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  1. LOL It happens man
  2. This is very good information. Thanks man! I already had it pre-ordered it, but this is great to those who may have missed the window.
  3. Ah I gotcha. Well, good to know either way. I’ll update the OP now.
  4. Must’ve been fixed. It was free before I put it in the cart, and I got all versions of it. Sucks people missed out on this. Sorry mate. Nah, I don’t recall downloading it. But I could’ve downloaded it and just don’t remember.
  5. It's currently on sale on the PSN's flash sale, but when I looked at it, it said free. Not sure if this is a mistake on the PSN, but its a freebie! Grab it while you can. Edit: it seems like it’s free to those who got the original from back in 2014.
  6. What got you into gaming and what platform did you start on 1st?
  7. After this past holiday sales, I’ll pass.
  8. This is one of those good bugs. No complaints from me.
  9. Question to all: would you trade Nick Foles for Leonard Fournette?
  10. Now that Onimusha is officially released and remastered, it’s time to talk about another game to be remastered: Tenchu. That game was a freaking classic and would LOVE to play that again. And a reboot to the series would be totally awesome 😎 

  11. I would like to see this come to the PS4 as well, but it’ll probably be more f’d up than before.
  12. That’s a trophy you’ll have to boost with 9 others (yourself makes 10). Takes a lot of coordination, but it’s easy to do once all are in the same lobby.
  13. Have to say none. It doesn’t bother me to see games I shouldn’t have played or didn’t mean to start. It’s all good to me.
  14. Downloading Ace Combat 5!!! Just a little over a day!!

  15. No they don’t. You’ll have to play Blackout and grind out the requirements.