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  1. We'd like to change our team name from Bench Team 3 to Benchwarmers please ^^
  2. #52 - The Complex I picked this up on sale, and though it started off a little bit iffy, I enjoyed my time with it
  3. Nope, not yet.
  4. I heard this was a good book to get into the w40k universe with, so I started it last week. I'm actually really enjoying it so far 😊
  5. Hiya! I'm looking for a team to join please 😊
  6. I love space and my name is Lily 😁
  7. I love this one here - I'm a big fan of hazelnut coffee 😄 ..Yes, yes I did. That word has been stuck ever since but I reaally love that game too so I don't entirely mind it
  8. Hiii, thought I'd finally introduce myself. I joined nearly two years ago and I'm doing it now 😅 I'm Lily, from the UK. Introductions are always awkward, aren't they? - I love kdramas and anime, and coffee (a lot). This honestly just sounds like a lame list, but I'll continue. I like rpgs, racing games, action games. Games with good character customisation and outfits 😜. Bloodborne was my first platinum a few years ago, and I only really started to make a push for them this year so I have a lot of catching up to do. I definitely have a habit of starting games then going "Oh that one looks cool. Lets play it" then forgetting to go back to what I was playing initially, then eventually going back to it and having to restart. Fun cycle Control was my GOTY this year, I absolutely loved it so so much. I can't wait for the story dlc next year it can't come soon enough I'm definitely up for having more playstation friends to do things with, I'm a chronically solo gamer 😓 Anywhoooo, that was my hella awkward introduction. Thanks for reading
  9. Far Cry: Primal I hated life as I worked toward Platinum