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  1. Platinum #69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered Fun: 6/10 Difficulty: 6/10 This was a very nostalgic game, in a way. A small window into the past of how racing game UIs and soundtracks were over a decade ago. But that's kind of where the nice parts end? The AI is definitely unfair at the best of times, and the lack of a difficulty selector dampens the experience and turns the many time trials into a stressful experience of hoping there's no random traffic spawns in your way that happen to screw you over. I did enjoy my time with it, but it also wasn't anything entirely special to write home about, and a lot of ways definitely flawed. Still, for a game on sale, it worked out okay 😊
  2. The side mission in Judgment involving chasing a dude's wig through the streets. I love it so much
  3. Ideally I'd like to, but I don't have the motivation to. I wanted to do something fun for #69 but I'm just not in the mood T.T so it'll probably end up just being a normal plat
  4. RTS, Management-y games - my brain just can't deal with it I feel like the caveman spongebob meme. So anything that involves resources and planning and stuff I'm like pls send help I can't
  5. Platinum #66 - Days Gone Difficulty: 4/10 Overall fun: 7/10 Story: 9/10 Gameplay: 6/10 (okay 5/10 if I'm being honest) I kind of started this one on a whim because it was free with the PS+ Collection thingy. The first few hours were.. worrying. I was worried I'd even have the interest to finish the game let alone go for platinum. But oh my gosh I am so glad I stuck with it! I absolutely LOVED THE STORY for this game. I was so hooked, and became so attached to the main cast of characters that I'm genuinely going to miss them now that it's over. The story is really what carried me through to platinum, and the score I gave it reflects it. I'm not really a fan of weapon durability in games in general, and I can see why they went for a more realistic accuracy .. uh.. model, but I'm already not the best at fps games and this just made it even harder to do. The constant crafting of items also got a bit tiring after a while but I'm glad they had the quick craft wheel thingy to make it less painful. The addition of an in-game trophy tracker is *chefs kiss* amazing. More games need it, it removes so much guesswork and turns potentially tedious and headachey trophies into something to keep an eye on every so often. This feels like it's getting a little long so I'll end it with: I really hope there's a sequel because I need more of Deacon and Boozer in my life
  6. Platinum #65 - Division 2 Difficulty: 3/10 Fun: 5.5/10 This platinum was just under two years in the making! It improved since launch, and its turned into a really fun cover shooter game. The story was weirdly engaging, and better than I was expecting going into it. Admittedly it did take me two years to get to the end of the main story, so to speak, but for a looter shooter it definitely exceeded expectations. The end game gearing system isn't my cup of tea, with random rolls dictating your gear and having to farm on higher difficulties to get what you want. Other than that! - would recommend on sale.
  7. Platinum #64 - Immortals: Fenyx Rising Difficulty: 3/10 (Mental Difficulty: 7/10 - god I am bad at puzzles ;_;) Fun: 8/10 This was a fun game! I bought it close to release, going into it mostly based on how good the trailers looked :3 It was a slow plat because of the RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF PUZZLES IN THE GAME, EVERY-FREAKING-WHERE. I mean, if you like it, awesome! I am real bad at them, and the sheer prevalence was exhaustingg. Like they were kinda neat, being all physics and ability based and stuff, but OOF I am not a puzzler. Like I can do a bit but I prefer to stabby-stab my way through or platform. That aside!: The combat wasss pretty simple. It had some moves but it was largely just two buttons. The addition of the God abilities really helped but they only felt impactful after leveling them up a bit. For an 8/10 fun this is seemingly negative. But I really did enjoy the world, and story, and a lot about it. The puzzles just dampened the experience and dragged it out a lot, stoppingg me from platinuming it sooner. Anyway, would recommend on a sale unless puzzles drive you up the wall
  8. Fully upgrade your Health / Fully upgrade your Stamina
  9. Platinum #63 - Fallout 76 Difficulty: 3/10 Fun: Uhh. 6/10 A long 6 month journey is finally at an end. I could've had it a good three months earlier but I was so done by the end. It's a strange game! It's fun, at times, and then insanely frustrating at others. The sale price I got it for was definitely worth it and I've for sure put north of a hundred hours in, but would I recommend it? I'm not entirely sure. The level scaling update they did is definitely a good change though it borked my build so when I came back to it this month to mop up my remaining trophies it was a liitle bit awkward.
  10. Okay I'm a few days late but it is dooone finallyyyy. Onto the next challenge!