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  1. Ah all right, thanks for the info. I have why it did that, but it's been 5 years ago so I wouldn't even remember. I'll just hide the game, this thread can be locked.
  2. GohanKun Prototype Hi, I have no idea why I've been flagged for this game. I see that the reason is the order of the trophies I earned, but I just checked and everything seems normal to me. Could you specify which trophies look suspicous ?<br /> <br /> Thanks in advance.
  3. GTA IV and GTA V, but also those Kingdom Hearts platinums. Jesus that cabinet looks sexy as fuck.
  4. Terminator Salvation and inFAMOUS. Haha more seriously, do Little Big Planet 3 ! Hell if you even need help on certain things, let me know I'll gladly help you out !
  5. My 100th platinum was The Phantom Pain. As a hardcore MGS fan, this had to be my 100th platinum. I even went as far as platting 7 games on my PS3 (Dead Nation, DmC, GoW, Remember Me, FFX-2 HD, SO4, ToS) in order to make this my 100th.
  6. The Never-Ending Path God, this was horrible. Didn't even think it would pop so soon, took me atleast 5 months of Survival to get this. For anyone attempting this please wait until Capcom release better ways to make FM.
  7. Metal Gear Solid is Love, Metal Gear Solid is Life.
  8. No worries guys, this game is pretty easy to get 100 % on. If you check my profile you can see I got it in 2 days, and that's just me being lazy. Could've done it in about 5 hours. You don't need to spend cash in order to get 100 % on it at all.
  9. Metal Gear Rising. So happy, I have every Metal Gear Solid platted now
  10. Star Ocean - Will eventually do it... Someday. Persona 4 Arena - Fuck Score Attack. Just Cause 2 - Worst game ever.
  11. STAR OCEAN® THE LAST HOPE® -INTERNATIONAL- Platinum Trophy Congratulations! You've collected every last STAR OCEAN® THE LAST HOPE® -INTERNATIONAL- trophy! You motherfucker.
  12. DOA 5, Raging Blast and Continuum Shift II.
  13. Tekken Tag was actually for AnRoDr but we posted at same time. MGS 2 for Andy.