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  1. Cricket all the way!
  2. Wow that is really nice, you are so talented.
  3. Welcome. Always someone new everyday.
  4. The Predator 2018.
  5. I need one of these things you guys call Vita brand new though and not cost an arm and leg.
  6. So far so good.
  7. Can't wait till this price drops!
  8. nice deal till you find out it cost $ _ _ _ _ _ for the dlcs...
  9. Totally! you get all expansions now just for subbing I think.
  10. Broken!! support is dying. Trying to download one game gets me another game sometimes...
  11. Technically he doesnt have 2TB...HDD loses a chunk before he even get to install anything.
  12. What is a good controller that will work with ps3 AND ps4 without much hassle.

  13. Damn, for plus only. There should be more of these though since they are removing free games soon.