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  1. Review away. Sounds like fun.
  2. Yup. I tried to describe it really badly, but I guess the plot is too unique, plus "school" and "coffee" give it away. The Metaverse is never referred as a "dimension", I think, so it was worth a shot. lol "Waifus" too
  3. The channels that I am subscribed to are as follows: English speaking channels Aarava; ACG; AngryJoeShow; DreamcastGuy; Downward Thrust; GameCross; Gameranx; HappyThumbsGaming; Inside Sim Racing; MetalJesusRocks; MojoPlays; MrBossFTW; Nick930; Playstation Access; PS5Trophies; Residence of Evil; Rozalin; The Leaderboard; The Sphere Hunter; Tiametmarduk; Tom97; UbiCentral; whatoplay; xLetalis; YongYea; ZacCoxTV Brazilian Portuguese speaking channels (for those of you, English speakers, whom might feel adventurous about trying a foreign language) AssopraFitas; Central; RafaBin; Sidão do Game; Zangado
  4. I finished Marvel's Agent Carter, in about a week or so.
  5. I am glad there are not a lot of shootouts, and there's an actual focus in archaelogical exploration and traversal. Uncharted should learn from Tomb Raider, all Uncharted really cares about are the gun fights, as if it's not "something everyone and their moms" always do anyway. New Lara is a lot more interesting and human too, and this coming from someone who followed the series since its birth in 1996. I also prefer the human enemies over giant gekkos/spiders/whatever, so the reboot wins for realism too. As for wild animals and ocult enemies (Oni, Deathless, etc...), they are ok by me as well. I don't care about the lack of dual pistols wielding either, and why would I when the bow is a lot more deadly and versatile, not to mention stealthier. Lastly, this story might be "just okay", but it certainly is still superior to all three movies based on this series. Maybe the SJW-ridden Hollywoodian culture is the one that should be bashed for releasing really awful products based on this I.P.? Just saying. The only bad things about this game IMO are: Dominguez (Konstantine was more interesting), the setting (jungle looks the same everywhere, and it's too Uncharted-like for my tastes. Yamatai, Syria and Siberia were a lot better), and the wandering spiders (I hate devs' incessant will to use these critters in games).
  6. Nope! Assassin's Creed II ?
  7. Your school and your parents get rid of you because you're a pain, sending you to the country's capital. Upon arrival, you're greeted by an annoyed old man, who's an expert at coffee making, and you're thrown away in his attic. You try to focus in your studies for the year, but along the way, you'll be distracted by all "da beautiful waifus" you'll get to meet, make friends and end up dealing with mysterious evil forces from another dimension, which, once defeated, have consequences in reality take shape.
  8. Update: My PSN ID was ShepardNMDY, because I was hyped about the Mass Effect trilogy which I had just recently bought and experienced back when I registered the account, and also because I am into the universe, ufology/aliens and other famous media like Mass Effect, such as Star Wars. Then, midway through 2019, my Persian cat Snowbell passed away, so I changed my PSN ID's name as a tribute to him.
  9. Spoiler discussion So, for those who have played RE0 and both RE2s: Canonically speaking, we can't say that the lab in 0 is still the same one from 2 anymore, right? What are your thoughts on this? To me, it is kind of a shame, because I liked the whole crossover thing between these games.
  10. Formula 1: McLaren F1 Team. Even though modern F1 could not be any more boring, this team is very dear to my heart, thanks to its good old days with Ayrton Senna, Ron Dennis and Honda. The single year with Ford ('93) was also amazing. F1 2019 Trial: Winning with McLaren
  11. I don't know, like I said, I was younger back then, and I like or liked to exercise my imagination. Maybe also because of relatability, I mean, I have American cousins even though I am not an American, and I think it is a lot more common that the UK and the US have that happening to some families (people living apart or far away from each other, even though they are related) than the US and Brazil to share the same possibility (and it still happens anyway, as it does in my family). Also, the beauty genes from both protagonists certainly "runs in the family", so to speak, I think that is cool. When I said "things games do not show us", here's an example of that: Akira's/Joker's (P5) life (school, friends, home life, etc...) before Tokyo, before running into Shido's harassment of that woman at his hometown. We also never see who his parents are or how they look like, and we are never told if they find out about the Phantom Thieves and if they were proud of their son because of it. Hence, just some other fun things to imagine. OK, another potentially unpopular opinion, when people complain about games not being 60fps or that they are just 30fps, I think they are whiners. I don't care about any of that besides picture size (res), so if it's in a playable state, I will be satisfied, and I consider 30fps to be more than enough.
  12. They killed Andrew Ryan and Father Comstock.
  13. Well, it would be Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 0. But technically, the last two games I played were Persona 5, and I "test drove" MGSV in a temp offline user, sooooo: Metal Gear Persona V? Or Persona Gear Solid? Or Shin Metal Megami Gear Tensei Solid V - Nuclear Persona Doomsday? Lol
  14. I don't know if it is allowed to comment on other websites here, but since this topic is still active, let me just say (or rant on) this: I think that site is pretty much dead. Catherine Full Body was released in September 2019, and it still does not have a trophy guide at that site (but you can find guides here at PSNP). Jedi Fallen Order and Death Stranding both also do not have any guides posted there. Resident Evil 2 remake has a guide/roadmap there, but it took nearly a year for it to be posted (if memory is not failing me on this), and it probably only got a guide thanks to the numerous fans the saga has, not because people are still actively making guides at that site. I already gave up on that community a long time ago now. Their search engine is so stupid too, like, if you type "Catherine Full Body" or "Resident Evil Code Veronica X", you get no results, but typing only the first name gets you all of the results. There is no way to filter it by typing the whole name in the search bar. Manually adding trophies to the profile at that site is also stupid (specially considering the site's own name... just saying). Why couldn't they automate it, like Sly did? Also, a great number of guides on there are full of English mistakes, both of spelling and grammar. It might not be important to some, but being on the internet in general can hurt one's second language skills (I have been noticing it personally), and that site is just terrible at it. All in all, just forget about that place. It is so outdated and far behind where guides are concerned.
  15. I agree completely, in regards to how overrated Naughty Dog is. Most of the Uncharted series is just about over the top shootouts (there are hardly any archaeological exploration moments like in Tomb Raider, plus, while Lara knows her history and what she's doing, Nate is always clueless and amateur, like... "heh, I didn't plan it that far ahead"). The first Uncharted in particular is so horrible to me, it's all gunplay all the friggin' time. It's CoD in third person, a content poor and soulless game. TLOUs is great for its story and characters... and that is all. It's not that great in other areas... we can not even hide bodies like in Far Cry, so you have to KO/kill stealthly by dragging the target to a secure spot first, then do the deed. As much as I love Ellie, I don't care for her new haircut. It feels like it is there to fit the quota and quench the thirst of the moronic SJWs. As for my own unpopular opinion, I don't think this is a gaming opinion per se, but people on Discord (and yes, even in the PSNP group) didn't like my subject proposition much. Some passive-aggressively mocked me, others... well, you know how internet toxicity is. So I guess it was unpopular enough to mention it here now: I had asked if people liked to imagine or make believe/head canon about anything on their favorite videogame characters. I think movies and even games do not necessarily show us everything, so I used to head canon some stuff about the characters when I was a lot younger. The one I mentioned was that I like to think Jill Valentine and Lara Croft are cousins, even though one is American and the other is British, not to mention they are from different studios in the real world. I don't know why that was so absurd to the attacking millenials (whom reign supreme on discord), maybe they never watched to The Parent Trap (that movie before Ms. Lohan grew up and became a junkie drunkard), and in that case they were sisters, not cousins. Maybe they also think lacking imagination is a good thing. Lol