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  1. Hi. For some reason, I can't drag&drop (reorder) cabinet trophies with Chrome or Firefox in Android OS. Can I do something else on my end? Or is it a . jso issue, or something similar? P.S.: I have no Windows OS/PC.
  2. Thanks @JIVe_____ I got all the trophies I wanted from this game, thanks to your help with the Co-Op missions.
  3. So, I've completed the first mission on my own, but if my memory is right, quests #2 and #4 have a sprinting section, and it's impossible to run with two characters at the same time (particularly in mission #2, with that blast door shutting off). Could anyone help? Send me a FR.
  4. Thanks. It still required many tries, but it eventually worked, and I got the Perfectionist difficulty trophy. I am playing it in an offline XMB account because I was worried from the memories I had of Transit Yards. Once I get the Panther and Assault trophies next, I can sync the trophies with my account I don't care much about MP trophies (in this case, Spies vs Mercs), but the Briggs's trophy is an insult that it can't be done solo or with an A.I. Briggs, considering they are side quests just like Grimm's ones. So, if anyone could help me with Briggs's trophy, I'd appreciate it. Send me a FR, whoever wants to help me.
  5. So I tried to complete it with the stealth ops suit, that was impossible. I aborted the mission, purchased combat ops suit (more armor), restarted the mission from scratch, and it still is impossible to complete it. There's a moment where you're forced to climb out the window of a moving train, shimmy a little to the right and get back inside through another window. A microsecond after getting back inside the train, Sam dies. It's friggin' impossible, there's no chance to react or to seek cover, and armor in this game is useless, because Sam still dies with just one shot in that microsecond, even with armor. Is there anything that can make this moment of the game any easier or fairer?
  6. Hey everyone. So, we have this thread, we have guides and we have video guides... But what I'd like to have is a list of the hardest to the easiest missions (to 100%). I have the 100% in "Departure Time" and that was hard. But I think some other missions might be even harder than that one (my guesses are that Corner Kids, and the one with the FIB at the parking garage are harder. And maybe the one with the golf too, since total mission time is also dependable on hitting 3 in 3 at golf). With a comprehensive list, I'd try the hardest ones first, to see if I could even bother trying to unlock the trophy Could anyone here elaborate such a list, please? I hate this, it makes the game too repetitious.
  7. Will do, although I don't expect to play PS3 games anymore after I finish TBoGT. By the way, I did take the step. I thought I had lost my PSNP account, but it just needed the new name to be synced up. Phew. Thanks again.
  8. @MaxieM0us3 Thank you very much. I don't know if I'll change my ID, but what you just said is very reassuring. Thanks a bunch.
  9. Thanks. 2. It has been some time the ID change has been available, so I don't know why there are little to no reports on this (third party accounts compatibility, and matching IDs with PSN by also changing IDs on these other sites). Maybe people are just not reporting back on this, but I'd still like to know of any information about this matter, I just don't know where to find anything regarding this issue; 4. I did see it, I don't know if it clarifies enough if any titles would become unplayable or not. 6. Auto-correct betrayed me, as usual. I meant PSNP.
  10. There are a few things I'd like to be sure of: - Some say one loses trophies if one changes the ID. Are they referring to (already) synced trophies? (trophy total); - If we change our ID, how does that affect "account linking" to third party accounts? (Ubisoft Club, Rockstar's SocialClub, Square Enix account, WB account, etc...). And in how many of these third parties's accounts can we also change the ID to match them with the new one on PSN?; - All I have in my purchase history is the Digital Deluxe Theme and "The Art of..." for Horizon Zero Dawn. Would they be lost if I change the ID? The rest I have are just free themes and free avatars; - I have not played any PS4 games yet. Nevertheless, would any of them become unplayable due to changing the ID?; - Anything else that I and others should know? As for PSNP premium account retention, I guess I can find guidelines in here somewhere.
  11. Well, I don't like actual mobile games due specially to their low quality standards and micro-transactions/pay to win nature. But when the quality is super high, and they don't nickel and dime you at all after you paid for the full product (like Farmville does... eeww), then they are actually worthwhile. But my favorite mobile games are not available just for mobile, and maybe that's why their quality is a lot superior too. They are: The Room (a quadrilogy of puzzle games that remind me a lot of another beloved series of mine, which was MYST). All the games are also available for PC on Steam; True Fear: Forsaken Souls, Parts 1 and 2. Both are available for PC too, and Part1 is also available on the PS Store for PS4. These two series are pretty much all I care about when mobile gaming is concerned. Other mobile games I might like now or in the future will probably also be of the same genre of these two series I love (puzzles/object finders). In fact, I've just bought The House of Da Vinci, and even though it isn't as polished nor as good looking as The Room games are, I think it will still be an enjoyable experience. There is an achievement for TFFS Part1 that I think I will never be able to get, 'cause it requires one to complete all puzzles in less than one minute each. It is virtually impossible to paint the Knight within 60s while one is constantly double checking the reference picture (which you're supposed to copy from) while also painting areas of the Knight's armor, and also with such slow movement of the brush with the touch screen on such a tiny display too. Anyone who knows the game will know the puzzle I am talking about. Oh well, maybe Google Play achievements are not that relevant anyway.
  12. Something was in my mind just now. The "innocent" children Dumb & Dumber had Dany kill were the same ones whom stabbed grand maester Pycelle to death, and whom assisted Cersei in the destruction of the Sept of Baelor, assassinating the Tyrells ? I mean, unless Qyburn did something to these specific children (which is something I can't remember now), then the children of King's Landing were not innocent in the least anyway, and the ones whom brought up these little monsters are not saints either. This just makes the ending (the destruction of Dany's arc and character) be even more stupid.
  13. I told you all in an earlier post that I bought the book 1 after the most disappointing episode for me which was S8E5. And I bought it twice too, ebook+audiobook. Now, after the finale, I regret buying it, and what makes me even more doubtful about the whole book collection is not getting any palpable reaction from GRRM (except for the one I linked here) in regards to Dumb&Dumber and this extremely lame ending from episodes 4 to 6. As for Arya vs the Night King, I actually loved it, because her path was that of death, and she pretty much stared at death personified and vanquished it, and her whole training arc paid off. Dany, Jaime and even Torgo Nudho were ruined, and so were their arcs. Bran and Sansa are the most disliked Starks, I think, and they didn't deserve power. Sansa not being friendly to Dany felt forced and unnatural, specially with Dany being nothing if not nice to her lover's sister. Torgo Nudho and the unsullied are not Westerosi, nor do they had any right to dictate the fates of their prisoners or Westerosi laws. They should had been either killed or told to leave Westeros, since their queen was no more. They just went back to Essos anyway, and after the unsullied left, even with the bad writing and all, stupid Bran could have issued a royal pardon to Jon instead of banning him to the Crows. We don't know the ending of the Dothrakis. Either Dany should have been queen (without going mad, and Jon only telling her about his heritage in the finale and adding something like "As a northman, I can't retribute your love for me anymore. I am leaving now, to live my life. I don't want the crown." to which she would say it broke her heart but it would pass, and that she respects him), or if she had gone mad (in a more acceptable way than the ridiculous non-sensical fiasco depicted in S8E5), then Jon should had been crowned king. Cersei could have been pardoned by the new queen and stripped of all of her riches, but not executed, out of respect and friendship for Tyrion, or she could have had a way more satisfying death for us fans, but in a way that also was justifiable, so it wouldn't depress Tyrion and make him mad towards Dany (this balance, well executed, would had been actually genius to pull off). What is also sad now is that Sor Jorah Mormont fought and died for absolutely nothing. I am honestly not sure if I'll still love to rewatch anymore of this show in the future, now knowing how mediocre its ending is, how unfulfilling Cersei's death was, and specially how Dany couldn't be the person she wanted to be, not because of herself, but because of Dumb&Dumber. The books, same. I think they might be just as worthless now too, specially with GRRM's silence on all of this and his supposed support of Dumb&Dumber, and not to mention the whole "the ending will be the same" bullshit talk. As for the prequel show... honestly, it's all the same. Why care about it at all, when the main ending from the main storyline has been ruined? The only thing that consoles me is that when I get my PS4, it will probably tell me and let me live, through gaming, way better stories than the now destroyed former beloved series, so that's something to look forward to.
  14. George R. R. Martin is also frustrated with the final season.
  15. Yes. It was like... "Hey, I forgot you hired Bronn to kill me...". I was thinking they'd fulfill the Valenqar prophecy. It would had been so much better, and the Euron fight scene could have been discarded as well, as they could have killed him off with Drogon.