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  1. It's not that hard. It takes a little bit of time to get used to the controls but then it all goes smooth. Plus the game is enjoyable enough! As for the challenges they are not that hard either. Usually challenges are like "surf a 10 second tube", "perform a 15 tricks combo" etc.
  2. Got the trophy on my 7th attempt using the cat and "breeding ground" method! It definitely speeds up the process!
  3. It does... Now can anyone confirm that simulating games is useless towards the trophy? I've started a new season (as a starter with the Chicago Bulls), and as far as it goes I've only played half the games. I've set league simulation to 2 minute quarters. When games are simulated my player's stats are not taken into account... When I do play games I might score about 20-22 points per game. Another very odd shit: I can't find my player in "Season Awards". Why? It pisses me off to start another season again and play the 29 games.
  4. Yeah but as a rookie you're not eligible in the MVP category (from I had been told)...
  5. I don't have the trophy yet but I think you can't get it during the first season. You need to keep going until the end of Season 2 because at the beginning you're just a rookie. To get the trophy you may need to be a starter (like playing in the starting 5 of your team).
  6. Génial, c'est bon à savoir ! Bonne chance l'ami ! ;-)
  7. Obviously plat is still obtainable. Didn't know World Domination was glitchy (I got it pretty easily TBH). But be assured that going for this plat is super grindy... That's why online 4 players worldwide have succeeded in getting the plat so far!
  8. Hi I desperately need a very rare item. I'll give you three rare crates in exchange and will give the super rare item back shortly after the trophy pops. Honestly, I just wanna get done with these DLCs I just hope Champion Field is the last one........
  9. Absolutely! Without EU players Vita would be dead a long time ago....
  10. Hey guys, anyone speaking French here ? I've just written a trophy guide for DOAX3 : Guide des trophées de Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. Do not worry if you don't because I'm soon going to post an English version of the trophy guide on PSN Profiles. Before that, I still need to work on the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare trophy guide though. Stay tuned!
  11. Alright, that's what I thought. Would definitely be a language slaughter lol... I'll do my best to write the english guide asap even though the game isn't that difficult to platinum.... Take care guys
  12. Hey guys! For those of you who speak French I've produced a trophy guide of PvZ:GW2 that is available here : I may write a trophy guide in English on PSN Profiles quite soon.
  13. This is not good news. I'd been so proud of my 100%.....
  14. I've written a review of the game : Might be interesting for those of you who speak French and would like to buy the game !