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  1. I've grown to despise the trophies that require you to beat a game in a certain number of lives, or even worse, without getting hit or dying a single time. Fuck these things, nothing's worse than when you finish a game and you go to check the trophy list to see what stragglers remain and you see one shitty trophy left saying you need to beat the entire game again but only dying a maximum of 5 times. Especially since I always feel the need to go for that one extra trophy since it's the last one I need for that sweet hundo percento. Looking at you Super Meat Boy and your twelve trophies dedicated to beating world's without dying.
  2. 39.98% though I haven't played too much games, also not sure if that's impressive or not..
  3. 10 Second Ninja X is the only platinumless game I'd consider was great that I played, other than the nonsensical bugs I'd find very occasionally going for the 100% it was a nice challenge, not too hard that it takes hours upon hours but still a decent challenge which I like. Though I'd be happy if the next game I played didn't have beating the entire game/every individual world in one life trophies since after so many of those you kind of get sick of them.
  4. Was thinking of possibly getting Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends but i heard there were online/co-op trophies, with the online being dead and me not having someone to play with can't really do the co-op ones.. Other than maybe that nothing really here I want.
  5. Gravity Rush 100%, don't want to spend like $12 on DLC that doesn't really seem to be worth the money. Game was fun to play and get the platinum but I'll pass on getting the DLC.
  6. Well Limbo for me was annoying since every single run I found a new way to die every single time. Like I feel like I died every way possible by the time I finished, luckily I never died multiple times on one spot over multiple runs that often, and I never liked the game that much to begin with so it wasn't the funniest experience. For me the timing just took me to go to that chapter and find the exact time to start running when the gravity switched so I would always make it correctly, it was mainly just dumb mistakes I had to deal with once I learned the basic layout of the game. Rogue Legacy on my main run I probably made it harder on myself without ever using the architect a single time (asides accidentally once or twice) and focusing solely on gold upgrades and critical chance upgrades since I wanted to try the path possibly less ventured. It took me to NG+ to get stuff like double jump and start upgrading strength and health. I Never really thought it was too difficult though even when I had not the best strategy going into it. And I am not a smart pickle so I have 0 clue what you mean when you say to save it to Cloud or USB, I heard of them (not sure at all what they actually are though) but not sure if you'd be able to use that on ze Vita which I'm playing it on.
  7. Well aside from a nice bit of crashes (that just makes me have to restart with that life, having to kill and find all the money from that castle again) which is bothersome but not too bad. A few time the gear thing that signifies it's saving started when building a castle and just never loaded again, I left it there for at least 2 hours and it never loaded (had to reset my run after that), and this mostly happens in the final boss but when killing the first guy I think it's when I'm not on the ground when hitting the final blow, I glitch into the ground and can't do anything, I can restart the castle from the start at that point but I end up being low on HP and MP so it's annoying. Those are the ones off the top of my head that happened several times now, the rest I know how to avoid now or only occurred once so it's not a problem. And I'm doing my final run now before I put down the game for a while, though I'm kind of cheesing it with the thing you can do with the clowns knife throwing minigame where if you don't destroy all the targets or throw the last knife you can farm money, I have no life so I'm planning to grind to 100k or maybe if I'm feeling extra no lifey when I reach that go for 200k, though I'm afraid it'll crash and I'll lose all my progress in grinding since it already happened once this run. I feel like I'm the only one having frequent crashes on this game so maybe that's on me somehow though, also not 100% sure what to spend my fortune on. And I'lll check out the tips you left, thanks ;D
  8. I haven't given up just yet but the "beating the game in 15 lives or less" trophy from Rogue Legacy is probably the hardest trophy I had the displeasure of trying to get. Also doesn't help literal last two games I played before it also had the bloody "beat the game in x amount of lives" trophies, or as I like to call "play the shit out of a game after you already completed it and double or triple your playtime for absolutely nothing" where the two games were Limbo and Super Meat Boy, which were both hard, but at least they were fun to get, Rogue Legacy can screw you over with the luck needed to beat it, from the character it gives you to the vast amount of game breaking glitches ruining many runs. And unlike Super Meat Boy where a no death run takes at most 10 minutes and you can practice any level whenever you want, Rogue Legacy doesn't have that and takes (an estimated time for me at least) around 3-6 hours for a good run, and anywhere in that time you can glitch out and die or have to restart your run because of it. Though Rogue Legacy even with the luck you can at least still get better at the game by knowing when and how to use certain characters/abilities and you can get more adaptable in certain situations, but with the amount of times a good run was ruined by a glitch or some other luck based thing made me lose all motivation to get it, though a lot of people does have it compared to stuff like the SMB no death trophies so maybe I just need to change my game style or there's a game breaking glitch I can use to make it easy as balls (Or maybe I need to realize I just suck at the game) Either way I needed to get that off my chest, fuck that trophy, the rest of the game was fairly easy and doable besides that one trophy. Never want to see another one of those wretched trophies again.. This was also way longer than intended.. Oh well!
  9. BlazBlue: Chronophantasma so I don't have to do it myself. And I'm awful at the game, I can barely navigate the menus without getting lost.
  10. Recently got myself the Super Meat Boy platinum which is 0.15% in rarity, doubt I'll ever get one rarer so it'll probably always stay as my most rare. Also think I had my fill of nodeath trophies for one lifetime, never want to see one of those suckers ever again.
  11. I has an astounding 4 platinums, though 3 of them were easy as balls and 2 of those.I got without even trying for the trophies. And just so I can have the #'s in my post counting down, I has 1 that made me never want to see another 0 death trophy as long as I live.
  12. I was thinking of buying this game but if it crashes frequently I think I'm just gonna pass, hopefully it gets patched in the future though as I did always want to try this game out. What are the odds that it just never gets patched or is that unlikely?
  13. Don't know why but trophies that you get for just opening the game and other stupid stuff trophies like that piss me off when I see them pop up just for clicking the start button. So basically trophies that require 0 effort, like I don't really care for getting a trophy every 30 minutes just for reading in a VN. Like congratulations you read long enough to get this far! Have a trophy you deserve it!!! I'm over exaggerating here but it still kind of urks me a tiny bit when I get flooded with like 8 of them when I only just finished the tutorial.
  14. Was hoping Danganronpa 2 would go on sale but that ended up being the only Danganronpa game not on sale. Might buy SAO Hollow Realization though, not sure if I have to play Hollow Fragment and or Lost Song first though. And I'm pretty new to this stuff, does anybody know if any other games are going on sale for this sale or is that it?
  15. Screw going easy on people, it's all or nothing. It doesn't matter if they're so bad that they lose to a CPU on easy mode I'm gonna go complete try hard until I mop the floor with them. Especially in games like Mario Party where they can come back at the end out of bat shit nowhere so I'm not gonna hold back even if I have more stars than everyone else combined.