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  1. Yeah I don’t think this build is entirely beginner friendly, but I’d argue it doesn’t take too much skill. Malenia didn’t even have a chance to get off a Waterfowl Dance attack because of the stagger caused by the bleed procs so I didn’t have to deal with her hardest move. This build would be even crazier if I used a Mimic Tear +10. Obviously using a Fingerprint Shield to tank everything and then spamming Taker’s Flames is going to be easier. I just found this game to be so well-designed that I really enjoyed taking the time to learn the fights and the intricacies of the mechanics. This build is what I used to do a speedrun of all the trophies in the PS4 version.
  2. This post includes the names of late game bosses and a video of them being killed so please be warned.
  3. Maybe they changed it when they removed a bunch of modes. Blitz is literally the only way to get a few of the trophies at this point.
  4. The character trophies have always worked in Blitz.
  5. I feel like the Red Iron Twinblade is the way to go for a melee build in this game. It’s ridiculously strong and what all the speedrunners use in the all bosses category.
  6. It’s hard to find a game with enough of them to make a big difference. The game doesn’t seem to create a game if there are too many bots. Your best bet is to boost the character trophies. You’ll want to use Blitz mode for this, but it’s only available on the weekends.
  7. Bots have already been added.
  8. These trophy descriptions are outdated. Look at the list on your console. The emote has to be done in an online game and the tutorials are now for a win in that game type in arcade mode.
  9. My guess is maybe it’s the ones obtained from bosses and potentially rare pickups in certain areas. The number of bosses in this game is insane so that could make sense. I’m just obtaining everything I possibly can while I try to 100% the game.
  10. Yo man I can help clarify. There is no tutorial trophy. This may have been changed from previous requirements but I’m not sure because I just did this game. There are trophies for winning one game of each game type in the arcade mode section of the main menu. You can play against easy bots. There is also a trophy for getting all star objectives in one of the short single player campaigns. I hope this helps.
  11. We’ll have to wait for Digital Foundry’s tech review to see whether this problem persists from the network test. From what I’ve read the PS5 is the best of all platforms to play on. I also booted up the PS5 version and there isn’t an option at all for any kind of save transfer. My hunch is there won’t be a way to transfer progress and so no autopop.
  12. This is really helpful to know if you’ve actually figured it out. Are you putting this information together in one of your excellent guides?
  13. Tough luck man. That dog at the top of the ladder is awful. Just keep in mind as soon as you crawl through the vent it despawns the entire previous area as you seemed to discover in the video. This is a good place to find some armor. And if the dog alerts the area up top then I like to shoot at them from that previous area. If you go all the way to where you originally came in, you can get an angle at some of the enemies up top and it’s a safer way to take them out. You won’t be able to get them all though so you still have to be careful as soon as you go up the ladder.
  14. Every time you pick up a collectible you should check your stats page to make sure it counted there. The game can bug out in weird ways and if you don’t notice and only have one backup then you could be screwed.
  15. I’d make sure you keep multiple backup saves in case the stat tracking glitches on you. There are so many different bugs that can happen so you have to be prepared.