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  1. I'm not very far into the game, only about 6 hours, but so far the game hasn't really impressed me. Sure, the world is beautiful and immersive but the controls are horribly clunky and everything you do in the game feels like a chore. While the game is beautiful and the attention to detail is impressive it's sadly not very fun to play.
  2. 2017: 0 2018: 51, most common Midnight Deluxe 97.40% / rarest Alienation 6.89% 2019: 62, most common Jack N' Jill DX 99.24% / rarest Dust: An Elysian Tail 9.34%
  3. There's a few games on my list that I know I'll never platinum or 100% but only one that I'd remove if I could and that's Pinball FX3.
  4. Cat Quest II Pawlatinum (#110) This was just as charming and fun as the first one, now with the added option of playing in co-op. If you're looking for a simple and fun action rpg then this is the game for you.
  5. If I had to choose one, it'd have to be Jazzpunk. That game is just stupid and boring.
  6. Darksiders III BFA (#106) I had planned to buy this at some time so I was pleasantly surprised to see it free on PS+ and I only had to buy the season pass. Overall I really liked this game, the combat was really satisfying and Fury was a cool character. The DLC however were bit of a disappointment, The Crucible was decently entertaining but Keepers of the Void was really boring for me as I'm not really a fan of environmental puzzles. I'd rate the main game at 8/10, The Crucible 6/10 and Keepers of the Void 4/10.
  7. Definitely getting this one, the first one is a great little game and I really enjoyed it.
  8. Torchlight 2 Delver (#105) A decently fun action RPG with a straightforward trophy list. The only part that got a bit boring was grinding to level 100 as the replayability is quite low.
  9. The recent patch fixed the NG+ bug and also added the option to reset your NG+ to an appropriate level, though it also resets your progress. I was level 83 when I used the option and it reset me to NG++, starting at level 81.
  10. My total came to 34 trophies: Habroxia - 31 Deponia Doomsday - 3
  11. Torchlight II Spectacular Find (Find a legendary item) Now that the RNG trophy is out of the way, the road to platinum is clear, just need to grind 1M gold and get to level 100.
  12. NG+ really is glitchy. I started my NG+ today and when I got to Estherian Enclave I noticed the main quest had reverted back to talk to Destroyer and I was in NG++ with Echo Pass being lvl 81. So I went back to talk to Destroyer again, returned to Estherian Enclave and now everything seemed to be ok, except that I was still in NG++. I then thought I'll just run some Mapworks to level up a bit before continuing. So I ran two maps before noticing that the main quest had again reverted back to talking to Destroyer and I couldn't exit Mapworks as the only waypoint I can reach via the portal there is Mapworks itself. So it looks like I'll grind the rest of the trophies running just Mapworks.
  13. Dust: An Elysian Tail Mithrarin (#100) Having recently finished and greatly enjoyed Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night I wanted to play another game in the same genre and Dust: An Elysian Tail happened to be on sale so I picked it up. The game turned out to be surprisingly good with a touching story and smooth gameplay. Also a pretty easy trophy list, so I'm a bit surprised that this is a very rare plat. Also my 100th plat and on the same day I decided to get lifetime premium 🙂
  14. Dust: An Elysian Tail Mithrarin Just got my 100th platinum. I didn't have any specific game in mind that I wanted it from, just that it should be a platinum you actually have to earn, I've already got enough easy platinums. The game it turned out to be was Dust: An Elysian Tail. I had recently platinumed Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and I really liked that one and wanted to play another similar game and Dust happened to be on sale for 4,95€ so I picked it up. There were a few trophies that worried me, like finishing the game on Tough difficulty and getting a four-star rating in all the challenges, but those were really not that difficult in the end. I think this was also the first game that I platinumed faster than what was the estimated time to plat in the trophy guide (20h), I finished it in just under 19h.
  15. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Overlord (#98) Really enjoyed this one, a great game with a nice and straightforward trophy list.