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  1. There's a rumor going around that Sony has plans to add a big name title to March's PS+. Wonder what it will be? 

  2. Just saw this on the PSN: Beta's active from Feb 23rd-Feb 25th. Just a heads up.
  3. So the Mass Effect, Dead Space games that were on sale from this past Flash Sale are now back on sale in the EA sale lol 

  4. Picked up Far Cry Classic and Far Cry 3 while they were on sale. 

    1. PooPDeePie


      Enjoy those games! They're pretty fun! Was happy to see FC4 dlc on sale for cheap

    2. kidson2004


      Yeah, got the season pass for FC4 last time it was on sale. 

    3. PooPDeePie


      Holy smokes. I redownloaded the game and I have to get to it quickly just because it's taking 26 GB on my hard drive.( which isn't a lot but the fact that I reinstalled it for one dlc makes me want to clear it quick haha).


      And btw you only need valley of the yetis dlc which is $4.30 CAD atm rather than the $8 or $9 season pass, forgot the actual price. Unless you actually plan on playing MP and what not :P

  5. Hm, EA's having a sale, I think I'll pass. They didn't patch up a trophy on Madden 17, preventing me from popping the plat in that game lol.

  6. I get trophies because I can. They are there to enjoy obtaining, and by me spending my money on the game alone, I feel that I'm getting my monies worth by getting trophies and platinums.
  7. You can read the article here: What do you think? Bout time if you ask me personally.
  8. Man, where was this when I spent hours looking for shards?!
  9. Good sale. Got the following: PS3 FAIRY FENCER F $3.99 PS3 RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS 2 DELUXE EDITION $11.99 PS3 SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR 2 SIBERIAN STRIKE $1.99 (Good deal as I already own the main game via digital) I see a few more, but I'll think about picking up some PS4 titles next.
  10. Yeah, I agree as I bought this, and couldn't sync the trophies, and I'm glad I couldn't.
  11. I wonder if there will be a Flash Sale today? Probably will be, but I hope its a good sale. 

    1. Oowa


      I wanna say yes because they are always during the second to last Friday of the month, so i wouldn't put it past them

    2. Mesopithecus


      A flash sale page has been added to the store, but not updated with games yet

    3. Aexuz


      Yeah the flash sale is there but we can't see the games yet :(

  12. Monopoly Monopoly Streets Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Family Game Night 4 LittleBigPlanet Dead Nation Borderlands The Series Any 2 player racing game Any LEGO Game Just off the top of my head for now. But there are other great recommendations in this thread.
  13. Bring on CTR!! Bring on Tenchu!!!
  14. I think it'll be kool to see the Crysis trilogy remastered on the PS4/XBONE. what do y'all think?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. kidson2004


      I doubt it too, but seeing Crysis 2 in 4K would be sick! Hell, I'll play Crysis 2 just for the MP (which IMHO is way better than Crysis 3's MP). 

    3. Cobby


      I prefer 2's story, but preferred 3's MP, dunno if it's cos by the time I got into Crysis, 2's MP was dead, but I remember having a lot of fun with 3's MP.

    4. kidson2004


      I understand. I was in it when 2's MP was hella good!! When I got to 3's MP, I was disappointed in it.  

  15. *sigh* just got 3 Tales of games fomr the Play Anime sale. Been waiting for a price drop on these 3: Tales of Graces F, Xillia 2 and Zestria.