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  1. Are the servers still down? Has there been any word yet?
  2. Rooting for you to do this one. I think I started watching your streams when you played Arkham City last year. You got this!!
  3. Persona 5: Royal! Took me about 97 hours to do, 2/10 really easy to in one playthrough.
  4. Yeah, I stopped playing it altogether this year, it just really killed my mood. I'm going to definitely revisit this game next year, I really want to get all the trophies at some point.
  5. Final Fantasy 13 and Persona 5 for me. Lot's of missable trophies in P5 made it extremely stressful that I accidentally played the game an additional two times for a total of 4 playthroughs, clocked 256 hours. Final Fantasy 13 has the treasure hunter trophy where you literally have to get every single accessory and weapon in the game. Super annoying grind.
  6. Yeah I have a similar issue. It shows I played Rainbow 6 Siege but I don't even own the game and never played it on PS4. The only thing I can think of is that it's some sort of sync issue on Sony's side.
  7. Spider-Man: Miles Morales!
  8. I get to play my PS4 games! So much still in the backlog and so many of them now play much smoother because of the unlocked framerates. Monster Hunter World and FF15 are so smooth now!
  9. It only took me like 5-10 minutes on Ethernet to download 4 save files from Gow, KH3, GoT, and FF15. One a side note, I ran into a not so great thing with cloud saves when I first got my system and installed some PS4 titles to test out. For example, I installed God of War (2018). After I installed the game, I went to the settings to download my cloud save. For whatever reason I can't even fathom, it erased the game save, loaded the game without the save and got overwritten in the cloud. The core save thankfully is still intact on my PS4 locally, but now I'm afraid of turning it on because it might sync with what my PS5 did to my saves. The only thing I can think of doing is just taking down my network, turn on my PS4 and somehow figure out how to load the save onto a USB drive.
  10. LOL, THREE SF6 games all within a span of 2 years, all the exact same game, just each with a little more added on?? Have they not learned?? Hoping none of that is true and it's just ideas being thrown around. The Capcom Redemption Arc has been amazing since 2016, I would hate to see them fumble it again with SF6. RE4, Dragons Dogma 2, Final Fight and Power Stone sound great. I wonder if Monster Hunter 6 will be the follow up to World. Too bad there's no love for MvC...
  11. Not enough JRPGs I see. Totally recommend Persona 5 for your list.
  12. I just want to have more customization options for the menu system and more trophy data/sorting options. Maybe an option to display your favorite trophies or like an accolades display case. The menu system at least to me looked a little awkward not centered and there was just a ton of empty space.
  13. I just love the minimalist approach with the focus of just the detail of this character.
  14. It's a toss up between LittleBigPlanet and Furi for me.
  15. Thanks for the motivation and the DLC tip!