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  1. I did have a lot of fun, I think this might have been the best game I have ever played, which is weird, considering I am not fond of turn-based combat or JRPGs in general. This goes to show the extreme quality of Atlus as a developer, for sure. The only thing I disliked were the random people (whom feature when one is leveling up confidants). I wanted to know more about my friends, not the randoms. I specially hated Eiko (the one Makoto wants to help out). Yes, I picked up my console this Xmas, but P5 itself, I had gotten it 11 months before Xmas. Lol. It was my 1st PS4 blu-ray, and now it has finally been played. I can't wait for P5 Royal. Now, I am currently working on Horizon Zero Dawn, which is also awesome, and I should finish Detroit: Become Human already, but P5 and HZD got in its way. After these two, it will probably be RDR2, 'cause I'll most likely need some realistic fun as a break from the fantasy stuff, before other titles that are somewhat similar to HZD and P5, like The Witcher III. I do prefer sci-fi anyway, so I am well served thus far. 😊 PS4 life will be awesome.
  2. Platinumed. Chihaya was a great help.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. My main worry is that both Haru and The King are available only during daylight, but the latter is only available four days a week, while Haru is available five days a week. Plus, not all days will be free, and plus the three days I'll have to waste on the cheater request. Can you clarify on "The Tower" confidant, time wise? (2 months). You did forget about him. I know he needs 11 visits. As for the twins, I will farm the Reaper during the first. Then I can rank them up for free, even though I have max money.
  4. I am in my second playthrough already, somewhere between the 20th and 31th of October, so I have only two months left, and there are two confidants at rank 0 because the story is moving on (after Palace #5), and it does not let me start them: The King (starts on 9/4, so I lost over a month of not ranking him up, thanks I think to the fishing trophy **more on it below), because the Mementos door was not opening yet for me to face the cheater the first time, when he's invincible, and now because the game does not allow me to head back into mementos before we "find out" who is the next target (Palace #6). And Haru is the other one at rank 0, because the rooftop was always closed, and she'll only be available starting on 10/30. Anyway, will two months be enough? As for Iwai, Hifumi and Mishima, they are all rank 9, Ohya is 8, and the twins are at 1. The rest are 10, except for Futaba (at 5 or 6), because of a Mementos request, and I still can't access mementos. **I had to waste time and money/pts at the pond for several days, but I made sure it was always when there were no one available. Ugh! I don't want it to be 360 hours straight (that is what three runs would amount to) . I love this game, but I want to play something else too. I have been playing only this since I bought the console last Xmas. P.S.: I know I can use Chihaya and the Shrine to advance the rank 0 people, but I am still worried about having only two months now. So, that is why I am asking if it will be enough time.
  5. So, there were two musical bands by the names of "The Wild Pumpkins" and "Killer Castor Beans", and these are inspiring me to name "The Phantoms" in a similar way. There are a few problems with that though: 1- The word I thought of using, since they are Japanese and all, is Yakisoba (The Yakisobas), but I just don't know what goes with it (a word replacing "wild" and "killer" from the mentioned inspirational names); 2- my chosen word is a big one (plus the other word I need from your suggestions), and I don't know if there is a characters cap (when naming the group). I am not close to getting to this scene yet either, so that is why I am not sure if there is a cap. If the cap is not very generous, you can suggest me any other names.
  6. Hi. For some reason, I can't drag&drop (reorder) cabinet trophies with Chrome or Firefox in Android OS. Can I do something else on my end? Or is it a . jso issue, or something similar? P.S.: I have no Windows OS/PC.
  7. Thanks @JIVe_____ I got all the trophies I wanted from this game, thanks to your help with the Co-Op missions.
  8. So, I've completed the first mission on my own, but if my memory is right, quests #2 and #4 have a sprinting section, and it's impossible to run with two characters at the same time (particularly in mission #2, with that blast door shutting off). Could anyone help? Send me a FR.
  9. Thanks. It still required many tries, but it eventually worked, and I got the Perfectionist difficulty trophy. I am playing it in an offline XMB account because I was worried from the memories I had of Transit Yards. Once I get the Panther and Assault trophies next, I can sync the trophies with my account I don't care much about MP trophies (in this case, Spies vs Mercs), but the Briggs's trophy is an insult that it can't be done solo or with an A.I. Briggs, considering they are side quests just like Grimm's ones. So, if anyone could help me with Briggs's trophy, I'd appreciate it. Send me a FR, whoever wants to help me.
  10. So I tried to complete it with the stealth ops suit, that was impossible. I aborted the mission, purchased combat ops suit (more armor), restarted the mission from scratch, and it still is impossible to complete it. There's a moment where you're forced to climb out the window of a moving train, shimmy a little to the right and get back inside through another window. A microsecond after getting back inside the train, Sam dies. It's friggin' impossible, there's no chance to react or to seek cover, and armor in this game is useless, because Sam still dies with just one shot in that microsecond, even with armor. Is there anything that can make this moment of the game any easier or fairer?
  11. Hey everyone. So, we have this thread, we have guides and we have video guides... But what I'd like to have is a list of the hardest to the easiest missions (to 100%). I have the 100% in "Departure Time" and that was hard. But I think some other missions might be even harder than that one (my guesses are that Corner Kids, and the one with the FIB at the parking garage are harder. And maybe the one with the golf too, since total mission time is also dependable on hitting 3 in 3 at golf). With a comprehensive list, I'd try the hardest ones first, to see if I could even bother trying to unlock the trophy Could anyone here elaborate such a list, please? I hate this, it makes the game too repetitious.
  12. Will do, although I don't expect to play PS3 games anymore after I finish TBoGT. By the way, I did take the step. I thought I had lost my PSNP account, but it just needed the new name to be synced up. Phew. Thanks again.
  13. @MaxieM0us3 Thank you very much. I don't know if I'll change my ID, but what you just said is very reassuring. Thanks a bunch.
  14. Thanks. 2. It has been some time the ID change has been available, so I don't know why there are little to no reports on this (third party accounts compatibility, and matching IDs with PSN by also changing IDs on these other sites). Maybe people are just not reporting back on this, but I'd still like to know of any information about this matter, I just don't know where to find anything regarding this issue; 4. I did see it, I don't know if it clarifies enough if any titles would become unplayable or not. 6. Auto-correct betrayed me, as usual. I meant PSNP.
  15. There are a few things I'd like to be sure of: - Some say one loses trophies if one changes the ID. Are they referring to (already) synced trophies? (trophy total); - If we change our ID, how does that affect "account linking" to third party accounts? (Ubisoft Club, Rockstar's SocialClub, Square Enix account, WB account, etc...). And in how many of these third parties's accounts can we also change the ID to match them with the new one on PSN?; - All I have in my purchase history is the Digital Deluxe Theme and "The Art of..." for Horizon Zero Dawn. Would they be lost if I change the ID? The rest I have are just free themes and free avatars; - I have not played any PS4 games yet. Nevertheless, would any of them become unplayable due to changing the ID?; - Anything else that I and others should know? As for PSNP premium account retention, I guess I can find guidelines in here somewhere.