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  1. Got another copy of Lollipop Chainsaw so I don't have to open my sealed copy if I decide to play it. Also picked up some other games at the same time. The cases are pretty worn but I'm going to replace them anyway.
  2. I used https://www.trueachievements.com/a373976/new-business-achievement as a guide for episode 5 so if you follow that too you should get 80%+ rating.
  3. I had 78% at the end of Ep 4 and I finished with 92% so it should be possible to get 80%+ if you start episode 4 with 70%.
  4. I've tried hugging Anu but that only gave me the true ending. I guess my skateboard score is too high at the end of episode 4 (78%) so I'll probably have to replay at least from episode 4 to get any other endings.
  5. I actually liked the game but I agree that replaying the same chapters over and over again becomes really boring. So far I've only manged to unlock the true ending and Anu dies ending. I think I'll wait for some definitive guides before trying to get the remaining endings. Maybe the game might also get a skip function in an update to skip scenes you've already seen but since none of the Telltale games ever had such an option I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  6. At the end of episode 4 I was at: Skateboard rating 78% Anu and Fran 68% Anu and Ock 57% Octavio and Fran 50% So I had a slightly higher rating for Anu and Ock and that probably explains why I didn't get the Ock dies ending. At the end of episode 5 I was at: Skateboard 82% Anu and Fran 52% Anu and Octavio 27% Octavio and Fran 23%
  7. I tried all three variations but I only managed to get the true ending twice and Anu dies ending once (which I already had) so it looks like I have to keep trying.
  8. Latest purchases:
  9. Yeah, you definitely need more than one full playthrough to max all skills. I've almost finished the game, only got chapter 16 left, and I've maxed the Aggressive tree, Prudence is at about 60% and Opportunism just over 50%.
  10. The section with raising the bridge in chapter 11 also seems to give you Opportunism XP and that's also just rats. I got the notification that I unlocked the second skill in the tree after finishing that section, otherwise I probably would've completely missed that I got XP from it.
  11. And there it is! With the Improved Crossbow trophy I got in Plague Tale: Requiem today, my trophy streak is now at 1000 days! Next milestone: three years 😀

  12. Got some spare Dualshocks for my PS3.