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  1. If you think its too much/too long let me know and I will chose another one. I don't think it's a 9/10. You need just to be careful with the missables. I am sure 100% you will love it.
  2. I agree with you, personally I will plat only Rpg 50+ hours in length.
  3. @Redbeard-Rik I am happy with The Witcher. Have you played Divinity Original Sin? I've finished it on pc and it's one of my favourite games. You will love it!
  4. Sorry mate, I just come back from Italy where I spent my birthday (2nd of Feb) I will write you tonight or tomorrow, I am travelling at the moment
  5. I manage to log in with the ps3 of a friend and I still have the save in cloud!!! Thanks God! I am lvl 345 and New Game 3 or 4+ I need to do just a bit of clean up now. For what trophy I need the Sunlight medals? I completely forgot
  6. I would like to come back to this game. I need the last few trophies, but I can't play online. Is it doable?
  7. @kingofbattle8174 I asked because theoretically Iceborne is an expansion/dlc of MHW but it has a separate trophy list and platinum.
  8. Triple point game # Dragon Quest XI Double point games # Ni no Kuni wrath of the white witch remastered # Ni no Kuni 2 Can I consider Monster Hunter World Iceborne? If yes, I will swap it with Ni no Kuni remastered.
  9. Triple point game need to be declared before 1th? I have to think about my Double point games, I don't know if try some easy one or at least one hard for maximise the points. I thought it was about the completion time and not about the number of people that platted the game.
  10. I would like to join and I have a huge list of rpgs and jrpg to play but I don't meet the minimum requirements. Also would be my first event. I will be ready for the next time
  11. I don't have many games. Can use games that I have played but abandoned with less then 10% (few with more) completion?
  12. Same problem.
  13. Damn, this one will be hard. The game is quite difficult, especially in the beginning.
  14. I have to collect the coins but you can boost it with me dude.