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  1. What to get in this Black Friday sale: NFS hot pursuit remastered, or RE Raccoon City Bundle? 

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    2. kidson2004


      LOL @NERVergoproxy if I could, I would. No debate lol 

    3. DamagingRob


      2 games are better than 1. :awesome: But yeah, RE2 was one of the best games I played this year, and has gotten me pretty invested in the series. 3 RE Plats this year. I found Hot Pursuit very annoying, as well, and dropped it back in the day.. 

    4. kidson2004


      Got the RE collection and The Division 2 DLC. 

  2. Crazy how every single JC game was a freebie on plus. But nothing that peaks my interest as I already own JC4. So I’m hoping the Christmas sales can make up for the lackluster PS+ offer. Not holding my breath lol
  3. 1st cousins is 0-9 on MNF. Looking at 0-10 tonight if things go south fast.
  4. The Browns have a winning record in November for the 1at time in a very long time. Taking me a while to accept that as they used to be already packed up for Cancun around this time of the year. Looking at their schedule for the next 7 games, 4 of them are very winnable. If they can take one from either the Titans, Steelers or Baltimore, they could end up with 11 wins. I'm all for it!! #GoBrowns!!
  5. Shoot, here’s hoping for a remake of DA1&2
  6. Well, I know my next pre-order
  7. Man I thought I was trippin when I saw the red x next to my name. Hope it’s sorted soon.
  8. Need to download this and knock this out ASAP.
  9. As a Browns fan, I say its more of them learning not to be a bad team anymore and their schedule. The injury bug hit this team at the worst time imaginable, but they're still over .500 in November; which is saying A LOT. They're usually in the running for a top 5 pick and have already packed up for Cancun lol. But I can see them going 11-5, at worst 10-6. But in order for them to be a good respectable team, they HAVE to beat both Baltimore and Pittsburgh while both are at their best. Find a way to beat better teams and THEN, they'll be a much better team.
  10. So the PS3 version is fine? But the PS4 versions are the affected ones?
  11. Fantastic interview!
  12. Same here. Looks interesting.
  13. I couldn't when I went on my PS3 to look for them. But maybe its sorted on there. I'll take another look.
  14. Great!! The PS Store isn't allowing me to access the new deals, my download history, nothing!! This didn't happen know......THE OLD STORE FORMAT!!! Fix this shit PlayStation!!

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    2. kidson2004


      Gotcha! Thanks for the heads up!

    3. Spaz


      Best get whatever you can out of the old store before Sony..... decides to fuck things up even more.

    4. Kittet3


      tbf the old store was a hot mess as well.


      but it was a tolerable hot mess

  15. I'm beyond pissed that they disabled the option to buy PS3/Vita games. I mean, money can be made from them still, but for me personally, its the fact that I can't even access them in my download history, nor my wishlist where I had quite a few PS3 games stashed away in. They clearly don't give a flying fuck about their consumer base; but their OWN MOTTO IS "For the Players"!!! For the players my ass.