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  1. @[email protected] I didn’t read the whole argument here but enough of it to appreciate the good work you did holding @ryanofx92 in check. My only addition here is that rather than focusing on the hidden trophies as a reason he shouldn’t be saying anything about other people’s lists, is the fact he’s not even on the leaderboard at the moment 😂. No worries about that from me, bud. I spotted it in like 5 seconds and then immediately clicked away 😉.
  2. Yo man I really don’t want to argue with you about this. I’m not some crazy gamer but I get hooked on certain games and play them well past trophies. I’m definitely not a hardcore GTA fan by any means. I just really love RDR. There are 107 missions in the singleplayer and you only have to gold 70 of them. This leaves you with a ton of flexibility and choice with the missions you want to tackle when going through replay. I personally found the first 58ish gold medals to be very simple and then things got a bit tougher as I got closer and closer to 70. I apologize for coming off aggressively toward you in this thread. I really shouldn’t have responded that way. I’ve said this before, but I just get tired of people on this site complaining about things rather than embracing the challenge and trying to improve. Maybe it’s partly because I used to be a high school math teacher and there seems to be a widespread mindset in my country of not being a “math person.” As soon as you self-label yourself as “not a math person” then the rest of your math career is probably going to be a struggle because you don’t have the desire and belief to push yourself to succeed. I’m not even what most people would consider a “math person” because I didn’t major or minor in math in college. I was an Ancient Greek history major but I just happen to have a deep love and respect for applied mathematics. Theoretical math is what true mathematicians do and the vast majority of people have no idea what that entails unless they’ve considered majoring or minoring math, but it requires an entirely differently level of abstract conceptual understanding.
  3. This is so cool and such a pleasure to watch! Thanks for sharing. But if you want to watch the best Sekiro player in the world then you need to check out Seki. I’ve watched LilAggy a lot and I love his content. Seki hasn’t done any crazy challenge runs while being blindfolded or using a dance pad, but using two eyes and a controller there’s not a player on the planet close to him. He did a no-hit/damage, no skills/upgrades, bell demon, no kuro’s charm run with the immortal severance ending. For those who don’t know, activating the bell demon and choosing not to keep kuro’s charm in the tutorial (only available after beating the game once but is available after that on fresh saves) both make the game significantly harder and their effects compound when used together. The immortal severance ending is also the significantly longer route to beating the game which is never used in any% runs and not often used in challenge runs. He’s slowly taking over the entire speedrun leaderboard and poor guys like sutemou have been chasing some of his records for a long time with no success. He really prefers to run glitchless but he’s started moving over to unrestricted categories. His current world record in all bosses and mini-bosses is just some freakish stuff. The purity of his movement and technique along with his absolute mastery of every aspect of the game almost brings a tear to my eye as a die-hard soulsbornekiro fan. He also regularly goes for world record attempts while getting drunk which is something I’ve never seen before from a speedrunner in any game.
  4. This is blatantly not true and was entirely perpetuated by more casual people like you. Getting gold on enough missions before the patch (which made replaying missions easier) was not actually challenging in any way. But of course people are always going to whine and complain about games when they’re forced to learn to have some base level of competency with the mechanics before getting the platinum to unlock. There were many different guides out there to help and the vast majority of the missions I went for didn’t take me more than one or two tries to get gold.
  5. I found it to be one of the most immersive gaming experiences I’ve ever had, which is highly impressive considering it’s not an RPG at all really. Guess what, getting places and doing basic tasks took longer back in the early 1900s than it does now. Rockstar didn’t want you to just see the perspective of Arthur Morgan and his story, they wanted to transport you back over 100 years in time to put you into a completely different world than we’re used to. And while some people have complained that aspects of the game are “boring,” that definitely wasn’t true for me in any way. I thoroughly enjoyed my time role playing a cowboy at a critical juncture in US history when the federal government made a concerted effort to cut down on lawlessness throughout the western states. The story is masterful and gripping throughout its entirety with some of the best dialogue you’ll see in the entire entertainment industry. Rockstar managed to make a prequel to one of my favorite games of all time that was somehow better in every possible way. My hat’s off to the talented team responsible.
  6. Adderall? Please, that’s for finals period in college. What you’re going to need for Master Fisher is a solid 18%+ thc sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid. Pm me if you want some specific strain suggestions. Also to the OP, if you have the time and desire to I’d love you to keep this thread updated with your progress. This is definitely on my wishlist when I (eventually) can find somewhere to buy a PS5 at retail price and feel like my balls are big enough.
  7. Yeah I really don’t know how much the netcode has gotten better. No specific mode is buggy but the netcode is bad so your connection is inconsistent. This leads to the game eating inputs at times and you not seeing reality on screen at times so other players will teleport from one location to another as the game can’t make a smooth transition. The game lets you know when your connection is bad and very bad (usually when joining a server far away from you), but these issues happen even when your connection is stable and you’re on an appropriate server. It’s frustrating because when it works properly it controls super tightly (despite the goofy aesthetics) and the platforming is fun. I’ve really enjoyed trying to figure out the fastest routes on the various race maps. I only recently started playing but I’ve played a decent amount both before and after the big season 5 update. I just don’t see much improvement personally.
  8. This is absolutely not true. I’ve met the requirements for Big Tease many times since 4am EST on July 23rd, including last night, and it’s not popping. I saw that and was hoping something had changed but it hasn’t. I’m putting together a video of a few clips to show Mediatonic this is still an issue because it’s not on their radar it seems. I also just want them to pop that trophy for me at this point because I’m tired of holding out hope every single time I come first place in a race and have time to throw up an emote before winning. @serpent_guy You’re confusing the trophy Face First with the trophy Style Points.
  9. I can also confirm that Big Tease is still bugged. I’ve satisfied the requirements three different times since Season 5 started and it hasn’t popped. Big Bully and Stumble Chums now unlock as they should. Face First was never bugged though so some people in this thread just weren’t meeting the requirements properly.
  10. As someone who also has very limited experience with fighting games, I’m curious what you didn’t like so much about this one. NetherRealm is a pretty respected developer in the fighting game scene. Do you think it’s this game specifically you didn’t like or fighting games in general? You have an impressive list and I’ve considered trying a few fighting games at some point myself so I’m curious to hear your thoughts.
  11. I don’t think you need the first three. None of them are particularly challenging in my opinion at all. You may die at the wheelchair section occasionally but it’s the most harmless death you can possibly have. I did this awhile ago when there weren’t as many guides out there so I’m not up-to-date with the newest strats. I know you have a save for Manhattan but I’d suggest maybe having one specifically for the Penthouse section too. I also recommend practicing Roswell a good amount along with the other obvious sections (Courthouse, Ausmerzer, etc.). For some reason I had a bit of trouble with Roswell in actual runs. I was using a speedrun strat at one part and it was more nuanced than I realized. The first time I got past Roswell was actually when I completed the run. Or just do this haha. I didn’t know about this. I guess you’ll have to play through the entire game again but it could be good practice. Or you could use this slot for saves in the beginning part of the game and you wouldn’t have to play through the entire thing.
  12. Yeah and this happens frequently right now and sometimes even when you don’t say anything offensive directly to another person. It’s unclear what criteria the mods use when they determine what to delete. An even bigger issue is entire threads getting deleted with no warning…
  13. I believe it’s 6 minutes? Does anyone know the best server region to try this on? I keep queuing solo in east coast US and always get paired with a bunch of try hards and I have to actually win legit haha. This mode is super easy though because of the low gravity and you can usually just do your own thing on the edge. Edit: I saw someone above suggest the Australian server the last time this mode was available. I tried that and could only consistently find people by turning cross-platform on but it worked perfectly. The first two rounds are the most cutthroat I’ve seen. The average pc players seem wayyyyy better than the average PlayStation players. Some of them will intentionally jump down to the bottom rows at the start to clear out pretty much all the tiles. Staying alive is all about how you play on the top rows and carefully calculating every drop you make. But when you make it to the third you’re golden. Everyone is on the same page and the full group gets crowns pretty much every time. Some people literally make shapes waiting out the clock lmao 😂. I always have a bad connection (and this may have led to a few deaths) because I’m about as far from Australia as possible and my internet is fine but not great. But I’ve never been disconnected. There’s about 35 hours left on this mode as of this edit. Edit 2: I just timed it and the person above was correct. It’s exactly 5 minutes. Also something I just figured out (I’m totally new to this game) is that if you pause for a brief like half-second every time you land before you jump again, then you can slow down the rate you use up the floor even more.
  14. You know I said I wasn't going to comment anymore but then you popped in here and I just couldn't help myself. I love the direction the thread has gone since I stopped posting and that's all I'll say on that matter before chiming in and bowing out again. But this comment is the single most ignorant thing anyone on this entire thread has said yet has nothing to do with our niche hobby of trophy hunting, it essentially equates to a conspiracy theory around acquisitions in the video game industry. You said you were being serious and I'm going to take you at your word (even though a troll would definitely say that too 🤔). You obviously have no understanding of the scale of the video game industry, basic market economics, game development, publishing, or marketing. Actually, you probably know very little about the real world at all to honestly believe something like that. The trophy hunting community and even the larger PlayStation community complaining about Bethesda games and turning Todd Howard into a meme had absolutely no impact on this deal. Literally not even an unconscious consideration by a single person involved in the entire negotiation process. Beyond that, you obviously don't even understand that Todd Howard is the executive of Bethesda Game Studios, but this deal was between ZeniMax Media (which owns both Bethesda Game Studios and the publisher, Bethesda Softworks) and Microsoft. I highly doubt Todd Howard personally had any part in the negotiations other than maybe giving his thoughts to the president of ZeniMax Media in some sort of informal conversation. And Todd Howard harbors no ill-will toward the PlayStation community anyways. I think the thing we should take away from this is that people on the internet should really try to at least read something on an issue to have some basic understanding of important facts before spouting their opinions on forums as something people should take seriously. I recently came across a quote from a little-known academic and I'll share it here: "conspiracy theories are especially useful for people who have trouble understanding complicated, multifaceted world events."
  15. @DrBloodmoney I said the sub-section of the forum where the threads discussing the trophies in these games could be called Trash. Again I never spoke to the quality of the games themselves, just the trophy lists and how they’re discussed on this site. And if you don’t think a blind monkey could literally be trained (quickly) to platinum some of these games then I have some videos to send you because you obviously don’t know how smart monkeys are. You’re really good at selective reading though. Again my comment on arguing semantics over differences was strictly in a trophy and stacking context. The saddest thing is that I actually think you do have very thoughtful ideas and opinions. You just suck at expressing them in many cases. Well I’m waving the white flag on this one. Now I know how it feels to start a thread on this site and have people immediately jump down your throat. This is actually helpful experience for me haha. I’m not going to respond to this anymore and the mods can feel free to shut it down. @Thrillhelm That’s a very thoughtful response and I appreciate your perspective. I’m going to personally try to stay out of toxic conversations around this issue and do my part to make the community better.