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  1. Yeah and you can expect all of the trophies to be in a single list rather than spread across two like the PS4 version.
  2. Ugh I was dreading this day as someone who likes to have a neat trophy list. Now the main list will be separate from this second list rather than stacked next to each other. I know I could never play the game again but I always get all the trophies in every game I own. Sony really sucks for their stupid stipulations on how many trophies can be in a list and how many points the total list can be. It’s just stupid and makes no sense. Xbox doesn’t do it, Steam doesn’t do it, and even the PS5 doesn’t do it. They act like they’re trying to protect the sanctity of the trophy system or something while they’ve allowed trashware to completely run rampant on their platforms. It’s pathetic.
  3. Well I don’t hate Capcom by any means, but they do have the inglorious distinction of developing the two worst AAA games I’ve ever played and it’s not even close. If you really want to hate Capcom then you should play Resident Evil 6 or Dead Rising 4. They’re bad for different reasons though. RE6 has the worst game design I’ve ever seen in my life and anyone who tries to defend it just doesn’t know what good game design looks like. But at least everything functions properly. DR4 is the buggiest, jankiest mess of a game I’ve ever come across. The entire time I was playing it I was worried the game was just going to completely break and prevent me from proceeding or stop tracking stats properly. This can screw you badly if you’re going for all the trophies because of how grindy they are. I literally had five different backup saves concurrently at one point with various amounts of completion while trying to get around different bugs. I probably spent over 30 additional hours due to lost progress from all sorts of glitches and stat-tracking issues. It was a hellish experience and a completionist’s nightmare.
  4. Are you sure? I was able to download all three after purchasing the expansion pass.
  5. The Nathan Drake Collection already runs at 60 but maybe they could try to get it to 120 haha. And the 4/Lost Legacy multiplayer and survival already run at 60. But getting the singleplayer there should definitely be a priority. Sometimes increasing the frame rate can break certain parts of games depending on how they’re coded. It’s not always quite as simple as it seems. But Microsoft does seem to be doing much better at it with their backwards compatibility.
  6. How much does a chimney cost? Nothing, it’s on the house!!
  7. This is the place I always use for Shift codes. There are ones from a long time ago that haven’t expired and it’s updated regularly.
  8. Thanks guys. Unfortunately, I just realized that the 100% in Hardline is unobtainable due to a single trophy. But this will be useful information for when I do 4. I appreciate it.
  9. Guys let’s just shut this one down. It’s dead.
  10. Unethical? Do you even know what that word means? Developers do not care about trophy hunter completionists. They are such a small minority of the market they don’t even consider them as an afterthought. If you care about completion percentage then learn to enjoy the process of going after dlc. Dlc often adds a much greater challenge, or the only challenge, that trophy lists offer. This makes the whole process more rewarding.
  11. I just looked into this myself because I’m going to start this game soon. Yes it includes everything you need for 100%. How nice of them to discount both the game and season pass at the same time haha.
  12. How many people are needed to start a match on a rented server? Can it be done with just two?
  13. I’m glad it didn’t because that made it way easier for people to cheat the trophies in the first one.
  14. I totally agree with you on the personal hurdle with Sekiro. It kicked my ass way more than any other Soulsborne game. From Software is probably my favorite developer and I have tons of hours in all of their previous modern games (except Demon’s Souls). I actually think having that experience with their other games makes for a harder learning curve with Sekiro. If you’re a seasoned Soulsborne player then your natural instincts are to time your dodges to avoid enemy attacks. While in Sekiro you do have a dodge you can use, it has significantly reduced i-frames compared to the other games. It’s not really possible to consistently dodge attacks in that game. They force you to learn the timing of deflections. They’ve always had a parry system but most players don’t engage with those too frequently in the other games. I think if you didn’t have experience with the other games then you’d be more open to learning to play the way Sekiro wants you to out of the gate. In response to the actual thread though, my personal hardest was Wolfenstein II. I have to agree with what others have said on the top overall hardest platinums. Crypt of the NecroDancer has to be at the top. Then based on my understanding Street Fighter IV is one of the hardest fighting games, Assetto Corsa is one of the hardest racing games, and Super Meat Boy is one of the hardest platformers. I don’t personally think that super grindy platinums which take 100s of hours should be considered hard if most of that time is spent doing mindless stuff. Like everyone has the skill to platinum Fortnite, it’s just a question of whether you want to spend such a large chunk of your free time doing boring, menial crap. I think difficulty and time required should be separated when appropriate. But that’s just my opinion.
  15. This guy is just a god like his name suggests. I mean it only took him almost 4 years to get all the trophies in the first crash.