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  1. To be very transparent: No. I have way more than enough games I'm playing/have yet to play on PS and to me, there's no incentive for me to even remotely think about getting a XBOX. I've invested a lot of money and time over the years into PlayStation and I feel that I would be starting from ground zero making the switch.
  2. Thread updated with a release date!!
  3. This has been happening for the longest. I understand what you're saying, but it is what it is honestly.
  4. So I got the Enhanced Edition a few years ago, but now when I went to search for the game, its still showing that I didn't buy it at all? So weird.
  5. Just checked it in the NA PSN and it’s delisted indeed
  6. In my case, its not "fear" of playing it, its my backlog; which is stupid big on its own. Besides, with the smashing success for this game, I wouldn't be surprised if there's DLC for it. Also, I'm waiting for it to go on sale this Black Friday/Christmas.
  7. Sorry to cut into your convo, but here's a good boosting session going on that I've been apart of and they're very good.
  8. Damn good guide as I'm currently boosting Woods, Mason and Reznov. If I can add one thing to it (from my personal experience) that playing Heavy Metal Heroes Reznov's hat can spawn in both Estates and at the fountain in Asylum. Meaning 2 groups can knock him out at the same time. RNG still plays a role in all of this, but that happened to me in multiple sessions.
  9. I think it could be a permanent thing since the player base is beyond dead
  10. I highly enjoyed trophy hunting on the PS3 (and will be getting back to it soon). It was simple, yet fun at the same time.
  11. So, I'm getting to a point to where I would like to start grinding for a good damaging build in Godfall to get ready for the Towers. What are some good recommendations? I appreciate y'all for the advice in advance!!
  12. Godfall 71% completed with Fire and Darkness DLC 100%. Safe to say this'll be my next plat!!

  13. full thread is on the Twitter post. I get why they’re doing it. So no arguing from me. Thoughts?
  14. This is HUGE NEWS!! I'm so glad they're FINALLY preserving the older PS games. So SO many classics that would've went away had they not taken this serious.
  15. Only thing I can think of is them pulling it for the Origins collection that's coming out in June. But yeah they should've kept the PS3 versions available.