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  1. Painful grinding as the majority of players is rushing through the game for the win and the online statistics do not match the time you played, so you have no real overview of where you are in terms of progress for this trophy. It's really a fun game, but 100 hours is just to Keep you playing this game if you are going for the 100%. Pointless trophy in my opinion
  2. Working on Zombie Army Trilogy and Loadout. Trophy for playing 100hours is soooo boring as you cannot really see your Progress :/
  3. Dead or Alive 5 (you have already gone that far!)
  4. Hi, my Girl and I really enjoyed this Little game. In the unlockables, the last is play 25hours. It now shows 11hours, but this damn trophy does not want to pop. Anyone else facing the same issue? Cheers Keep99
  5. Looking for Taskers and a belt (Witching Hour). Could offer several legendary or set items, mostly for DH (i.e. Marauder items). Majority of items are @ lvl 70.
  6. Did Malthael on my first try with a Monk at Level 37. Just stay away from the Ice clouds and always stay behind him (directly in his back) when he starts with the fire balls and the "round-the-clock" attack. The skulls are not an issue as you can see them early enough and you can step away from their route.
  7. Just bought myself a PS4 and D3 RoS. Feel free to add me, my PSN-ID: Keep99
  8. Okay, 4 playthroughs....chatterbox will Not pop. Last freaking Trophy.......
  9. Hi, only Cyborg is Franky. Did you play the Chapter with him or did you use other characters? I would give it a try with Franky. But that is just me and my 2 cents according to the movie description. Hope this helps! Cheers Keep99