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  1. Season 2 actually doesn’t have a platinum either.
  2. What build was this? And why didn’t you just have your buddy carry you through the dlc if all you cared about were the trophies?
  3. Yes the remake is the only version available on the PS4.
  4. I’m really not trying to shame people or create a toxic environment. It’s more that I fundamentally don’t understand the thought process behind people like you. I try to maintain a 100% profile so I definitely don’t have the healthiest mindset behind gaming, but I just don’t get it. What does playing the same trash game seven times actually do for you? I understand the allure of wanting to play an easy game here and there to take a break from other more grindy or challenging games, but playing the same crap game seven times? Does it make you feel like you’ve accomplished something? If a game has a 95%+ platinum rate then it’s to the point that a blind monkey could do it. Does that make you feel good about yourself? What are you actually getting out of seeing the arbitrary numbers go up? Don’t you have better ways to spend your money and time? Like maybe you could start a new hobby, or hang out with people in the real world, or experience a new game you haven’t played six times before. I get it to each his own but it’s a bit frustrating for me because of how devalued trophies have become. I’ve had my account for over five years and I’ve spent a lot of time on it, but it’s to the point where someone could start a new profile tonight and have more platinums than me in literally a week. Sony is the most to blame because they decided to stop regulating which games should get a platinum and which shouldn’t, so now anything can get a platinum. Actually they allow the same short, crappy game to have seven different platinums. Scummy companies like Ratalaika take advantage of this and people like you fuel it. I just wish trophies would mean something again.
  5. There are like six other versions of this game available and you’re all worried about a new stack? I’ve never understood people who hoard trashware to inflate their profiles. I hope this makes you feel more fulfilled with yourself because this is just sad to me.
  6. You can backup your saves on the cloud and then delete them locally before downgrading. You won’t lose any progress because when you patch the game again you can just copy your saves back from the cloud. Yes you start over from scratch when you downgrade but you only need 60 discoveries in total so it really doesn’t take very long.
  7. You can do it very easily on version 1.00 because you only have to upload 60 discoveries instead of having to 100% discover 10 planets. You can get it much more quickly if you unpatch the game but beware of game-breaking bugs.
  8. Yes of course you need to complete all three rounds for both trophies. I wonder why you wouldn’t try that before posting in the forums 🤔
  9. Alright thanks for the information!
  10. This may be a silly question but I’m curious. In order to link your PSN account and Microsoft gamertag, do they have to be created with the same email?
  11. Why are the MP trophies so challenging to get? I’ve never played Minecraft but they look pretty straightforward.
  12. Extra buttons on the back can give people an advantage in fast-paced competitive multiplayer games. They also have uses for certain singleplayer games because you don’t have to take your thumbs off the analog sticks to hit the buttons on the back.
  13. You also need four controllers if you want to do the Who You Gonna Call? trophy yourself.
  14. Maybe if you actually bothered to look through the thread you’d know the answer...
  15. No if there isn’t a section in the compendium for skinning then you don’t need to worry about it. This applies to most domestic animals.