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  1. This together with my 1TB external SSD should cover my PS5 storage needs for the foreseeable future. I chose the WD SN850 because it was the only PS5 compatible 2TB drive that I could find a decent Black Friday deal on, I paid 319€ for it + 15€ for the cooler.
  2. Got my trophy streak to 666 days today :devil: (6178 trophies in total).

  3. What seems to work is moving the game to the internal or external drive and playing it from there if you have two drives. At least this is what worked for me and for the poster above. If you only have one drive than you could try to uninstall the game, install another game and then reinstall Life is Strange.
  4. I got it in the fight with the Sorcerer's Daughter. During the fight she summons a lot of easy to kill spider adds which with the Yippee Ki Yai skill easily makes it possible to gunzerk for over 90 seconds. Also make sure to have the Last Longer skill. Another easy place to get the trophy would be Murderlin's Temple.
  5. Yeah, it was on my PS4. I read somewhere, might have been on an official Square Enix help page, that deleting the game, installing another game and then re-installing Life is Strange might help as that would force the system to physically install the game on a different area of the hard drive. I have no idea why or how that would help but I thought surely transferring the game to another drive would accomplish the same thing so I tried that as I didn't want to download everything again and to my surprise it actually did work. I just remembered that I also downloaded and installed the two Alex Outfit Pack DLCs again, can't remember if it was before or after I transferred the game though but that might also have been what helped.
  6. I've got exactly the same problem (except I'm playing on PS4 Pro), the game always crashes at that same point in the final cutscene preventing me from completing the game. I've now tried it three times. Also update history shows version 1.01 and application information shows version 1.04. I had no problems with the PS5 version of the game when I played it earlier. Edit: I was now able to finish the game. What I did was transfer the game from the external drive to the internal one and then for some reason it didn't crash during the cutscene. I also tried installing and playing the game on my PS5 with the downloaded cloud save but that didn't work.
  7. Oh yeah, I'm so getting this!
  8. I assume this also works going from PS5 to PS4? You can just redo the final fight and then get a few miscellaneous trophies? You don't have to catch all 100 Bugsnax again?
  9. There's still a year of content coming so better keep the game installed ☺️
  10. Well this was certainly unexpected, definitely interested in this but probably not going to buy it yet. In the past 6 months I've 100% Borderlands: The Pre Sequel, BL2 and BL3 (twice, both on PS4 and PS5) and I'm probably going to get Tiny Tina's Wonderlands at launch so I think I'm all Borderlanded out atm. Still got this on PC as it's free on the Epic Store.
  11. The trophy was a bit glitchy for me too. I had completed all the five events described in the guide but the game still showed only 4/5 events completed. I then fast traveled back to the archery challenge at Raider Memorial and the event then showed as completed giving me 5/5 completed and the trophy.
  12. I never eat while gaming but I sometimes like to have a glass of wine, red during winter and white during summer.
  13. For anyone struggling to find the last missing challenges I'd recommend using https://mapgenie.io/immortals-fenyx-rising. I'm just finishing the game on PS5 and I was at 76/80 challenges and using that site I was able to find the missing ones in a matter of minutes.