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  1. with Lan you can get a co-op trophy I think (complete the story I mean). For the guerilla mode trophy, you can do it on your own but it is so hard this is also can be done with Lan. 3 wins per map you need 8 online players.
  2. If you have a PS3 you can buy the Botzone DLC, M224-A1 Light Machine Gun and full game via PS3's store. In US store everything related to the Killzone mercenary is delisted.
  3. Yesterday me and my group for boosting multiplayer trophies can't start up the multiplayer and It shows us "network connection has been reset" so is it the problem with the game server? or permanently disconnected from the server?!!
  4. Far cry 2 server is up and running. I CAN CONFIRM IT
  5. servers are back to online!
  6. Yeah, I can confirm that servers are back to online. If this thing happend to games like FarCry 2 I would be glad.
  7. Yeah, but better than do nothing. I'll trying to spam.
  8. where exactly I can contact them on Twitter or their website? Could you please put the links for them?
  9. I have a same issue.
  10. No, still down.
  11. No far cry 2 is still offline.
  12. Hope that they will back this game server on soon🙏🏻
  13. can I doing this method while is my first time playing this game?!
  14. thank you my problem fixed
  15. no i want to show my new platinum in my collection psn profile i have 7 platinum trophy but psnprofile show me 6 platinum trophy this is a problem..
  16. hello guys i want to show my new platinum on my psnprofile and it could not show up because i hide it before and one of guys in this post said that you must earned a trophy and my trophy list is now100% and i can not earn any trophy plaese help me thanks a lot..