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  1. Yep, will be getting this for sure!
  2. Are the NFS games (minus Rivals as I have it on the PS3) on the PS4 any good?

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    2. kidson2004
    3. PSXtreme_




      It didn't link properly

    4. skateak


      I had fun with Need for Speed 2016 but I wouldn't pay anymore than $15-$20 bucks for it because it is online only and who knows when EA will shut it down. They added some decent free DLC in a patch along with a vinyl editor and share function that is pretty cool. The platinum itself is pretty easy but I hear the 100% is insanely hard because of the Gold Prestige time requirements. I haven't tried them myself. Got the plat before that update.

  3. Yeah, you’re not alone at all. I have to water myself down to make friends and family “feel good” about playing. Heck, sometimes they can tell if I’m not going all out in anything we play. But I have to for the sake of their pride and ego lol. Been doing it for years.
  4. Guess I'll finally post on here: NA user and I have Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (no case) available. I'm looking for either Dragon Ball Zenoverse 2 or DragonBall FighterZ. Prefer NA deals.
  5. Well, I sold off 80% of my PS3 physical backlog (have a TON of digital games for it lol), pre-ordered God of War, pre-ordered Black Ops 4 and bought MW4R. Overall, a damn good haul!!

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    2. kidson2004


      On a local market app called OfferUp.

    3. The Spark
    4. ihadalifeb4this


      Just in case you don't know. Black Ops 4 will not have single player campaign.

  6. It's a Japanese gaming sell that happens for 2 weeks. And from the looks of it, it's happening in May.
  7. I'll wait and see come May when the world premier is shown.
  8. May just get the Marvel Ultimate Alliance bundle since it’s on sale. But outside of that, my funds are going to God of War now that I finally have a PS4 PRO. Playing it on release day!
  9. Store's still updating. So the sale will be live in a little while.
  10. The wait is finally over!! I GOT A PS4 PRO!! 

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    2. LightningCharm


      That's awesome!  You're a lucky dude.

    3. ee28max


      That's really cool. Have fun, dude 👍

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      Now count how many times you will try to press start and select.

  11. LOL!!! Well, I would love to see Sonic 1-3 and the Sonic 3 & Knuckles connection.
  12. I can see Dez either in Green Bay, San Francisco, or Seattle. Truthfully, I want to see him in Green Bay to help offset (to a point) the release of Jordy Nelson. I can see him killing it over there with Aaron Rodgers.
  13. Fuck yes!!!! I’ve never played Shenmue 2 (never had a X-Box). But this will give me the opportunity to play it finally! Can replay the 1st one all over again. Day 1 buy for me!! Oh and I’ve noticed there’s no release date on this either. Hopefully, it comes soon!!
  14. Welp, Dez got cut finally. Wonder where he will go?
  15. All 20% off codes have been claimed oh well. But this sale is whack. I'll save my funds for the golden sale.