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  1. I've been mostly playing easy games just for trophies lately with the exception of The Walking Dead: The Final Season which I would've played even if I knew I'd never get the platinum: The Walking Dead: The Final Season The Final Season (#66) Access Denied Platinum Hacker (#65) Storm Boy Storm Boy (#64) My fastest platinum so far at 22:26. Planet RIX-13 Planet RIX-13 Platinum (#63) Don't Knock Twice Platinum Trophy (#62) Old Man's Journey Life, loss, reconciliation and hope (#61)
  2. Got Shadow of the Tomb Raider back to 100% when I finally finished the latest DLC by getting the score and time attack trophies. I really didn't like this tomb and I had been putting off getting those trophies but in the end they weren't that bad. Got the score attack one easily on the first attempt and time attack on the second attempt.
  3. Level 22: Let It Burn! (Planet RIX-13)
  4. Far Cry Primal: Apex Predator (#60) The first Far Cry game I've ever played and it was a decent experience. Combat and stealth were a bit of a mess and this was the first game ever that made me feel slightly motion sick but the prehistoric setting was quite interesting.
  5. I've now been playing this for 2-3 hours and I really like it. So far I haven't noticed any serious bugs, the characters have gotten stuck in walls a few times but they always got unstuck a second or two later so it looks like that bug has been fixed. I haven't run into any problems with the AI either.
  6. Late Shift: Platinum Trophy (#59) This was pretty good The actors were clearly professionals and the production values were decent. Not much of a game though, but probably worth picking up when it's on sale.
  7. Yep, and the 'Growing Up' trophy has been renamed to 'Blood of Leonidas'.
  8. I just finished Hidden Ones and luckily none of the trophies were bugged for me, though I did backup my save game just in case before starting the DLC. The only trophy that was a bit iffy was Prison Break. I'm sure I freed more than 20 rebels during the main game, but the trophy didn't pop until I freed rebels for the first time in the DLC. I assume it should've been possible to get the trophy in the main game, at least I got Team Play before starting Hidden Ones.
  9. I'm currently at 572 unearned trophies in 92 games played. Would like to get it under 500, which wouldn't be that hard.
  10. Assassin's Creed Origins: Earn Them All! (#58) I don't exactly know why, but everything about this game started to really annoy me and I really had to force myself to complete it. This was my second Assassin's Creed game with Odyssey being the first one and I absolutely prefer Odyssey to this one. Maybe it's because Bayek as a character wasn't in my opinion nearly as interesting as Kassandra and the story in Origins was also pretty boring. Also because you have to complete all the locations in Origins for the platinum really diluted the main quest line as I preferred to fully clear an area before moving on to the next one. That made most of the game play just running from one ? to the other. Maybe it would've been better to first complete the story and then concentrate on clearing all the locations.
  11. From Games under 5€ sale: Don't Knock Twice Never Alone Arctic Collection Brothers: a Tale of two Sons Late Shift Humble Bundle $1 bundle: Grim Fandango Remastered The Bards Tale: Remastered and Resnarkled InnerSpace
  12. I decided to get some MP trophies today and I had the same problem, turns out the game disc I have is the US version and I have an EU account. The solution presented above worked for me, I made a US account, started the game on it, downloaded the maps and then switched to my main account and it allowed me to play multiplayer.
  13. Drowning: Drowning Platinum (#57)
  14. Level 21: Finish The Game (Drowning)
  15. There's no actual game play in this, but it is quite touching and I definitely don't regret buying it.