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  1. Solo and also Greatsword its around 5 min, but if i use all those nice buffitems (demonpowder etc.) The time can get down to 3 or 4min. But fastest i got was 2:09 with bowgun and sliceammo (before the slice nerf ofc) Also having a similar armor setup like i have helps alot cutting down time: Translation of picture:: Jagras hacker: CRITICAL JEWEL + ELEMENTLES JEWEL Nergigante helmet Alpha: ATTACK JEWEL Damaskus Mail beta: 3 x ATTACK JEWEL Diablos Nero gaunlets beta: TENDERIZER JEWEL + EXPERT JEWEL Nergigante coil beta: CRITICAL JEWEL Nergigante greaves beta: ELEMENTLESS JEWEL (but should also be a critical jewel) Exploiter Charm lvl 2
  2. At 70 kills i was about to give up on ever getting the plat trophy. But after finally getting his second crown all the other elders came fairly quick at give or take 25 to 30 kills 👍 i know 148 is much, i bet it would be alot less if i sniped for them, but i mainly joined SOS of others, and i think its a dickmove to join a quest mesure and leave if its to small
  3. I had trouble with most elders aswell, joining SOS of high HR players doing elders helped for me. For example i have joined a hr150 player killing nergi (silver,silver,gold), and got my giand gold nergi on first try...same happened when i joined a hr184 player doing daora (tempered investigation) giant gold 1st try. I think its because players at that high HR dont really kill them for parts anymore. they most likely farm crowns aswelI, and when they SOS its mostly because they have a crown monster on their hands 😊 hope it helps you Btw. 148 teostra kills for both crowns. So dont let that bring you down
  4. Same here, my guildcard would look like shit without those jho crowns
  5. It will surely have crowns, it isnt just an eventmonster. It will be added to the normal roster, thats why people already fear it will mess with the crown trophys. Because if it does you will have two more crowns to do for the trophys. Luckily i got my plat already😃
  6. I did it!!!!! After 460+ hours i have obtained every single gold crown!😆 Only thing left to do for plat is just a few arena quests. Thank you guys for all the info (videos,pictures) shared, it helped me alot getting the crowns. Btw. I got small urugaan gold crown from a "3 silver 30min 2 faint" investigation, so it is still possible to obtain crowns in investigations without gold rewards.
  7. Just posting to say thank you to ABYSS, your videos helped me alot. Only 3 crowns left. Sadly one of them is still large teo 😂
  8. Im thinking the same, i had teo larger then in most yt videos, yet i still didnt get any crown except silver
  9. RNG hates me, been trying to get giant crown Teostra for 3 days now with no luc., its the only one missing along with kusha and vaal. I had really big ones so far, one was even a silver cown with only 20 mesure points below gold So if anyone has any tips for giant teo i would be thankfull