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  1. Then your progress is like mine. I have completed main story and currently push materia to face the Top Secret fights for Götterdämmerung. After that I'll do the hard mode playthrough. When I start Chapter 17, I skip the cutscenes, talk twice to Aerith, skip the next cutscene and follow the group. You take the elevator (another cutscene to skip) walk in the room (another cutscene to skip before a fight starts) and have to fight some unknowns followed by another cutscene to skip. After that you have access to Chadley, the elevator to the roof, a vending machine, a bench and the VR sim (spread over multiple rooms - but hard to miss). It is less than 5 minutes until you are there if you skip all cutscenes.
  2. Yeah, you have Aerith in Chapter 17 and can do her fights in the VR. Did you think about her two fights in the colosseum on your playthrough? If not, you'll have to play trough most of the chapter to get her there as well, in order to unlock those special fights in the VR. You'll also need to turn in all battle reports to Chadley to unlock the Shinra Top Secrets fight for the Götterdämmerung.
  3. No need for apologies You have to complete the first playthrough on any difficulty to unlock the hard play mode. But you do not have to start the chapter 16 or 17 (17 makes more sense in my eyes) on hard difficulty just to make the fights in the VR simulator available that are told to be "only available in hard mode". I also was confused by this expression. It is there to state, that you cannot have those fights in a lower difficulty setting than "hard" regarding the choices you can make within the VR sim.
  4. I played the original on PC and now the remake on PS4. It was as many already pointed out: I had an imagination of the game, as I already played it. Learning, that the remake is just part of the original story and has also been altered got me a bit mad. I do not like changed story lines. If they want to do this, they should give it a completely different name. Then I'd check more, if the game would be something I like before purchasing it. Having played the original FF7 and then seeing one for PS4 made me think: yeah... the game was great - it cannot be that worse on a PS4 that I would not like it => go and buy it. Learning about the differences after buying is a disappointment. Regardless of the differences though, I'm totally happy with what I got. The graphics are great. The story still is touching and really draws me in. The look & feel has vastly improved compared to the original (as it should have over such a long time). For me it is another great Square Enix game. Compared to the PS4 version of Secret of Mana (I originally played the SNES version), FF7 Remake is really good. If they keep up with the quality, I'll gladly buy the remaining "Parts" of FF7 Remake.
  5. I already stated that the time for platinum was set far too low in my oppinion. Regarding the difficulty guides state, I can say, that personally I do not want to play a game rated higher than 6/10, as it must be hell to play it. What I played so far usually was set up to 5 or 6 of 10 and yes... I think this is underrated. I do not have comparison to higher rated games so I cannot tell, if there are really games that are that much harder to play. The current level is "hard enough" to me, so a 6/10 translates to 9.5/10 for me.
  6. How to say "I know it better" and still staying polite? Hmm.... You can start chapter 17 on normal. The VR fights have a menu where you can select between easy, normal and classic difficulty. The "special fights" told to be "only available on hard mode" actually can be selected even though the chapter is i.e. started on "normal" - the menu for the selection of the difficulty of the fight provides "hard" as the sole option. It is not connected to the difficulty setting of the chapter select. I've done all VR fights with "normal" difficulty on chapter select. Last fight for me was the Malboro. Now I'll try to get the Götterdämmerung. About Bahamut: with the guide I used, this fight was a bit harder than the series with the Malboro, but in comparison to other fights I already had, I would not put that one far over the other summon materia fights. Malboro worked straight - one try. I even absorbed the enemy skill on first possibility. For Bahamut I had about 5 tries until I understood how that countdown really works. Originally I thought you would have to stop him counting from 5 to 0 and can fight as long as you need to kill him. Regarding the question of the OP: I'm not sure, what I really will need to have maxed out, as I have not done my hard run. As preparation I have pushed many materia to the max. The green materia was up automatically at the end of the "normal" run. The MP/HP/Magic-Up materia is not maxed out, but will be after some progress in hard mode. I pushed elemental and ward, which was really annoying, but I did this as preparation for Malboro and also the Shinra secrets. It will come in quite handy. I guess the rest will turn out progressively on each fight in hard mode.
  7. It is nice to see that I was not the only one struggling with this one. What I would have as tips has already been said. I found the BGM to be a real big distraction and afterwards, I really should have switched it of. But I always thought: this time it will work out for me and then I would have searched through the menus for nothing. As I finally had made my mind up to change the setting, the trophy dropped Thinking of a pattern rather than symbols was my approach, too. Just had difficulty with the increasing speed and I guess the BGM influenced me so much, that I had to start over and over again. Took me about an hour to get it.
  8. Well, we'll see if it gets better after my recent progress in pushing the stats That is exactly what I'm trying to do now. Have replayed for Colosseum with Aerith - looks like I had the first Aerith fight but missed that there is another. And while I was at it, I also did the remaining dress, best in business und the johnny trophy as well. The Shinra simulator is also almost done. For the remaining final fights I still need to push some materia, but I will try. That is exactly how I feel about the given time estimates. And I thought those extremely low values are given by guide writers to boast how fast they can do it... But if it really is that way - who knows. My proposal for the average given by users was exactly intended to do this: provide a more reliable value. Of course this can never be the ultimate number of orientation as everybody has different style, motivation and skill to play. Would be better as the current value though. And in my younger times, I analised games to death as it was fun to me finding the most efficient way to do things. So all your data is welcome
  9. I also had a feeling that its sometimes very random if you win a fight or not. Fighting Rufus & Darkstar for example was odd. I needed multiple tries to kill them. Sometimes it was easy to kill the dog - sometimes I didn't even manage that. But the greatest oddity was Finally killing Rufus. I once had luck with the timing to stagger him by using Braver (as explained in the guide). I already had my Limit break ready and thus instantly got him killed then. The fight where I won took about 2 minutes (including killing Darkstar first) but the times I lost, it went down mostly after 6-8 minutes. It's hard to learn, when you don't know what you did different that suddenly resulted in a big change.
  10. Yeah. That's some good advice, too. I usually bite me through. And as those times never made any sense to me, I finally had to ask about them as I felt that never someone doubted them. The 60 hrs are taken from the guide here at PSN Profiles. Guess it would be a good feat. if every Platinum achiever could give his own stat to those guides to get a balanced average on this value. First of all I play the games I chose for pleasure. I originally played FF7 on PC and it helped me through some bad times. It also got me interested in the series. I've another FF for PS4 around here (dunno which one atm). The game will not disappoint me - the hunt for premium might, though. So I'll have to see, if it is worth trying harder at risking the good experience I had with the game.
  11. You are right. I could do some grinding to polish up the stats. I hesitated to do so as I heard some fights will get harder once a character has reached level 50. And I'm still uncertain, which materia I should push besides TP+ and MP+. But this are thoughts for a different Thread
  12. Be my guest 😉
  13. Thank you for all the insights on how it turned out to be for you all.. So I'll just ignore the estimated time for the future. Even if I would have skipped every cutscene on normal playthrough, I'd still have less than the half of the estimated time left. So those estimates seem to be always kind of very ambituous. Just looked through the games I played. The only games the time estimates match my experiences or are even higher than my experience are games designed for children. Guess I'll fix the "noob" sign to my forehead now. It's just so irritating. Have played much on PC and SNES when I was in my teens and never had noteable problems with the difficulty of games.
  14. Just started chapter 1 on hard. I guess, I will skip this whole Platinum run. Most games I have no Platinum is because of multiplayer / online only trophies and I do not want to pay and play multiplayer. As FF7 would all be offline, I had hope to get it done, but when a guide tells me "the first boss is quite easy on the second run" and I keep dying before I even have him down to 50%, I just think, this is way too hard. Just remembering the tip to do the first playthrough an normal that the "hard" does not ramp up too much. I'd say it is at least factor 3. And if the first boss shall be easier as on first encounter on normal difficulty, I can imagine that those guides are written by people who play as if it's their profession. Would also explain the time stats that are way off.
  15. Basically I'd better not ask. But as it is with almost all games I play with a guide on PS4, my curiosity is stronger... The guide for FF7 Remake states about 60 hours to achieve Platinum. I just finished my fist playthrough on normal difficulty without skipping anything and concentrating on getting as much as possible done. I have done nothing to boost stats and most VR missions and most fights on colliseum are still open (just did the recommended stuff for the first playthrough). All of this took me 54 hours including the end credits. Now either the hard mode is so easy I need only 6 more hours, or I'm THAT bad in this game or... what? It's not just this game - most guide time stats do not nearly match my experience with the games. Or is it a stat for people who always skip everything possible? Playing it like this would never come to my mind, as I usually play for story rather than the fights.