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  1. No Yankees suck lmao!
  2. Yes this game is the best MLB The Show game. Wished it stayed like that.
  3. I played on PS5 version and only 1 glitch happened. The punk gangs that you attack that are easy, for some reason hardness went up, and were nearly indestructible. After a few minutes it stopped and went back to being easy. Very weird
  4. Who gives a crap it’s a broken glitched game
  5. Already did it
  6. Yup got it today. Glad not a platinum but they pop and only save to your PlayStation trophies offline they will not work and upload online pretty embarrassing. Was on sale for 14 dollars if I spent 40 I would be pretty mad
  7. Lmao perfectly stated
  8. I haven’t had an issue with the home runs for PS4 version
  9. 👎🏻
  10. Looks absolutely lame
  11. I already got 6 black set items