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  1. Yeah it sucks that there's still big problems with availability, even 1½ years after release. Luckily I managed to get one last July, I had placed the order in November so I had to wait 8 months before finally getting it.
  2. I haven't been able to find any info about this, but can Chaos Levels be done solo or are they meant to be played in co-op?
  3. My biggest wish for the game is a skill that allows Aloy to recover faster from getting knocked down. I love the combat but constantly getting knocked down tends to get annoying, especially when fighting multiple enemies. It breaks the flow of the fight.
  4. I'd say that those four weapons should have you covered. The Nora armor is weak against plasma and frost so if you want you might also upgrade another armor for use in fights against enemies that use plasma or frost attacks but that wasn't really a big problem so you should be okay with just the Thunder Warrior armor. Also be sure to upgrade your pouches and stock up on Volatile Sludge so you can craft your best ammunition. I started with about 400 sludge stocked up and I actually ended having more when I finished the game but I also only used the best ammo during boss fights or when I absolutely needed to, otherwise I just relied on advanced hunter arrows.
  5. Just finished my Ultra Hard run. Honestly it was much easier than I thought it'd be and I actually enjoyed it, only died maybe 4-5 times and only once during a boss fight, the fight against Regalla. That was mainly because she used plasma attacks and the Nora Thunder Warrior armor is weak against plasma. For weapons I had fully upgraded Death-Seeker's Shadow, Sun Scourge, Forgefall and Skykiller. I had originally planned to start another NG+ on story difficulty to get the remaining token but since I'm already at 98/125 I might as well get the rest on Ultra Hard as well.
  6. If you change difficulty to story you don't have to tear off components from machines to get materials like Tremortusk tusks or Tideripper tail fins so it becomes much to easier to farm the materials needed to upgrade legendary gear.
  7. Yeah, I'm not really looking forward to doing HFW on Ultra Hard. HZD was pretty easy thanks to Shield Weaver and the armor from Frozen Wilds that heals you but Forbidden West is definitely harder. I've currently got a fully upgraded Nora Thunder Warrior and Death-Seeker's Shadow but I think I'll upgrade a few more weapons just in case before starting my run.
  8. I wonder if it's possible to get on all the new weapons etc on different runs? It might be fastest to do a run on ultra hard and just complete the main story and then another ng+ on story difficulty to grind more champion tokens for the remaining items. As the PS5 version has tracking for this trophy it should be possible to find out easily if this is possible.
  9. Agatha Knife Goddess of Trophies # 396 I loved this game! It's got great quirky, dark humor, nice art style, good music and overall it's just a really charming game.
  10. Same here, but I am going to wait for a sale. Can't justify to myself paying 40€ for a game this short.
  11. And the platinum is in the bag, it's been quite the ride ☺️
  12. I agree that 5/10 is good difficulty score for this game. The parkour trophies can be tricky and the time trials require practice but nothing is unfairly difficult
  13. Anyone else gotten better than usual prizes from the roulette tickets lately? The last three I've gotten have been a Nitrous system from a 2-star, 500k credits from a 4-star and 30k credits from a 2-star. Also got a car from a 2-star ticket a while ago. Before that I've almost always gotten just the 5k credits regardless of the ticket. I know PD talked about making the prizes better so maybe they've made the change now or I've just been much luckier than usual.
  14. Grats ☺️. I too got a 4-star today but it only gave me 30k credits.
  15. That's good to know, I've never had a yellow flag in any of the races I've done so far. There's also the hairpin at the end before the main straight, I don't know if you take that really wide if it counts as going off track but otherwise hitting the wall or colliding with other cars doesn't negate the clean race bonus.
  16. Got the Ford, only Jaguar remaining now ☺️
  17. Yep, this is the most efficient way of getting credits though it does get boring after doing it a while. Each race takes about 16-18 minutes and you can't lose the clean race bonus so you always get 825,000 credits per race.
  18. First time I learn of this game but I'm definitely getting it.
  19. Got a 3-star ticket today that gave an Aston Martin V8 Vantage S '15, that's the best I've ever gotten from a 3-star ticket.
  20. I've too noticed that the full lap is often much easier than some of the sectors. For the sectors you usually have to get an almost perfect run while the full lap allows some mistakes.
  21. What would you say are the easiest tracks to get all gold? Personally I've got all tracks at least bronze and I've managed to get all gold so far on: Interlagos Monza Spa Red Bull Ring Tsukuba Blue Moon Speedway Broad Bean Raceway Northern Isle Speedway Blue Moon Bay, Broad Bean and Northern Isle were trivial. Tsukuba was also very easy and Interlagos and Monza didn't pose any difficulties either. Spa was also on the easier side, probably because I spent a good amount of time there trying to gold S-10 so I knew the track well. Red Bull Ring was probably the hardest to get all gold on but I think that was mainly because I accidentally had controller sensitivity set to -2. High Speed Ring seems to be very difficult to get gold on the full lap, I spent over two hours grinding it but the best I could manage was a 1:04.494 with the gold time being 1:04:300. Overall I'd say that the difficulty of the circuit experiences varies wildly and the harder ones seem to be much more difficult than any of the license tests.
  22. Yesterday I got 5k from a 3-star ticket but today I got a 6-star ticket that gave 500k. That was the third 6-star that I've gotten (one from completing the final menu and two from daily marathons), the first one gave me a McLaren VGT and the other two 500k credits.
  23. Managed to get Tokyo Expressway - East Clockwise done today. Sector 2 was HARD, I'm not lying when I say it easily took 100+ attempts before I finally managed to barely get gold. You have to maintain an absolutely perfect line throughout the sector or you're either gonna hit the wall or have to slow down too much. The full lap was challenging too, mostly because it's so easy to accidentally hit the wall but after several attempts everything finally clicked and I managed a time .6 seconds under gold,
  24. Just finished Sardegna Road Track and I now have gotten all gold on a total of 24 tracks. For Sardegna I found the best settings to be TCS 1, ASM and Countersteer Assist off. The first sector was the hardest but the other sectors and the full lap were quite easy. I think I'm getting to the point were I've done all the tracks I can, I've tried a few more but haven't been able to get all gold.
  25. I used to play males but ever since I played Mass Effect as femshep I almost always pick female now if there's a choice.