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  1. The trophy has popped for me. Firstly I completed Stadium I and II. No trophy. Then I have done the SBC milestone. Still nothing. Thirdly I did Transfer Milestone. The trophy popped when I listed the 1000 player.
  2. Most of them don't sell anyway even for the default price lol. But I doubt that if using R2 will count as 100 listings
  3. For the SBC trophy each of the 10 SBC needed to be done at console. I suspect this works similarly
  4. Is it a trick to draw at the final game? Isn't it better to get a win?
  5. I hope they fix this because after a quick look of milestones Rivals is likely my 2nd one. 'Play 10 rivals matches and scoring a at least one goal' This is very likely happened first lol
  6. Just a quick and maybe stupid question. How do you know you find each other?
  7. So it seems that the stadium one doesn't count? That may explains this mess coz for most of us the stadium one is the first one
  8. Just a suggestion: I understand that when you lost you would like to start a next match immediately. But sometime you really need to take a break. Like after 2-3 games. When you play with bad mood or feeling tired it will just increase the chances of making mistakes.
  9. To me this trophy is easier than last year if you want to do it normally. I got 4W1L and it puts me at D3. If you aim at D4 3W should be enough. I can also confirm that playing a match in D3 also unlocks the trophy. I use 442 as formation. Crossing is extremely strong right now, especially R1+Cross.
  10. I think it is still possible as the trophy does not require you to 'play' in weekend league. You just need to qualify by obtaining 2000 points. Even if they close the league the point accumulating system may sill exists. But to play safe of course better to get it ASAP
  11. Sounds great. Looking forward to more details. Hope they make it possible to go D4 by this method. Other then that they should improve the mechanism of climbing the ladder anyway. For an average player it's too hard to escape from certain divisions.
  12. No luck for me
  13. FIFA 20 - obviously the Division 4 trophy for DR matches. I still play a few matches during weekend just for fun but really can't see hope of getting into division 4 as I am just a casual player.