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  1. Nevermind, I got it legitimaly. Thanks for nothing, though, "ns2p".
  2. Both.
  3. How about "Kate's dirty sister"? Reference: (in the last paragraph just before "Testing" subtitle)
  4. I was suspecting SecureTeam10's Tyler Glockner myself. lol
  5. Yeah, not replaying Uncharted with chubby Nate, thanks. 100% is not worth it at all. I very rarely look at other people's trophies (I'm narcissistic at that, and can you blame me when they are MY OWN achievements?), but if I were the type of person who looked at other profiles often, I'd pick profiles like my own and not like Hakoom's. Just like the most interesting F1 drivers in history are the triple world champions and not the fabricated ones from the modern ages, profiles are the same. People whom play what they want, and not twelve diferrent regional localizations of the same game. Hakoom couldn't be any more uninteresting to me. I even spelt his name wrong before editing this, that's how much I never pay any mind to him or to similar profiles.
  6. I just pre-ordered Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (PSN), even though I don't really like BioWare anymore. Instead of fixing buttshots, they should have put their efforts on bringing the originally planned ending back into the script/game, and also should have focused on really important stuff. It was one of my favorite PS3 trilogies, which I lost access to when I traded the console for a PS4, so it is what it is, I got the trilogy back. Western developers are hyper lazy when compared to Japanese ones, but unfortunately, nostalgia and (game) preservation hit harder, otherwise, they'd not have seen a dime from me. I hope trophies will be easier this time around, I don't want to suffer through the whole way all over again. I felt pretty burned out on ME1 back in the day, it must still be the game I played the most, consecutively, without a breather. It even beats MGS4 at that, so I probably played ME1 over eight times in three months or less. It has been two years now since I've last played the trilogy, but I still feel like it was only yesterday. I'm torn between the official femshep or my femshep from the originals, whom was also a ginger.
  7. I hope this doesn't happen. Most of my PS4 games are digital, thanks to a lot of things (like the pandemic), and to the few whom are saying "this won't affect me, bruh!", I too don't have a PS3 anymore, but I think differently. For instance, my introduction to the Persona series was P5, and P5R is my favorite PS4 game, and it will always be, to me, what P3/P3FES and/or P4/P4G are for other people whom have been fans long before people like I. I don't want to have just ten years or less of P5R (and other games) because of a shady corporative decision to commit theft, and getting away with it because of lame excuses. They condemn piracy and other things, right? Well, if this happens, then buying games legally will not mean we won't be victims of theft, so what will even be the advantage of digitals anymore? I'm hating this.
  8. I just did some math. There are 63,950xp in Okinawa, if you kill all the low level shadows between the Lab South checkpoint and the elevator which leads to the Mara/Reaper room, and by completing the two requests I mentioned before. After killing Mara and the Reaper, be sure to kill the Shiisas in the Mara/Reaper room too, you can spawn it by going to the elevator, but don't ride it down, it is already there for you to fight it. So my method is roughly 127k every two times you do this in Okinawa, or 254k every four times, so you can gain one level between the 90-99 window in less than one hour. Today, I went from 92 to 95 in less than two hours, thanks to Okinawa.
  9. Hi guys, I'm grinding too, and I think I've come up with an even better solution than the Metatron. I have not seen this on any other forums or sites, so I might be the first one sharing this tip, even though it's an obvious one for those who know all of the requests. Anyway, consider this: Metatron gives out 15k xp + bondmaker modifier every two minutes with a maxed out Joker, party and persona, so it's 45k + modifier every six minutes, roughly. That's already better than the first dire shadow on merciless, since it gives out about 42k xp. I tried the merciless method tonight, and I didn't like it, to be honest. I was able to defeat the dire shadow twice, but I died a lot and burned through all my SP recovery items too, and melee against it is just too risky. So, considering the math, one fight against it is equal to three against the Metatron, and the latter is just easier. Plus, I also did not care about the time I lost advancing through the Shibuya jail until finally getting to the dire shadow location. I could have used all that time grinding xp the easy way instead. But I think I found a middle ground between the two methods, so here it is: get "the writhing nightmare rises" and the "knocking on death's door" requests for Okinawa, and keep repeating them. Mara gives out 13k xp, so it's not too much less than the Metatron, and after you kill it, activate the Reaper in the same room for 25k xp once he is vanquished. That's 38k per run, not terribly less than the first dire shadow in Shibuya (on Merciless), but it's definitely a lot easier than being stuck on the hardest setting. The only downside to this method is that we have to go from the Lab South checkpoint to the room where the Reaper is, and then back to the checkpoint from there, every time, and having to also put up with clearing the rooms of low level shadows between these two points each turn too. But hey, even that adds a little to xp at least. We can also alternate between Okinawa and Metatron. I usually do the Metatron when it's about to level up, then I go back to Okinawa. I did two full story playthroughs, and I have been grinding since level 73. Now I'm on 92. I've been trying to level up at least two to three levels per day, since the day before yesterday. Before, I was trying ten levels per day, and from 73 to 83 was the only time I used the Metatron method exclusively, before I found out on my own experiments what I could gain from Okinawa. Let me hear your thoughts, and good luck, fellow Phantom Thieves.
  10. Rant: I really hate sharefactory's 60min. cap. What's the point of a video editor that won't handle a full Grand Prix video? Bahrain GP - Part 1: Bahrain GP - Part 2:
  11. @DaivRules Thanks for the reply. Well, the people at #psn_down made me think I wasn't alone, but then again, there was no news about it here at psnp or at @AskPlaystation, so I was in the dark for two days, and asking about it here was the only way I found to shed some light to my issue, but it seems this was isolated, which worried me further. Do you know about those dumb "workarounds" the ISPs always have you do, only for them to be no help at all? No, I did not call them, but I did some of the steps they always suggest. I've restarted my router at least four times since the 26th, but that didn't do any good. What fixed it for me was something of a longshot which usually never bear any fruits, but unplugging the PS4 off of the energy outlet for 30s seems to have fixed PSN for me. I only knew about this fix because I had to deal with the "appear offline" glitch a few weeks back, and if I hadn't known about trying to unplug it off thanks to said glitch, I'd probably still be clueless right now, and still not online too. No one else replied, so thank you for doing so and trying to help.
  12. Since 3am EST of January 26th 2021, I have been unable to use PSN servers and third parties's ones as well. I can "sign in" to PSN on both of my accounts, it seems I can use the Store but I haven't tested downloads (much less purchasings, inadvisable at this state), I can use the browser and all, but friends list, profile and Store are extremely slow, and that "appear offline" glitch is back. Now, what I can't do is using servers. I can play F1 2020 or Hitman, for example, but without the connection to Codemasters or IOI (respectively), it means I'm not going to be unlocking new cosmetics or items, Resident Evil will not record...well, records to, and so on. I did find people complaining on twitter, but the dates don't match (26th and persisting since then for me, 21th-23th for them). The official twitter accounts from PS are not stating any acknowledgement of this, which is making me hopeless of seeing this fixed up soon, and to make matters worse, not even PSNP Forums is acknowledging any PSN issues (as far as I've tried to find any), so I don't know if Sony will fix it if it's just me. Seriously, what's going on? Another ddos attack? RE Village demo downloads? This is annoying!
  13. Thank you, sir. Phew! What about mastery, escalations and item unlocks from 2 to 1 (which would also maybe unlock H1's trophies by logging in on it)? Can I do that, or Ioi really forces us to play the original levels twice in both games? By twice I mean 200+ times, considering Escalations.
  14. Guys, the escalation trophies (Paris Escalated, Sapienza Escalated, etc...) are online trophies too. I am doomed, I just bought the first two games this January. In fact I bought the second game just yesterday. Now, instead of enjoying the story, I'll have to do escalations twice over? Because my mastery levels didn't transfer from 1 to 2. Do the levels transfer the opposite way, from 2 to 1 ? Because if they do, that means I'll have to play 75 escalation missions (five per episode), and if they don't, that means 100 missions (Paris twice, Sapienza twice, etc..., in H1 and H2), in FIVE DAYS (not counting the bonus episodes)!!! That's impossible! I have not earned escalation or mastery trophies yet for any episode of either game. So not cool Ioi, this is Portal 2 all over again.
  15. @AgentSmiz, Agreed, I don't mind collectibles, and I think I am a fan of collect-a-thons (lego, spyro, etc...), but it depends on the game for me. In Assassin's Creed 1, there are 700 flags that amount to nothing on PS. On redringbox360, you at least had achievements in this game, but they do not give you anything else, and 700 is just too much. I think I prefer games like Ghost of Tsushima, and of course, Lego and the like. At least on them, you're almost always getting something, even when some items just give you more of the lore or historical facts. Also, having the game mark everything on the map and to a checklist is preferable. inFamous and early Assassin's Creed games didn't do it, and using guides or the youtube app is ok in these cases, but it takes us away from the immersion.