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  1. For those who want to autopop: Remember only enter the game when the game is FULLY installed Otherwise it will only pop the trophies of the main game for you. Leaving you at 9x% However you can solved this by deleting the PS5 save and importing the PS4 save again after the game is fully installed
  2. Same problem here. It is likely not game specific coz i tried several games randomly still the same. Tried deactivated which does not help at all
  3. A easier way to get into a match is to get a friend to search for classical friendly. I did it once but still it takes quite a long time until success
  4. Don't keep this (I must get a win streak) in mind and it will eventually come naturally. If you got a loss just take a break and try later
  5. An additional tip: During the cutscene where players are entering the pitch, you can choose the enhanced objective for this match. Do so you can avoid the harder ones (match rating is recommended as basically scoring 2 goals will get you 10) So do not skip it or you get a random one.
  6. Sure . But if you only care about the trophy this save you tons of time.
  7. I think the blue flame icon (x2) would be the key Because when you get to the next division (or sub division) at the same time you won't get this icon even this is your 2nd win. This may explains why some people can't get it pop even they indeed get a streak.
  8. Another simple way is you can press the PS button and go to setting page. Do an internet connection test and it will also disconnect u from FUT. Also you can get this trophy immediately if you play coop with your friend who has a 200+ player (he needs to be the host).
  9. Of course it is best if you can find a way to easily do it in SQB. I am just suggesting a possible way. The requirement said it has to been done in rivals or sqb (world class)
  10. It is not about getting trophies. You need to complete the bicycle kick objective (in stadium development III) to unlock one of the 4 places (other 3 are easy) for you to equip the trophy. If you don't unlock that place it will be no use no matter how many trophies you get
  11. Not sure if you can still msg ur opponent this year? If you are only care about the trophy maybe u can msg u opponent saying to let him win but allow u to do the bicycle kick without disturbing u. I know this is kind of destroying others experience but if you having real difficulty this would be a solution
  12. Most of the trophy is indeed easy just a bit grindy. I think the most difficult one is the one require you to equip your stadium with 4 trophies then win a rivals match. But for 1 of the trophies to unlock you need to score with a bicycle kick in world class sqb or rivals match.
  13. My situation: PS5: 3 winning streak then a draw. The trophy pops when the fourth match ends. PS4: 2 winning streak then a loss. The trophy pops when the third match ends. The key can be 'the little fire & x2' on the result page when you get your streak. You should get the trophy when u see this 'fire' and then lose the streak next game. Thing is if you get to the next division (or sub division) , there won't be 'fire' even if you actually win 2 consecutively. . So it may not count as a streak and it won't pop for sb. Just my guess, not 100% sure it is related.
  14. You can find complete trophy guide including the Iki DLC on Powerpyx. It includes suggested roadmap to 100% and missable trophies (if any). But they do not make a guide for multiplayer contents
  15. That’s what I am going to do, to play twice. Not sure about the online content but the iki island dlc is just a 10 hrs play. Why do we bother to save this ‘time’? Maybe after 100% of PS5 version I will put it down for a period and then revisit the PS4 version in the future for another trophy hunt. To me it will be meaningless if I got these trophies without enjoying the PS5 features.. That’s what I paid for