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  1. Did my first PS5 autopop today. I started the PS5 version of Jedi Fallen Order yesterday but after playing it for a bit and earning a few trophies legit everything that annoyed me about the game on PS4 started to surface again and I thought 'no, I'm not doing this again'. So I deleted my PS5 save, downloaded the completed PS4 save, loaded it and watched the trophies pop.

  2. Thank you ☺️. It's all thanks to the Vita I got last year so I can earn trophies on days when I'm away from home. I'd love to be able to extend the streak to two years, that would happen on January 28th next year if I can manage it.
  3. Longest trophy streak - 612 days, 5507 trophies, ongoing Most Platinums in one Month - Most Platinums in one Year - Rarest Platinum - Borderlands Defender Round 1.5, 3.68% (Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel) Fastest Platinum (non auto-pop) - Legends of Talia: Arcadia (PS5), 32 seconds Slowest Platinum - Mirror's Edge Catalyst, 3 years 3 months and 2 weeks Couldn't find an easy way to check most platinums in one month/year, is there a way to do that either here or on TrueTrophies?
  4. How long is the DLC? Might play it tonight if I have nothing else to do.
  5. It also depends on the TV you have, some TVs might have decent input lag even when not using game mode. I'd still recommend trying game mode and seeing if it makes a difference. IIRC on my TV the input lag with game made on is about 10ms and with it disabled it goes to over 100ms and that's definitely noticeable to me.
  6. You should absolutely use Game Mode on your TV when gaming. On my LG CX OLED I once accidentally turned off Game Mode (apparently using Bluetooth headphones with the TV disables Game Mode) and the input lag was terrible. I've never been sensitive to input lag but the difference with Game Mode off was immediately apparent to me and the game felt almost unplayable.
  7. Well that sucks, I had planned to get the game this weekend but now I might as well wait for the physical release or until it goes on a discount.
  8. My goals for the year are: - Get into country top 50 (currently 51) - Get into world top 5000 (currently 5256) - Get an average of less than one unearned trophy per game played (currently 1.23 unearned trophies per game) Next goal after those would be to extend my trophy streak to 2 years, that will happen on January 28th next year if I manage it.
  9. The patch notes at least don't mention anything about fixing the glitch so there's hope it still works: Kena Bridge of Spirits 1.06 Patch Notes – Sep 25, 2021 Added ability to remap movement keys (PC only). Implemented fix for lost Karma. Save files missing Karma will be corrected after downloading the patch. Fixed progression blocker in Storehouse. This update also fixes previous saves. Fixed progression blocker when entering the Ancient Well. This update also fixes previous saves. Fixed previous saves with Forge progression blocker Fixed issue with Cursed Chest being locked when dying at the same time as enemies are defeated. This update also fixes previous saves. Fixed EOS SDK error preventing some players from launching the game (PC only). The Parry Counter attack is now easier to perform. Fixed soft-lock in the Ancient Well. Crash fixes. Minor audio, visual, and collision bugs. Addressed issues with photo mode. Addressed some progression bugs. Fixed progression blocker on Warrior Path. Fixed minor visual bugs Addressed audio bugs. Added stability fixes. Added gameplay performance improvements. I'm still going to pick up this game but I had hoped it would've been a fun and relaxing game to platinum instead of having to worry about hard difficulty or missable combat related trophies etc.
  10. I've just finished the DLC on PS5 and Helpful Hunter, That's Quite Challenging and How The West Was Done all popped normally when they should even though the tracker for all of them stayed at 0% so at least in my case only the trackers were bugged.
  11. Some that I liked are: Freddy Spaghetti Super Destronaut DX 1 + 2 Loot Hero DX Sagebrush Distraint Just Ignore Them Red Bow One Night Stand
  12. I agree that the price is a bit steep for a relatively short game though personally I got the Ultimate Edition. Even though that was even more expensive it was easier to justify for myself since it also includes remasters of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm.
  13. Borderlands 3 (PS5) #318 Ultimate Vault Hunter Got the PS4 platinum a few months ago and now I decided to go for the PS5 plat. I've read that some trophies might be buggy but I didn't run into any during either my PS4 or PS5 playthrough, though I didn't save transfer my PS4 save, instead I started a fresh playthrough on PS5. The only bugs I ran into were that during my first run of Slaughterstar 3000 one enemy got stuck inside a wall and I couldn't kill him so I had to restart the run (this also happened once during one of the Eridian Proving Grounds). Then on my second run after killing the bosses one enemy had become unkillable but luckily I was able to push him off the map and kill him that way so I hadn't to do the entire run again.
  14. Just got this after surprisingly few attempts, after watching a video guide on this I thought I'd never get this trophy but in the end it didn't take that long. What I did was use string to tie the left stick up and then use d-pad for movement. It's also a good idea to not get too much speed in the beginning or it's going to be harder to avoid the electricity. That being said, this is one the most frustrating and annoying games I've played. For a game that requires precise movement the controls are far too imprecise and floaty.
  15. For some reason, even though I finally got my PS5 about a month ago it still feels like it's some sort of mythical beast that doesn't actually exist. I think it's because I've never actually seen it on store shelves anywhere, there's lot's of controllers, headsets and other PS5 peripherals but not the actual console itself. In fact this goes for for the Xbox Series X as well as I haven't seen that in stock anywhere either but I have seen a few Series S consoles.
  16. I love Crusader Kings but I couldn't imagine playing it on a console with a controller, this is a game that really should be played on PC with a keyboard and mouse.
  17. I've never used folders on PS4. I have every game I've played still installed and when I need a new game to start I just check the purchased section in my library and select a game to install. If I decide to return to a game I haven't yet achieved 100% I just check my trophy list or my profile here to choose a game I still need trophies in.
  18. There's enough resources to upgrade everything in a single playthrough as long as you're thorough while exploring and don't waste upgrade materials needlessly to craft ammo.
  19. Got an external SSD for my PS5 for installing PS4 games on.
  20. I've now done a few more runs and currently I'm sitting at 6:27.54 but there's still lots of room for improvement, would love a total time of under 6 minutes.
  21. PC: Living room:
  22. I was just wondering, when I played Astro's Playroom on my standard PS5 whenever the game showed a PS5 it was the standard version but for players playing on a Digital Edition PS5 does it show a Digital Edition PS5?

  23. This was to expected, personally I never believed the game would be released in 2021 and I have no problem with it getting delayed to 2022.
  24. I ended up at 6:42 which was good enough for the trophy, but I'll definitely return to the speedruns later as they were really fun.