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  1. @Matto_lsi No hard feelings though bud. I’m obviously just trolling you at this point and I’ll let it go. Plus I’m in a great mood because my Packers have a home game for the NFC Championship Game for the first time in Aaron Rodgers’s career. I just get annoyed when people act like they know what they’re talking about but make flawed arguments. Like in your last post you made a false equivalency between teams stats and an individual player’s stats by bringing up the ‘07 Patriots and ‘13 Broncos offenses. What you’re failing to mention are the stats of the opposing defenses they faced in the Super Bowl. But what did those seasons do for Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? I don’t know maybe help cement them as two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. And you’re hung up on one comparison I made between Deshaun’s stats and Jimmy G’s stats (even though they’ve played a similar number of games regardless of your point about number of total seasons). But you either failed to read or notice that in my next post I compared Jimmy G’s stats to quarterbacks who have played in very similar run-heavy schemes and had significantly better stats than Jimmy G could ever dream of putting up (Matt Ryan, Jared Goff, Aaron Rodgers).
  2. Lol I’m not getting bent out of shape at all. I have no vested interest in what the 49ers do. I’m not a 49ers fan in any way and I don’t root for a team in the same division. Though I do have a lot of respect for Joe Montana and I feel he often unfairly gets left out of the GOAT conversations. I just find it funny that you’re a “longtime” 49ers fan but somehow think your team can’t do any better than Jimmy G. And you’re not sold on Shanahan as a head coach haha. You also keep spouting false information to bolster your arguments and it makes me wonder if you even watch the games. I’ll petition the front office to hire you as GM with your deep knowledge of NFL football and high-quality personnel evaluations. Then you can fire Shanahan and keep Jimmy G. That would be a great move for your franchise 😂.
  3. Stats don’t mean much? Are you new to the world of sports 😂? Obviously they don’t mean everything but they’re the primary way to judge performance. And like I already pointed out, Jimmy G plays in the most quarterback-friendly system in the league. The Falcons had a much more prolific passing attack in 2016 under Shanahan with Matt Ryan than Jimmy G could ever hope to replicate. McVay runs a similar system and we all thought Goff was one of the best quarterbacks in the league when all things were clicking with the Rams, but he’s since demonstrated he’s not that good. And LaFleur also runs a similar system and have you seen the numbers Aaron Rodgers put up this year? While you can definitely put the blame on Shanahan for the Falcons Super Bowl meltdown, the one last year was totally different. Jimmy G had an awful interception in the first half which was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. It was just such a dumb decision that NFL quarterbacks should never make. And maybe if Jimmy G could actually hit wide open receivers then the game wouldn’t have unfolded the way it did. Yes Shanahan could’ve run the ball a bit more when they had a 10 point lead but it’s not like they weren’t running it at all. Jimmy G was just playing terribly. To put all the blame on Shanahan and absolve Jimmy G is utterly ignorant. The throw he missed to Emmanuel Sanders when they still had a chance to take the lead at the end of the game was just pathetic. Any remotely competent quarterback can complete that throw because of how insanely wide open Sanders was. And then Jimmy G followed that up with an awful sack on 4th down when he had plenty of time to get the ball out to his outlet before the six-man rush got to him. Also the chiefs scored three times in the last 9 minutes, not 5, and you can’t totally blame the defense. The Chiefs had by far the most explosive offense in the league and you were only going to hold them down for so long. Why couldn’t Jimmy G score more than 20 points with all those weapons? I’m not sure why you’re so in love with Jimmy G as a 49ers fan when he’s been handcuffing your team the last few years. It might be you just don’t know that much about football. And yeah any above-average quarterback can be “shoe-horned” in and be insanely successful in the 49ers system. I honestly hope the 49ers keep Jimmy G because he doesn’t scare me at all. I’d be much more worried if you got someone better. Also don’t forget that Jimmy G makes a ton of money too so it’s not like you’d have to compromise the team that much for cap space reasons. I’ll leave this video here as a painful reminder about what he did for you last year.
  4. I’m not saying he’s going to be successful because most college coaches that come to the NFL don’t do well. But when has Urban Meyer ever been an NFL coach before? Do you even know what you’re talking about? It seems like you’re thinking about Nick Saban lmao 😂.
  5. Are you serious? And you’re a 49ers fan? Do you ever watch Texans games? Deshaun Watson is literally the second most talented young quarterback in the league after Patrick Mahomes. Just compare Deshaun’s career stats with Jimmy G’s if you don’t believe me. Also keep in mind Deshaun has played in the dumpster fire that is the Texans for his whole career while Jimmy G went from arguably the best defensive coach of all time to arguably the best offensive coach currently in the league for his career. Deshaun has played 6 more games than Jimmy G because Jimmy G can’t stay healthy which is another issue. They have a similar completion percentage but Deshaun has 6,500 more yards and literally double Jimmy G’s touchdowns with a similar number of interceptions. Deshaun also has a much higher passer rating. The 49ers have one of the best and most talented rosters in the entire league when fully healthy. They were by far the most dominant team last season and should’ve won the Super Bowl if it weren’t for Jimmy G. I’m telling you right now, if you put Deshaun on the 49ers then they’ll be the prohibitive favorites for years to come. Kyle Shanahan’s offense has the most creative running schemes I’ve ever seen in my life and it makes the quarterback’s job so much easier. You also have an insane defensive line and a talented secondary. You utterly annihilated my Packers twice last year because we just couldn’t compete with your running game and pash rush. You can argue that you might have to compromise the roster a bit to get Deshaun but that’s the only argument you have. I’m telling you the 49ers would be absolutely unstoppable with Deshaun. Jimmy G is overrated. Just look at the expressions on Kyle Shanahan’s face every time Jimmy G messes up. He uses such run-focused game plans because he has to mask Jimmy G’s weaknesses.
  6. You actually thought Gunslinger Joe Episode 3 was challenging? I was kind of worried about it going in but I managed to clear it on my first run with minimal practice. None of the dlc even comes close to the difficulty of the main game in my opinion.
  7. You only need two people to start the match but if you want to boost the 250 matches quickly then you need three. The match will end automatically if there is only one player left. The best way is to have two people stay idle in the match and then the third person can just continually join and quit until the timer runs out.
  8. Oh yeah Green Bay is overrated? You know they only have the highest scoring offense in the league, the best quarterback who will be the MVP, 7 pro-bowlers, and a defense which has been surging in the second half of the year. The rest of the NFC is going to have a fun time coming into Lambeau in January. The Packers already beat the Saints in New Orleans and I’m licking my chops for a rematch with the Buccaneers. Also did you know Russell Wilson has never won in Lambeau throughout his entire career? Yeah the Bears offense has had a resurgence against bottom tier defenses lmao 😂. The Packers just exposed them for who they are again tonight. And they got lucky MVS dropped a guaranteed touchdown or the blowout would’ve been even worse. And Seattle’s defense is hot/cold? The defense has been completely carrying them in the second half of the season as the offense has gone utterly impotent.
  9. Why are you commenting on which one is harder if you haven’t completed NYMHC or Mein Leben? It doesn’t seem like you’d be the most qualified person to be giving input on this thread...
  10. Well Sony has clearly marketed what the PS Plus collection is going to be. You’re the one who assumed what it was and started complaining about it without actually looking into information on the subject. That’s called being ignorant... And yeah I am a little snarky. Hearing about stacking gets tiresome because it’s such a silly concept. Why do different regions and different consoles need separate lists if there’s no additional content and nothing is changed? You shouldn’t need a trophy incentive to replay a game you enjoy.
  11. Where did you get this idea that the PS Plus collection on PS5 is only for November? It’s an ongoing thing that’s not going away and they’ll probably even add more games to it. You really thought they were giving away 20+ games in a single month as part of the regular PS Plus free stuff and locking it behind having to get a PS5 during launch when it’s been near impossible for most people to get one? There’s a reason you can add Bugsnax to your library but none of the others you’re talking about. Wow the thought process of some people on here...
  12. You all should really check out this guide to significantly cut down the time it takes for Diablo 3:
  13. I used PS5Trophies videos for the trophies I mentioned above. It’s not too hard to follow three videos at once. And it doesn’t really spoil anything if you only watch one section at a time while you play. Don’t watch the whole thing before starting the game. The videos tell you what chapter each collectible or action takes place in and the game tells you when you enter a new chapter in almost every case. If you follow the .org trophy guide above along with what I said in my comment you can cut down the time it takes by a considerable amount without spoiling much. Honestly I thought Heavy Rain had a much better story anyways. I’m curious how Detroit: Become Human holds up to the other two.
  14. Where did you get it in your head that the Uncharted 4 Crushing trophies are some unobtainable challenge? Yeah you have to grind a little bit to get better weapons but it's pretty much never been doable on your own unless you're some Uncharted god. I didn't think I could do it after playing the mode for fun for awhile but when I came back to it at a later date I did it with other fellow trophy hunters in this community. And some of them weren't very good at all. There are glitches you can exploit (even though they can be finicky in my experience) but it just takes some perseverance. You got the platinum in Super Meat Boy and yet you constantly complain about Uncharted 4 survival. It doesn't make any sense. There are so many people on this site who are still trying to get those trophies you'd have no problem getting a group together.
  15. Yeah that has to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever read on this site. @hittheroadbucky took the words out of my mouth. My proudest accomplishment has to be beating Wolfenstein II on Mein Leben. Back when I got the game I didn’t really keep an eye on trophy lists when new games came out and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just loved The New Order so much that I put it on my Christmas list and got it as a gift. Then after I played through the story I checked a trophy guide and was astonished to see it get like a 9-9.5/10 difficulty. I quickly realized why. The courthouse section alone had given me so much trouble on my first playthrough on a lower difficulty (granted without knowing any strategies or having a good grasp of the lean mechanic). I thought there was no way I could do it because you can die so quickly in that game. Then after dropping the game for about month and playing around on I Am Death Incarnate difficulty I decided to just go for it. Most of the game is pretty consistent if you learn good strategies and then practice enough to be able to react when things go wrong. I got discouraged at first because on my initial attempts I kept dying pretty early and had some doubts if I could do it. But I kept practicing and the first time I got past the courthouse on an attempt I beat the entire thing. I was so close to dying to Engel though after the final boss that I was utterly terrified. My palms kept getting so sweaty in the later parts of the game because of how nervous I was of messing up that I had to keep a small towel next to me lol. You can lose up to 4+ hours of progress with any given death (unless you’re speedrunning, but that’s insanity). I was so happy when the trophy finally popped because I doubted myself and never thought I could do it. It just goes to show the power of perseverance and dedication.