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  1. Gauntlet: Slayer Edition The Captain's Special (Kill 12000 monsters with Valkyrie Weapon Abilities) My very first ultra rare trophy 🙂
  2. Alienation Alienated (#46) This was great fun, blasting Xenos left and right. Still need one DLC trophy for 100%.
  3. I don't have goals that I absolutely need to reach, but there's some that I'd like to achieve: - Get 50 plats before December 17th because on that day last year I earned my very first trophy. Currently I'm at 45 plats so this should be easily achievable. - Get into top 1000 country ranking, currently I'm at 1148.
  4. Level 19: Alienation - Beautiful Death (Equip every weapon and equipment slot with at least a level 30 legendary weapon or equipment)
  5. Alienation: Then What (#2500) Gain access to and complete the Mothership mission.
  6. Perfect Angle Perfect Angle God (#44) The games I play just for a platinum... to be fair, Perfect Angle isn't a bad game, it's exactly what it claims to be and if you like these sort puzzles you'll probably enjoy it. I on the other hand found it to be really boring and the background music got really annoying towards the end. Jak II Done Done Done (#45) Nothing really to be proud of with this platinum. I got the first 10 trophies legit but for the rest I used the debug mode, I had no interest to continue the game and just wanted it done.
  7. Just bought Alienation + Season Pass (season pass was on sale for 2,38€, -70%).
  8. Nice, I've been waiting for the season pass to go on sale before starting Mafia III.
  9. Trophies still seem to be a bit glitchy. I played the game for the first time earlier today and got the first 9 trophies. Then later today I played again and none of the trophies would pop, I tried to replay the level, replay all three levels between trophies and watching the cinematic again and nothing seemed to work. I then quit and restarted the game and now when I replayed the level before the trophy, they all popped normally.
  10. I haven't encountered any problems with 6.02 so far and I installed it as soon as it was available.
  11. Cat Quest: Le Platinum Trophy (#43) A charming little game, good fun for 8-10 hours.
  12. I just made my PSN account less than a year ago, and even if I didn't get exactly the ID I wanted I have no need to change it.
  13. Just bought: Cat Quest Valley
  14. Child of Light: Games like this make me glad I finally got a PS4. I'd most likely never have bought this on PC and it turned out to be an absolute gem of a game. It's very charming with a stunningly beautiful art style and fantastic soundtrack.
  15. Anyone else got the same problem with the email that clicking the link only takes you to a blank page? If I click the link on my phone I get to the page where you enter your email address but clicking continue again just takes me to the same blank page. I'd really like to get Netflix so if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this problem I'd really appreciate it. Edit: Nevermind, I fixed the problem by temporarily disabling my VPN