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  1. I'm afraid it's going to be a lot bigger than the DS4, and I have tiny hands. Also I'm really partial to the colored symbols on the buttons, not sure I like that missing.
  2. The janitor. I think Chinatsu asks? Not sure if this works though, I didn't have a problem getting the words.
  3. Spyro and Crash. I missed them so much, and I'm happy they remastered all of the games. We got a PS1 for Christmas, and Crash Bandicoot: Warped and Spyro the Drago (and Cool Boarders 3) were my first video games. CTR even tops my list as my favorite game of all time. My brother and I played it so much on PS1 we destroyed the disk!
  4. Far Cry Primal. Easy and no multiplayer. Also, even though he isn't needed for the plat, do Urki's quests. He really makes the game!
  5. It seems really do-able on Proud. Riku was easy, and I'm dreading having to replay everything for Sora on Proud to finish out the game. Honestly wish I had just done Proud mode to begin with. The game is a huge grind at the end, so doing it all at once instead of multiple playthroughs is the way to go. I used this guide for the bosses: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/287-kingdom-hearts-rechain-of-memories-boss-guide which helped a lot. Slights make everything easier with Sora, and the guide explains how to stack your deck and the cards needed for each enemy.
  6. It's Chapter 5, in the Curse of Mikoto, at the very end, where you can either select "Don't say anything" or say "How did you know what the note said?". When you select to not say anything, even the game will tell you it is too soon. If you do click to ask about the note, you can battle her, and get the orange underwear, but the game ends.
  7. You have to question her on the roof about Mikoto. You die, but you get the last one. I had the same issue!
  8. I've been pretty disappointed in the last few month's offerings because the games were not really my type. I am not a first person shooter game type of person at all, so anything like Modern Warfare just does not appeal to me. I'm really excited about May's offerings though! I can understand why people might be upset, because I've been upset about the past few months' games (not that I complained about it online until right now lol). I think the only PS+ game I've downloaded all year so far was The Witness. It's really all about taste.
  9. I'm at level 20 and about halfway through the story and I'm just not liking it. The level grind required so that you don't get immediately destroyed at the next story level is so irritating. The gameplay reminds me of if you mashed together Far Cry Primal and Horizon Zero Dawn. The story is pretty meh, at least for me. I'm still giving it a chance, because when I originally played Syndicate, I absolutely HATED it. Now it's one of my favorite AC games. Maybe it'll get less tedious, but I'm not seeing it right now.
  10. Cliff Town I remember having to try to figure out how to fly out to that one treasure area as a kid. All of the different hidden areas and fun/creative ways to get there made this one of my top levels. I was disappointed to see that when I'm older, it's not as tricky as it used to seem! 😅 High Caves The FIRST SUPERCHARGE LEVEL (that I remember). Learning how to use the Supercharge ramps and not die were definitely the best for me, a person who regularly used to fall off the end. It's also the first Superflame level. The whole combination makes it a super nostalgic level for me. Magic Crafters Homeworld This was definitely one of the most memorable levels to me. I love Artisans Homeworld as well, but it wasn't as challenging as Magic Crafters (and Dream Weavers was THE ABSOLUTE WORST Homeworld; the number of times I died there on PS1? No thank you).
  11. Same thing happened to me. I did some searching online, and it could be that you completed the Hundred Acre Woods mini games 'challenge' goals to get the trophies (for example, all of Tiggers hopping levels) the first time you played them. Apparently it's some sort of glitch. I don't think there's any way to fix it other than replaying the entire game. Here's the links for the threads and everything I found when I went searching a few months ago: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps3/684080-kingdom-hearts-hd-15-remix/answers/358433-the-game-wont-acknowledge-i-got-the-mini-game-maniac-sora-trophy-in-recom-how-do
  12. 11:25pm EST (or any time, really) iPhone XS New York Safari psnprofiles main page, any user pages This has been going on for months for me as well. Safari on Mac does not have the same issue.