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  1. Alright!!! So how did you come across the site, and why did you become a member?
  2. Thanks for this. I’m interested in it, so I’ll be getting this on the PS4.
  3. The campaigns for BF 3&4 were solid. Can’t say that for 1&5. But I’m ok with this not having a SP as most play it for the MP.
  4. This is such a watered down list from the PS3 version. No complaints at all from me (although I did enjoy knocking out those weapon trophies). Can’t wait get my hands on this!!
  5. Didn’t know you can still get the plat for WWE 2K20. Nice!!
  6. PS Double Discounts Sale live tomorrow 

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    2. kidson2004


      Yes!! Same here!!

    3. NERVergoproxy


      I personal never liked these "double" sales, because it makes you think you getting a great deal, but what really is happening is they raise the initial sale price and double it for ps plus so it seems like a great deal.

      For ex. this game I want to get called Bonds of The Skies was $7.49 sale price once, but this time they raised the sale price to $8.99, then double it for ps plus to make it $7.49. It's really the same sale.


      Did you manage to see anything good?

    4. kidson2004


      I took a look at it earlier and to me that BL3 Ultimate Edition is something I’m looking at getting. But I’m in no rush to get it. I’ll have to look again to see if there’s anything else that has my attention. But I’m holding off until Black Friday and Christmas to really buy some new games. Gonna work away in the backlog until then. But I will be getting Scarlet Nexus day 1 after playing the demo for it. 

  7. Nope. The 100 matches trophy is a online trophy and the online was shut down years ago.
  8. Just picked up Persona 5 strikers for $29 n eBay! Steal! 

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    2. kidson2004


      Nope, but it’s all good. Only $5. Not too bad. 

    3. OhDearDevilRun


      Is it new?

      nvm you dont have to answer, srry being so nosey....

    4. kidson2004


      Yeah it’s the newest persona game. Nothing wrong with asking 😀

  9. I’m mad there won’t be MP that’s coming with this. But I’m noticing a disturbing trend: companies are remastering these good games (MW2, potentially MW3 and now the Crysis trilogy), but not include the MP for all of them. Like why take away a key component that made the overall experience of the games so great? I’m not getting this trilogy sadly. If I wanted to play the SP’s for Crysis, I’ll play them on my PS3.
  10. Platinum #95 COD Ghosts. 5 more til the BIG 100!!!! 

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Ok, i think you did tell me before 😁

    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. MidnightDragon



  11. What got me was them announcing S3&K being playable for the 1st time in YEARS! They must’ve finally settled that legal battle. Super pumped to play the OG’d as well as the new Sonic and Colors remastered.
  12. Wow! I’m SO glad I waited on that Star Wars game!
  13. OP updated with link of list of games that will be on sale for tomorrow’s sale.
  14. Didn’t you and I boost this? I’m trying to remember. but to the OP: FUCK YES!!! Crysis 2 is my favorite of the series. Just really hope they do away with the dedication trophy and scale down the lvl 50 to lvl 25. Outside of that, I can’t wait to play this again!!
  15. Getting that Star Wars game would be wild!