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  1. So I jumped back into this after a long hiatus and...boy has stuff changed. I haven't played since launch. I have the hardest time attracting raiders and on the rare occasion I do they demolish my base. Any advice? Or is there some convoluted way to boost this? I think I have captures down. I attack people lower rank than me and get a body every now and then but feel free to correct that thinking if I'm way off base. I've tried looking this up but I don't know how up to date the info I'm finding is.
  2. Howdy folks. I've gone ahead and recorded a guide for where to some optimal zipline setups. It isn't perfect, but it will hit all of the key locations and help you get the Platinum in a reasonable amount of time. Good luck everyone.
  3. The maximum you get for the Eastern region is 21 individual ziplines. I made a video for twitch and YouTube sho ing off how to cover the whole region with those 21, hitting all the key points. You'll have to expand slowly as you build up your connections with the facilities you have at first. I'm currently working on the central region, got everything east of the Rockies covered in a figure 8 pattern with 33 (I believe the maximum is 82).
  4. Any new thoughts? I spent hours getting to 98 or 99 out of 100 kills and getting fucked at the last second for reasons I can scarcely understand. What am I missing here?
  5. I have done all these things repeatedly and the ranks I get seem to be random. Level to level will vary from S to C and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it
  6. Uncharted 3. I'm on about hour 70 of just treasure grinding with one left to get. Hopefully it will be done ....ever
  7. Yea, it works itself into a really frustrating catch 22. Update I did 102 last night with someone who knew a c4 trick, now I just need to get through 91 so I can unlock 49 and FINALLY start grinding high level staff. Anyone willing to help me through 91?
  8. That's the bottleneck I'm at. I need to beat 102 (custom APV boss) to unlock 49 where I can get the high level r&d staff, but I dont have the equipment to beat the mech without the higher level r&d so gahhhhhhh
  9. I also need this but I'm currently bottlenecked in the post game trying to get all the equipment needed. Its frustrating. Any advice on getting staff to 99?
  10. I just got the headset so I'm not terribly familiar yet with the finer points of the hardware, but I did everything the I instructions said and I think something is messed up. I got through all the normal level fights no problem, but once I started doing the champion one my gloves became less responsive, the opponents get into my space so far our chests are overlapping and sometimes in the middle of a bunch or vlock my glove will disappear altogether. Anybody else have this issue?
  11. Hitman Absolution because stealing it is the only way I could get it anymore
  12. It's only happened on champion mode. Normal and free play works fine. Holding the controller's in the wrong hands is immediately apparent because it crosses your arms so that not it
  13. Who dis you have a problem with? I just got wrecked by Rhino on Champion. One shot the first 2 and everyone in normal mode and now I'm afraid I hit a wall
  14. Update: heard back from Red Hook. Supposedly a patch is coming out today to fix this issue. Can anyone confirm?
  15. I'm on 3 days since an update and counting
  16. I contacted red hook support and got a response saying they are aware or the problem and are currently working on a solution.
  17. I'm having problems doing that myself. When I click R3 to add DLC to my estate the colors of madness and musketeer dont appear. I'm playing the Ancestral Edition, physical copy on PS4. Also from the home screen I went to information and it shows both DLC as installed, though the icons are the crimson court and shield breaker repeated. Anyone else having this issue?