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  1. Battlefield 4’s DLC is free on the PSN right now. Grab it while you can. 

    1. DaivRules
    2. kidson2004


      That’s weird. Thought it’ll all be free. Guess not. 

  2. Thanks for this. I’ll update the OP with this.
  3. Why compare the 2? It’s the same thing honestly. Both are very informative threads. Just enjoy the fact that there’s people that want to share the info to the community.
  4. It has a handful of times and later today it'll be on sale again. I got it last time it was on sale.
  5. a link for this sale for different regions. Hope y’all enjoy it!
  6. Well, since there’s only 3 responses, I’ll close this and pick someone!! Pay attention to your DM’s to see if you won!
  7. Sadly I’m not able to play this right now, BUT I figured someone on here can and give feedback of the beta!! Just post below if you’re interested in the code. Winner will be PM’s by the end of the day!
  8. Definitely will check it out. Thanks!
  9. This is confirmed on Twitter just a few minutes ago. May wanna update the title.
  10. Work. That’s why I missed it lol
  11. Legit forgot I have the plat for Resistance 2 😂
  12. Madden 10, The Legend of Korra, Section 8, Section 8 Prejudice, Resistance 2 and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale plats.
  13. Same here. The Legend of Dragoon is a game that should’ve been remastered.
  14. I’m gonna pass up on this one. I have a feeling that it’ll not live up to the Saints reputation.
  15. Nights of Azure 1&2. Got both for $44 total!! That’s a steal!!