for later in the week. This with CTR coming next month I should be good on racing games for a while.
  9. Can anyone confirm this works with the digital version?
  10. Yes, the game was delisted last year. Can confirm this as well as all the DLC for it as well.
  11. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions Use a guia de sessões de jogos para organizar uma sessão de booating. Boa sorte!!
  12. Another terrible sale, another sale to save my coins. Thanks Sony.
  13. It was that good IMHO. Got the game after the servers closed; but I remember enjoying the hell out of the SP from start to finish. Why? A lot of people (including myself) never got a chance to experience the MP for this game. I’m hoping they do keep the MP portion.
  14. https://www.trustedreviews.com/news/gaming/shenmue-3-release-date-2949157 Welp, add another date to your calendars!!!
  15. Fuck yes!!! This was such a fun game; and I was super pissed I couldn’t plat it. Now I’ll be able to.