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  1. No microtransactions. It's built like an arcade game, when you collect money and complete the level, you can buy upgrades, but you lose everything when you die. So I guess it's sort of...roguelike? But on bikes. It's fun but really challenging. I originally thought that just completing the game with every character put people off the platinum, but that is NOT the case. Each character has an ability---for many of them, it's a negative ability, like 'half health' or 'takes more damage,' making the game way more difficult to plat. I played the original road rash on PC back in the day (running over grannies and whatnot), which is why I bought this. I remember it being like, whack people and win the race. With this game, there's missions and stuff, providing more re-playability.
  2. Exactly why I avoid playing online. I hate trash talk in real life (once a dude on the volleyball court was giving me a hard time over a Rangers hockey t shirt, which was my boyfriend's that I was wearing, and I was very confused), and people online just think they can say whatever and get away with it. As soon as they know you're a woman, all the rape threats come out. Problem is, that's a pretty serious, terrifying, and real possibility for women.
  3. Thanks so much for setting this event up, @Beyondthegrave07! The badges are beautiful, @Ellie-nyan! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories and write-ups throughout the month. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which mental health association I wanted to donate to. I live in a very liberal area/college town, so I know that, while all non-for-profits are struggling right now because of COVID, my local mental health association(s) are probably not doing as poorly as my hometown. I grew up in a pretty conservative country town, where mental health was never much of a priority. There were only two local (ish) MH organizations that I could find. One covers my area more directly, so I am donating to my home county's Mental Health America (MHA). Also, I rounded it up to an even $100 (I hope this works): As for the questions 1) Yes, it was fun! It made a great impression for my first event on here (after lurking for years...). Although I'm not sure I would donate to every single one, this time I had the extra money so I was happy to make the extra effort! 2) I enjoyed the way it was run, not sure if it needs to change. A game or two and discussion to a specific point, no limitations on too easy or too difficult, and it gives us a good amount of time to complete it. A competitive event I probably wouldn't do, but if you organized it as a team of 2, maybe where one person provides a list of games they have that they think would fulfill the event, and another person selects a game for that person to complete (and vice versa), it might work. You could also do it as the 'extra' challenge. 3) For other events...hmmm. I have thought about paying off someone's Christmas layaway gifts, but I don't know how easy/difficult implementing something like that would be. Something for LGBT or a Thanksgiving thing would be fun too. Maybe instead of a monetary donation, a community service (like donating time to a soup kitchen/outreach event) based on the number of games completed for the event as a bonus type thing?
  4. @DrBloodmoney Glad to hear it!! The only reason I heard about it at all was this website. I was lurking, and someone had posted it as an "If you like [this game] (I don't remember what it was at the time), you should try Ikenfell." And boy, am I glad I did!!
  5. I finished Ikenfell! Wow, this game was fantastic. I really recommend it to anyone, especially if you're a fan of old Gameboy games! Honestly, it took much longer than I thought it would. I expected maybe 10 hours, but it took me over 25 hours to get the plat. I started to follow an X-box guide about halfway through to make sure I didn't miss any of the special gems. Turned out I missed one anyway and had to backtrack 😔 Anyways, sorry for the huuuuuge post. I really, really liked the game! 😁 The gameplay reminded me of a combination between Pokemon and Fire Emblem. You have (sort of random?) run-ins with enemies for battles (Pokemon), and have a bunch of different spells you can hit the enemies with (Pokemon/Fire Emblem), and you move around on a grid during the battles (Fire Emblem). The one thing I struggled with was, when playing on normal mode, in order to get the maximum amount of damage/dodge, you need to press the X button at the exact right time. When you master the combat, it really works well. But whenever you get a new character, new move, or battle a new baddie, you have to re-master the combat for each move. This almost inevitably results in getting you walloped until you get the timing down, which was frustrating. At the same time, you definitely cheer when you get a good dodge or a good hit on an enemy, so it's also rewarding. There are ~tons~ of accessibility options, so you don't even need to deal with the combat system if you don't want to. I used it to finish the side quests and the last battle. I had a hand injury at the time of doing those, so I really appreciated it. I really think this game fulfills all of the different criteria for this event: It deals with a lot of mental health issues; you have a team of 6 people, so #YouAreNotAlone definitely fits, and also, if you use the accessibility options, its a very non-stressful, enjoyable game! Before I delve into the mental health aspects, I just wanted to comment on the representation in this game. Being a hetero cis female, at the end I was just like, are there ANY hetero cis people in this game (I meant it in a good way!)??? It just made me chuckle a bit, as nearly everyone is LGBT or identifies as/uses non-binary terms, which was awesome! The vast, VAST majority of the characters were female (or at least present as female), which is something you never seen in video games. There were also quite a few black characters as well. This game really had some great representation, and nothing takes away from the story, but makes it even better. I absolutely LOVED Gilda and Perty (and I guess someone else did too 😉). Ima is also a boss. Really, all of the characters are great in their own little ways. Now, for how this game deals with mental health:
  6. I would like to join. My game will be Ikenfell, and if I have extra time, I'll use A Plague Tale: Innocence for the second game. I will also donate $1 per badge earned. While I don't suffer from a mental illness, I've known many people who have, and have struggled to live life. One of my friends, who I had supported in getting help for her depression and self-harm, had, after many years, finally chosen to live. Sadly, she had an underlying physical health problem that ended her life only months later. Even though she never chose to end her life, it weighs on me every day. Please just know, that if you are suffering, you really are not alone. There are many others like you, and people who will love and support you.
  7. The only one I sorta planned was Vampyr's plat ("Time is on my side") being my 2,000th trophy because I noticed at like, 1995 that I could do it. But overall, I don't plan them because I like how I can see what I was playing at the time. It seems a bit more organic to me. Like DrBloodmoney, I have 2 Assassin's Creed plats as milestones, completely coincidentally, with the same name ("Master Assassin"). I guess that goes to show just how much I like AC. 😅 I really respect people who put in the effort to plan theirs though! And players who complete all the games of a series in a row, I salute you, because I get too burned out (here's looking at you, Kingdom Hearts).
  8. You need all drive forms maxed out anyway, to gain access to all of the Paradox Cups in order to 100% the game.
  9. I have Disney Infinity (all 3) on my Wii U, and they are really fun. Definitely recommend playing them. If you can get it on a different platform, it won’t affect your PS profile. Not being able to get a plat probably wouldn’t stop me, especially if I couldn’t play the game on any other system. Rather than being unobtainable, it’s usually my skill level/motivation that prevents me from getting a plat, but that doesn’t stop me from playing games I like.
  10. So I might have figured something out. I did Terra and Ven's stories, but I did Ice Cream Beat early on with both of them, and beat it both times. I also used shotlocks, but not that often, and missed the extra "press X" prompt a lot. Then I finished both of their games (using shotlocks a lot for the Arena). Now I'm trying to do Ice Cream Beat with Aqua and missing EVERYTHING. All this to say, I think the shotlock and Ice Cream Beat timings are completely different, so if you mastered one, you need to relearn how to do the other one.
  11. I'm afraid it's going to be a lot bigger than the DS4, and I have tiny hands. Also I'm really partial to the colored symbols on the buttons, not sure I like that missing.
  12. The janitor. I think Chinatsu asks? Not sure if this works though, I didn't have a problem getting the words.
  13. Spyro and Crash. I missed them so much, and I'm happy they remastered all of the games. We got a PS1 for Christmas, and Crash Bandicoot: Warped and Spyro the Drago (and Cool Boarders 3) were my first video games. CTR even tops my list as my favorite game of all time. My brother and I played it so much on PS1 we destroyed the disk!
  14. Far Cry Primal. Easy and no multiplayer. Also, even though he isn't needed for the plat, do Urki's quests. He really makes the game!
  15. It seems really do-able on Proud. Riku was easy, and I'm dreading having to replay everything for Sora on Proud to finish out the game. Honestly wish I had just done Proud mode to begin with. The game is a huge grind at the end, so doing it all at once instead of multiple playthroughs is the way to go. I used this guide for the bosses: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/287-kingdom-hearts-rechain-of-memories-boss-guide which helped a lot. Slights make everything easier with Sora, and the guide explains how to stack your deck and the cards needed for each enemy.