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  1. If you're first or second you get the following gadgets: - Candy Fog - Whippy Slippy - Lead Balloon - Elephant Race - High Tea Being third or fourth gives the following gadgets: - Texting - Musical Idiots - Thrust Too - More Horsepower!!! - Nuisance Call Holiday Road and Guy Fawkes seem to pop randomly regardless of your position in the race.
  2. The Grand Tour Game Our New Idiot (#73) If you're a Top Gear/Grand Tour fan I'd definitely recommend this game. Just don't expect an ultra-realistic driving experience and you're going to have a lot of fun. Also an easy platinum/100% with only a few tricky challenges and a bit of grinding.
  3. My latest purchases: Physical: Days Gone Nier Automata - Game of the Yorha Edition Digital: The Grand Tour Game Witcher 3 + expansion pass (I've already finished this game twice on PC but it was on sale and I thought I might as well get it on PS4 also).
  4. Currently at 572 unearned, but that's gonna increase tomorrow when I start Days Gone and The Grand Tour Game.
  5. A Plague Tale: Innocence Innocence (#72) A great game with a fun and easy platinum, definitely recommended.
  6. I bought the game on release for PC and I'm not kidding when I say they could've priced the game at 100€ and it still would've been worth it. Not only is there a massive amount of content, all of it is also of very high quality.
  7. There's definitely enough materials to upgrade both in a single playthrough but you have to thorough in your exploration and not waste resources unnecessarily on ammo crafting and alchemy upgrades.
  8. I finished the game yesterday and now I'm in the process of finishing the miscellaneous trophies and getting all the collectibles and for me it was worth the price. 60€ would probably have been a bit much, but 50€ was totally acceptable in my opinion. Also, I don't agree with people saying games that focus heavily on the story have no replay value. For me, they're like a good book or movie that you want to read or watch again after a while, I love to experience the story in a good game more than once.
  9. I almost never buy a game at full price but this one looked very interesting so I decided to splurge. So far I haven't been disappointed, though I'm not very far into the game yet.
  10. And continuing with Path of Exile: Journeyman Cartographer 1.27% (Complete all of the yellow maps on the Atlas) Diminishing Returns 1.30% (Reach level 90)
  11. More from Path of Exile: Full Clear: Apex of Sacrifice 1.58% (Kill Atziri in the Apex of Sacrifice) Gemling 2.20% (Have a skill gem reach level 20) Emperor 1.80% (Complete the Eternal Labyrinth) Apprentice Cartographer 2.19% (Complete all of the white maps on the Atlas)
  12. Janire1911 - Followed Rost's teachings Rost was a wise man.
  13. Two more ultra rares from Path of Exile: Identity Corruption (Corrupt an item to have a new implicit mod) 3.23% Hostile Territory (Corrupt a map to have eight mods) 2.27%
  14. Path of Exile: Scaling the Ladder (Reach level 80) 3.46%
  15. My top 3: February 2018 - 368 March 2018 - 358 October 2018 -348