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  1. I don't ever remember a game getting delayed after it's gone gold though I'm sure it has happened before. That said, I don't mind Cyberpunk getting delayed to December as I'd already chosen it as my Christmas game of 2020 so as long as it releases before that I'm happy.
  2. I've got Samurai, Assassin and Hunter at rank 20 and I've liked playing with all of them but if I had to choose a favorite I think I'd choose Hunter. That's a bit surprising as I usually prefer melee over ranged
  3. Really disappointed there's no matchmaking for raids and I honestly can't understand why not at least give us the option. I had done everything solo in Legends so far but last night I decided to try gold survival and I beat wave 25 and got the trophy on my first attempt so you definitely can get a good group through matchmaking. I understand raids require even greater coordination between players but how are you ever going to learn the raid if you never even get to try it?
  4. I've dropped 380 places in the World ranking and I noticed that some of the players in front of me have less points and some also still show their old levels so I assume the leaderboard hasn't fully updated yet. It's the same thing in the Country leaderboard. I also noticed that on your Stats page if you add up the points of your platinum, gold, silver and bronze trophies it still comes to your old points total, platinum trophies still count as 180 points instead of 300. For example I have 228 platinums and it shows as 41040 points when it should be 68400.
  5. I went from level 43 (80%) to level 527 (0%).
  6. What pleasantly surprised me was that instead of replacing the SSD if you want to upgrade you can just install another one to get more storage. It never occured to me there'd be an extra M.2 slot and that the internal SSD was just directly soldered on the motherboard. I always assumed you'd have to replace the internal SSD if you wanted more storage. Was also nice to find out that there's dust filters and that cleaning them is easy by just vacuuming through the holes.
  7. I'm fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English and I also know a little bit of German.
  8. Getting ready for PS5:
  9. I don't remember what weapons I used for my NG+ Ultra Hard run but as for armor I used Shield Weaver for combat, after combat I used an armor you can get in Frozen Wilds DLC that automatically heals you, I think it was called the Banuk Chieftain armor or something like that. While moving around I used my best stealth armor so as to not aggro everything around me.
  10. I'm currently in top 50 of all the trophies for the Fantasy Island DLC for Island Saver.
  11. Since their logo is a dog, I pronounce it as poochie.
  12. By chapter is the easiest one that makes you lose the least amount of progress if you die.
  13. I'm doing a NG permadeath per chapter run on very light and then I'm going to attempt a separate run on Grounded, there's no way I'm combining Grounded with permadeath.
  14. In no particular order: Horizon Zero Dawn Marvel's Spider-Man Nier: Automata Ghost of Tsushima Assassin's Creed Odyssey Child of Light Bloodborne Journey Tales from the Borderlands The Last of Us Remastered
  15. The trophies seem to be fixed, at least I was able to get them all without problems and without having to restart the game. That said, the game did glitch out on me but in a beneficial way. I had spent about two hours trying to get the Grand Master trophy with no luck, I had been able to get it without much problems earlier today in the EU version of the game but for some reason now I was really struggling. After yet another failed attempt I noticed that for some reason I was still able to click on the tiles even though the board had exploded like it does when you fail. I then wondered 'hmm... could this possibly work?' and proceeded to click all the tiles and sure enough, after a few minutes the trophy popped along with Rocky Mode and Gigantic . I couldn't see the tiles but the sound effects still worked, I continued pressing right on the d-pad + until the sound effect of clicking a tile didn't play anymore and then I moved to the next row and so on until the trophies popped.