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  1. Well Sony has clearly marketed what the PS Plus collection is going to be. You’re the one who assumed what it was and started complaining about it without actually looking into information on the subject. That’s called being ignorant... And yeah I am a little snarky. Hearing about stacking gets tiresome because it’s such a silly concept. Why do different regions and different consoles need separate lists if there’s no additional content and nothing is changed? You shouldn’t need a trophy incentive to replay a game you enjoy.
  2. Where did you get this idea that the PS Plus collection on PS5 is only for November? It’s an ongoing thing that’s not going away and they’ll probably even add more games to it. You really thought they were giving away 20+ games in a single month as part of the regular PS Plus free stuff and locking it behind having to get a PS5 during launch when it’s been near impossible for most people to get one? There’s a reason you can add Bugsnax to your library but none of the others you’re talking about. Wow the thought process of some people on here...
  3. You all should really check out this guide to significantly cut down the time it takes for Diablo 3:
  4. I used PS5Trophies videos for the trophies I mentioned above. It’s not too hard to follow three videos at once. And it doesn’t really spoil anything if you only watch one section at a time while you play. Don’t watch the whole thing before starting the game. The videos tell you what chapter each collectible or action takes place in and the game tells you when you enter a new chapter in almost every case. If you follow the .org trophy guide above along with what I said in my comment you can cut down the time it takes by a considerable amount without spoiling much. Honestly I thought Heavy Rain had a much better story anyways. I’m curious how Detroit: Become Human holds up to the other two.
  5. Where did you get it in your head that the Uncharted 4 Crushing trophies are some unobtainable challenge? Yeah you have to grind a little bit to get better weapons but it's pretty much never been doable on your own unless you're some Uncharted god. I didn't think I could do it after playing the mode for fun for awhile but when I came back to it at a later date I did it with other fellow trophy hunters in this community. And some of them weren't very good at all. There are glitches you can exploit (even though they can be finicky in my experience) but it just takes some perseverance. You got the platinum in Super Meat Boy and yet you constantly complain about Uncharted 4 survival. It doesn't make any sense. There are so many people on this site who are still trying to get those trophies you'd have no problem getting a group together.
  6. Yeah that has to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever read on this site. @hittheroadbucky took the words out of my mouth. My proudest accomplishment has to be beating Wolfenstein II on Mein Leben. Back when I got the game I didn’t really keep an eye on trophy lists when new games came out and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just loved The New Order so much that I put it on my Christmas list and got it as a gift. Then after I played through the story I checked a trophy guide and was astonished to see it get like a 9-9.5/10 difficulty. I quickly realized why. The courthouse section alone had given me so much trouble on my first playthrough on a lower difficulty (granted without knowing any strategies or having a good grasp of the lean mechanic). I thought there was no way I could do it because you can die so quickly in that game. Then after dropping the game for about month and playing around on I Am Death Incarnate difficulty I decided to just go for it. Most of the game is pretty consistent if you learn good strategies and then practice enough to be able to react when things go wrong. I got discouraged at first because on my initial attempts I kept dying pretty early and had some doubts if I could do it. But I kept practicing and the first time I got past the courthouse on an attempt I beat the entire thing. I was so close to dying to Engel though after the final boss that I was utterly terrified. My palms kept getting so sweaty in the later parts of the game because of how nervous I was of messing up that I had to keep a small towel next to me lol. You can lose up to 4+ hours of progress with any given death (unless you’re speedrunning, but that’s insanity). I was so happy when the trophy finally popped because I doubted myself and never thought I could do it. It just goes to show the power of perseverance and dedication.
  7. Yeah I just did this myself and there’s not one single video you can follow for everything as far as I know. It requires multiple playthroughs so it wouldn’t really be feasible to have it all in a single video anyways. The guide shared above on .org is excellent. The main things to keep in mind for a first playthrough are going for Saved All (saving everyone) and Explorer (collectibles) and Uncontrollable (being evil as Aiden in 6 specific places) all while playing start to finish in duo mode (Together Till the End). If you quit the game make sure you reenable duo mode before hitting continue. This is very important because it will default to single mode after quitting the game even if you have a second controller connected. Doing duo mode on your first playthrough saves time because it prevents you from having to do a second full playthrough. I had three videos open during my first playthrough for Saved All, Explorer, and Uncontrollable. It’s really easy to keep track of what comes next because the game tells you the name of the chapter when you start a new one in almost every case. If you really want to be efficient you can also keep an eye on the different chapter specific trophies and try to do as many of them as possible on your first playthrough. This is something I didn’t do to avoid as many spoilers as possible. Getting some of them will save you having to do multiple chapters in a row on replay. The ones to look out for are In Love with Ryan and Entities Master. The rest only require a single chapter to be replayed but some chapters are really long. Now after the first playthrough you want to go for all of the endings associated with Saved All. This is outlined extremely clearly in the guide just make sure you enable saving before replaying the last level. Then you have to do a second playthrough (not the whole game but from the Homeless chapter) to kill everyone and then get those associated endings. This also allows you to get some of the chapter specific trophies you missed if you didn’t do them already. I hope this helps and good luck!
  8. All you do is stack trashware to chase the rankings. You’re in it for all the wrong reasons. What enjoyment did you think you were going to get out of it? You should only play games for fun.
  9. Oh yeah? It seems too easy now compared to the 80 ultra rares you have versus the 22,000 commons and all the trashware you constantly stack? Cool story bro.
  10. Damn that’s unfortunate. It also seems like some of the trophies might be bugged at the moment. I’ll wait and see how things play out.
  11. Thanks I appreciate your response! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I kicked the hot dog cart rather than explode it? I’m not really sure the reason for it.
  12. Can someone explain to me how I could unlock the Heart Attack trophy before unlocking the Like A Boss trophy? The first miniboss I killed in anarchy mode was with the hot dog cart but the Like A Boss trophy didn’t pop. I had to kill a second miniboss on a different map to get it to pop. Is there any reason for this? I’m afraid I’m going to get in trouble but I didn’t do anything wrong.
  13. Can you get 100% of the trophies without paying any money? I’ve never played the game before but might check it out now that it’s free.
  14. This is very well said my good sir! I’m not going to comment on the story because I honestly think most resident evil games have pretty bland stories. I was pleasantly surprised by the story in Resident Evil 2 Remake though (I didn’t play the original). The gameplay design is truly where the game demonstrates how bad it is. There are a painful amount of quick-time events and scripted sequences. It basically seems like every meaningful moment in the game is designed to either limit or remove your control of the situation. A great example of this is the plane sequence in Leon’s campaign which is one of the worst things I’ve seen in a game. And how did anyone think it would be a good idea to have your character fall on your ass after you get shot by like two bullets when 90% of the enemies in the game have guns?!? It’s just awful. Also that jerky camera is terrible. You might get a kick out of this video which sums it up nicely. This is one of the worst games I’ve ever played and definitely the worst AAA game by far. This game isn’t bad because it’s an action game. It’s bad because it’s terribly designed and all over the place with what it’s trying to do. See my response above. And it’s not nostalgia making people hate it either. I haven’t played any classic RE games and I really liked 5. Also telling the story from different points of view automatically makes it good? The story is totally absurd and you end up replaying some sections with the same gameplay across different campaigns which is never good. Um no? Maybe we hate it because we have a better sense for what good game design looks like than you. On a totally different side note, everyone should look closely at the 6 in the logo. It looks like an upright giraffe being orally pleasured. Once you see it you can’t unsee it haha.
  15. You honestly thought a Borderlands game would have hard trophies? What led you to think that? Also I’ve never understood that thinking. If you’re committed to getting the 100% then you can get it. Hard trophies can offer a fun challenge. Did I think Kingdom Hearts 3 was going to release hard dlc trophies after you can get the platinum with a completely shallow understanding of the combat system? No but they released a much harder trophy in the dlc. It’s nothing crazy but it forced me to learn the intricacies of the combat system much more deeply and it was super fun. I actually have a much greater appreciation for Kingdom Hearts because of it (3 is the only game I’ve played in the series). The only people who have a viable argument about getting screwed are when dlc trophies come out bugged and may never get fixed (see Indivisible). And maybe people who had something like Need for Speed (2015) on their profile because apparently there is a dlc trophy which is a nightmare and requires an extremely high skill level. It’s supposedly far and away harder than anything in the rest of the game. Oh damn... The magician has spoken.