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  1. u cant give a game 10/10 for difficulty when 6000+ players have the platinum lol. it was definitely frustrating for sure due to it being pure luck for some trophies but it aint I am bread
  2. finally accomplished beating rapture dark world and got the plat. it took me 3 years of playing on and off with a final death count of 24930 deaths. it feels so damn satisfying and strangely sad to delete this game off my ps4 hard drive. good luck to future hunters wanting to plat the game. it is definitely achievable with persistence. good luck
  3. i manage to complete impossible boy and girl boy. i just need rapture dark world but my god i just can’t be bothered. i always take a huge break with this game consistently on and off whenever i get a hard trophy, the day i am able to delete this game from my backlog will be a very satisfying moment. good luck to others wanting to go for this plat
  4. don’t know how to post pictures. but i just got impossible boy for super meat boy