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  1. I'm starting small, too - 10 plats, and I have a backlog that I need to chip away at. Not sure where my completion % should end at by 2019, but it will certainly improve!
  2. Good luck, and enjoy your PS4! This site is great, and I commend you for sharing about your autism and dyslexia. I am new to trophy hunting and loving it!
  3. Love the Avatar, definitely a 10/10!

    1. CptnCanary


      Same with yours - plus I really dig your profile interest list and the quotes!


  4. I am showing this to the wife... I have not been successful getting her to play/like any games!! Also, the 11 month: 107 platinums (black magic indeed) are inspirational!! Thanks! 👏
  5. Then it is decided! I know how to spend my next 1000+ hours! 😵 Hahaha!
  6. Thanks all! You rock. I am pumped to work on the goal and I will stay away from the 300+ hour platinums (for now...). 🙂 Honor_Hand - thanks for the link to the crazy long platinums thread. I had never heard of some of those games! Lol 😲
  7. Hello all! Whenever I get bit by a mosquito, I regret the first time I scratch the little red spot that forms. It starts an eternal (seeming) struggle to make the itch go away, and I always wish I had just left it alone in the first place. Getting my first platinum trophy was the polar opposite feeling. I recently got my first platinum (on Guacamelee - Vita), and this was the first time I intentionally obtained every trophy in a game. I have been gaming my whole life (29 years), and I just now realized how important it is to me. I have ADHD, yet Playstation has always been the one activity that grasps my attention fully and for unlimited amounts of time. It calms my mind, which otherwise feels busy and exhausting. My next step is to get a platinum on Dragon Ball Xenoverse, which I am already very close to completing. I love the series and I am stoked to play Xenoverse 2 afterwards. I have a laundry list of games that I have not started; I intend to work on platinums while increasing my awful completion percentage. I'm currently playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Lego Worlds with my sons, Secret of Mana with my brother-in-law, and LOH: Trails of Cold Steel by myself. Next up, I want to finish Persona 4 on my Vita and Persona 5 on PS4. The hardest thing I have come across is balancing my time (work, grad-school, and family), but I still manage to play every night. Sleeping is for chumps... This website has been super helpful in tracking my goals, and I love the guides that various members have put so much effort into completing. I leave you with a question and one of my favorite quotes: Is it unreasonable to plan on getting 10 platinums by the end of the year? "I don't have time to listen to Kakarot's hair problems!" - Vegeta That is all, for now...
  8. Hey! Did you get the DB Xenoverse trophies? I managed to complete the multiplayer ones thanks to 



    If you are ever online when I am and want my help with the trophies, feel free to message me!

    1. Kale


      i thought you would send me a message so i could help.

      I already got them

    2. CptnCanary


      Sorry about that! I am glad you have them, and I appreciate that you were willing to help! :)

  9. Similar for me! Original NES, and I think we are the same age. I remember playing the Marios, Kirby, Zelda, some ninja game I picked at a pawn shop, and Battletoads; the list goes on. We eventually got a Playstation and then FFVII, and gaming became my greatest hobby. Now I am pumped to be teaching my kids to play games.
  10. I have a PS Vita dilemma! I am finishing trophies for Exile's End, and then I will go back and complete Trails of Cold Steel 1. But then I need to decide between playing Muramasa Rebirth (which seems great) or restarting and playing Persona 4 Golden (which I already know I love).
  11. Welcome! I am pretty new too, and I have just started the journey of purposefully gaining trophies in order to complete my games. Gaming has always been my biggest escape since I was a little kid. Final Fantasy VII in particular was life changing for me - even though that probably sounds cheesy to say!