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  1. For me everything worked after downloading 1.03 was able to get platinum. Not sure if it fixed every problem but the ancient complex atleast.
  2. Seems like they are fixing it in the coming update hopefully works and makes plat available for me without replay.
  3. This did not work for me. Glad worked for you though.
  4. Need to enter that hole to get 100% area and it is needed for 1 poster. hopefully they come up with something to fix it or new game + or something. If not then it's new 100% run at some point. Really liked the game but this kinda ruined the feels for me =D.
  5. Yes but i did not jump in the hole. I straight away when i got the dodge upgrade and Urso said can not return i left to 100% everything.I skipped that part on the story and 100% all other maps and then by accident killed cicero got the finished story trophy. but now when i load my gamewhen i go down in the ancient complex under the dodge upgrade to circle door is closed for me and i can not open it. hopefully this was bit more clear.
  6. Beat cicero before going down in Ancient complex. And now the door in ancient comlex wont open where you need 1 power cells and you get upgaded dash. i mean the door under upgraded dash where story leads you but bear friend said something that you can't return or something. So i cleared whole map and found myself beating cicero and now im out of luck? Missing the One step away story trophy and cannot 100% so unable to collect all posters. Any ideas how i could fix situation or am i sol and need new 100% run? FIXED on update verrsion 1.03
  7. Dimension collapse still figuring out but i got Anti-Gravity in training area where i first comboet dummy to the platform with sp regen potion. then with unlimited up+triangle fist. Any idea about the barrel smasher i got 15/12 wihtout red barrels but no trophy maybe you get it later?
  8. i have done ~40 runs 8 of them full clears and have not had any crashes yet.
  9. didn't pop for me either on first try. I reloaded my save and it put me on the final checkpoint in boss fight and after i finished it popped.
  10. Thank you! I have visited that room many times and just turned around.
  11. Has anyone else had problems finding biome 6 xeno archive? I have done 20+ runs and have not got it single time all other biome xeno archives i got fairly often. Am i missing something obvious or just super unlycky?
  12. It does when it popped for me i counted levels and i was at about 215 or so but had played a lot with lvl 50 hulk so got many extra levels with it.
  13. While i was doing the hive trophy i used the grind to level all my characters to 50. So i used all of them almost equally and got it around 50-60 hives i think. "didn't keep count" I was nowhere near 50 hives on single character.
  14. after the patch only had to do 2 of the taskmaster elite villain sectors and trophy popped. I had done more than 15 before the patch.
  15. you can unlock everything many skills unlock all 3 options they have. So it looks there are much more than there actually is.