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  1. someone posted this on another site says #1 will need ( PS4Macro ) video explaing it is here to keep the ( Re-maping window in the application window) so it will take effect on your PS4 remote windows#2 ofc you will need Autohotkey#3 the script by (Abolish the Penny) on steam community script is written for PC verstion keybored mapingchnage the scrip to match ps4macro maping or the other way around as you likestepsstart PS4 remote playstart ps4macro - open remapping ( chnage if you want ) and keep window openre-focus back to your game and make sure your keyboarded is working finestart the AHK scriptgo into an area where you can fightstart a Mist (Quickening ) combofocus out of remote play and hit (F7) to start the scriptfocus back to the Ps4 remote play window and watch the combo go up to 15~16+ easy without touching the computer. -------------------------------------------------------- if anyone can make ps4macros script for us it will help so many.
  2. what did you do to get the silver trophy ?