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  1. 1- Persona 5 Royal (+ its vanilla iteration); 2- Persona 5 Strikers; 3- Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Remastered, which I'm still playing); 4- Alien: Isolation; 5- Resident Evil REmake Loads more, but I think I narrowed it down to the required five in a truthful way. I am sure that Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Golden would have made into my list if I had ever played them. I hope they get PS4 remasters, 'cause the PS4 is all I have to game on. What happened to me? I was never really into JRPGs (nor anime) before P5 came about. Damn you, Atlus!
  2. Same here, only by contacting PS support did I get my P5R themes and avatars. I never got any e-mails before contacting Sony.
  3. I do feel a little depressed when I watch anti-SJW news at my Youtube sources, specially when "they win" (like the destruction of Star Wars or other franchises we used to love, because the people behind it are ruining them with their communist agenda, a.k.a. identity politics), although it's fun and laughable when they royally lose (like the recent "grown men shouldn't waste their lives playing videogames" article). But unfortunately, we do risk feeling depressed by trying to be well informed, even when others's misfortunes don't exactly affect us directly. I remember feeling sad and enraged when this man lost his job at a big company because a moronic black woman felt offended by the TWD doll on his desk, which was one of the walkers Michonne kept in chains and near herself for protection. She made a fuss about it on Facebook and got the guy fired, "because reasons". There was a video on this social media subject I watched to years ago, saying that BigTech is killing humanity's empathy. To ilustrate the claim, it showed a video recorded by three millenial teenagers at a lake where an older guy was drowning. Instead of trying to save the guy or calling whomever could help him out, they kept at recording it while laughing about the whole thing. That really made me sad. Hollywood and media/"journalism" in general are a no-no for me these days, and I only hope gaming will not follow their communist agenda too, ever. But unfortunately, maybe it already has? It seems, for example, the Star Wars - KotOR remake director is a feminist who hates all men and wants or is trying to pollute yet another Star Wars product with their agenda. They have this dellusion that men hate women, yet, I'm sure there are some gamers like me out there, whom prefer a female lead in RPGs for example, because of any good reasons, such as, maybe the best voice actor was the female one, or maybe the rest of the cast works better with the female lead, or even because they're beautiful, why not? Their only reason to force certain characters on us though? It's "because wahman!". Then context, good writing, etc... do not matter, just that. So how are these going to be good games when you have morons instead of geniuses for writers? I subscribed to Disney+ and HBO just because of my mother, since it's her main form of entertainment just like gaming is ours, and because of mostly old content I used to or still love (like classic Star Wars, Back to the Future, Alien, older DC shows like Lois&Clark, etc...), from times SJWs weren't ruining pop culture. But considering things like Disney's ties to China, I really regret subscribing sometimes. I know there's always a big chance that the new Hollywoodian productions will always be one-dimensional, lackluster and brainwashing material (like the anti-cop monologue in TWD's S11), which makes one's subscription only good for the old stuff we all have watched to a thousand times. I've recently deleted my facebook because of all of these SJW BS and BigTech's links to China. It should have been completely deleted after September 8th, but I can still login. I guess it's their fear of losing accounts that is making the deletion process take longer now? As for relatives on Facebook, who really cares? They don't talk to me nor don't share the same interests, and they're most likely judgemental towards gaming, so why bother? I only care about my immediate family, like my mother, and I don't need social media apps to talk to her. Nothing ever happened to me on Facebook, but I've seen others, even relatives, being silenced/censored just because they are conservatives. All of that, Trump, forged election results, Deep State, Chinese influence... all good enough reasons to delete Facebook. I hope mine really gets deleted, I'll feel a lot better knowing not only I got rid of it but also that I did my part in standing up against BigTech.
  4. @The Titan I hear you. Like I tried to convey it to @AJ_Radio, Aiden is the character people care the most about, even though the first game doesn't sell him nor his carisma well. The other one I know the community likes is Wrench, hence the genius of Bloodline, so I know where you are coming from. I'll probably like the DLC better than the repetitive Legion. The only flaw Bloodline seems to have is how short it is. I was waiting for a sale on Legion, which helped a little, but it was still pricey where my local currency is concerned. Valhalla, on the other hand, has not been getting on sales as far as I know, so it's harder to get it. The only time I saw it on sale once, it was for Plus members only, and it was just the standard one, bundled with Immortals: Fenyx Rising, for $60. Not a good deal. That would have been $30 for Valhalla, but the Pass was still at $60 or something, so that "discount" was useless, so I'm still waiting on it. For those whom can still access the PS Store on PS3, unlike me, I bet AC3's season pass is still $30, right? 'Cause if it still is, it proves my point on Ubisoft's prices. Also, how is that even fair to the gamers? For the same $30 on PS4, we not only get AC3's DLC bundle, but the base game itself plus AC Liberation on top of that. I never got the season pass on the PS3 because I was annoyed and disappointed at that. Heck, Black Flag's pass on PS4 is always at 104 (my currency), and that's 1/3 for a new FULL game these days. And I know Black Flag, I had all the DLCs on the PS3, and that is why I'm never gonna friggin' give them 104 for a stupid Pass I used to have but don't have anymore just because I migrated to the PS4. This and it never getting a discount are just unacceptable. And if these older games or their passes are still priced in this manner, no wonder there's no hope (most of the time) for the new stuff to get discounted.
  5. @AJ_Radio Don't read me too much regarding Watch Dogs 2, the little I know from it are from reviews, both positive and negative ones (which is what I do before getting a game, I listen to both takes then I make a decision). But, there were a couple of videos that said as much, and I only remember kind of agreeing to them. Like, how the characters don't behave nor talk like real people, or how aimless they are, unlike Aiden. That's what I got from it. I'll still play it someday, as I already got it. Some mentions in it seemed cool to me, like the Knight Rider car. By the way, the worst thing of the first game are the side missions, particularly the convoy ones for me. But, like I said, sometimes you'll like it if you stick with it. As for different regional accounts, it's not really because of what you thought, it's just because: 1- I get to use PSN in English, whereas Portuguese is enforced on the other account; 2- if something like PS Home were ever to grace PSN again, I rather be able to meet people from everywhere, not just from my region. The worst part is that the free ones are always terrible. That's how they get some people.
  6. @AJ_Radio I agree with everything you've just said.I do pre-order games occasionaly, but most of the time I partake off of the sales, the exception being this year, I suppose (I got too little this year actually, just two pre-orders and not a single thing from sales..., well, except for WD Legion, last week. One of them were the lazy Mass Effect remasters, so old and lazy that even this pack should not have been tagged $60 again. Farm Sim 22 might be my only next acquisition of 2021, which is also a preorder). It rubs me the wrong way, because I and my family used to be quite well off, but things happened and life did a full 180ยบ on us, so I know how it is. Things that happened to us involve injustice and corruption from scammers and even the system, which really only exists to favor and protect the evil doers and further promote said injustice, but going deeper than this is discussing personal stuff. Expanding the catalogue as quickly as I can is difficult these days, and predatory companies like EA and UbiSoft, or even Sony, they just make it all even worse. As for mtx, the only reason I did it for F1 2021 this year was because, since I have to have a Brazilian PSNID for digital purchases, that means I don't get the coins (from the pre-order) on my American PSNID, which is where I play. But I got only enough for being able to get the seasonal VIP Pass in-game (every 56 days), as last year was bad not being able to have new items every season. As I expected though, it doesn't add fun to it, which is why I only got the little that's needed. I spend 9k coins per season and get 10k back, which will allow me to get the pass every season, without buying any more coins. I already regret this, because not only this doesn't change the game much, the cosmetics from the seasons are not always good. As for Watch Dogs 1, I will not lie to you, it is extremely meh!. It probably was worse for people like me though, because of the hype people bought it on back on the PS3 days, as it just didn't deliver. Not suffering from the hype Ubi built back then is probably a big plus for you, I'm assuming? Less disappointment. That said, it can still be fun at times. Now I'll have to re-plat it all over again though, not something I was planning on lol. I really didn't know Legion came with the first game. Still, Aiden is a good character (and according to the lore, a legendary hacker, even if the first game fails to paint him as such or even carismatically), unlike the woke SJW guy and crew of the second game. If you stick with it, you might end up liking it and maybe appreciatte Legion's Bloodline DLC more too, at a later opportunity.
  7. @AJ_Radio Oh yeah, I steer clear from mtx (with the only exception in my gaming history being this year's F1 2021, but I'll not be adding any more coins to it from the little I started with anyway. But it's...), not the sort of DLC we should ever sponsor. I prefer extra story time DLCs. As for cosmetics, I agree with you, but it's a bummer when a season pass doesn't do its job anymore, specially where Ubi is concerned.
  8. @AJ_Radio Thanks for this reply. I'm still confused about WD2's content, to this day. If there's a definitive bundle or not, for example. But I'll definitely not get its cosmetics one by one at full price, when I can get a full game otherwise. That's just absurd.
  9. Thanks, then they shifted policy recently I guess. And, oh my Gosh, Morgana!! I love him, and your avi. Yeah, I'm aware of that. I haven't started any of the post-PS3 Era ACs yet, except for Unity, but I'm already dreading the XP grind of the RPG style ones. And I still don't have Valhalla, and I have yet to see a somewhat reasonable tag on it, which has never happened, I think.
  10. Yeah, I already have Odyssey because of a past sale. I'm somewhat sure The Fate of Atlantis had to be gotten separately, even though it was the Ultimate Ed. which was on sale. Nevertheless, even if I'm mistaken on Odyssey's Season Pass, it seems Ubi's policy on DLCs/Passes has been awful on their recent titles.
  11. @BrandedBerserk Hmm, yes, they are a part of sales now and then, but if the base price is always frozen at 100%, then the discount prices will never be as friendly as they could be otherwise. I just checked something, by the way, and it's on AC Odyssey. Ultimate is still at $120, even though Odyssey is from friggin' 2018. This means Valhalla and Far Cry 6 will still be at $120 by the time we reach the year 2024. Maybe that's all well and good for North America, but $120 in Brazil is half of one's monthly household income. So, excuse my rambling, I feel it's entitled, specially if now they'll make us get every single pack out of bundles (I think we have to get The Fate of Atlantis separately from the Pass, but I'm not sure)...Ubi is expensive enough, but never really provide true triple A experiences to justify any of this. @totallycrushed Interesting, I was unaware of those, from other studios. Yeah, PSN... I know. Even Plus is nothing really special. @Helyx I try to, and try to wait for sales. Ubi is being lame. Thanks for the advice. Anyway, AC Odyssey just proved my suspicions. Thanks guys.
  12. Yes, AC Infinity is a really bad idea, it will just be the new Anthem/Avengers fiasco. I really don't care about non-single player games. But Infinity or how 'UbiSoft is the new EA' are not the subject of this post. I'm here just trying to ascertain my recent personal experiences when getting UbiSoft's games. So, last year, I got Watch Dogs 2 Gold Ed. really cheap, but I noticed that a lot of the DLCs at the PS Store still have a price tag on them, so Ubi's season pass now only entitle us with select add-on content? I didn't bother getting the rest, because not only they are pricey, they look to be only cosmetics anyway, and even though I'm yet to play the game at all, I have this feeling I'll not like it much. The protagonist is neither Aiden Pearce (I platinumed the first game) nor Wrench (review impressions). Anyway, the same thing happened with AC Origins last year as I still had to get some more add-on story content manually even though I had gotten the pass. Now, just this week actually, I got WD Legion during the summer sale, and Watch Dogs 1 came with it... minus the White Hacker pack. So, is the PS Store glitched or what? Why is UbiSoft being the only company (that I have personally noticed) not giving away all of the content with their recent games's season passes? This is wrong in so many levels. It also doesn't help that Ubi's base prices are the only ones that never get lowered with time, so even when we get them on sale, their tag is still high. I mean, Valhalla is almost one year old, but the complete pack is still at $120 or something ridiculous like that. UbiSoft was probably my favorite studio during the PS2/PS3 Era, but now this, plus "Infinity", plus 'becoming the new EA', are really disappointing.
  13. Bahrain GP S1R1 Part 1: Part 2:
  14. HBO Max made its debut here in Brazil on 06/29/2021. Since then, I've been watching to Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's pretty, pretty, preeetty, preeeeetty, preeeeeeeetty, preeeeeeeeeetty good. I thought I wasn't going to like it because I really don't think Seinfeld is everything people say it is, it's just average with a few great episodes. But this show, it is enjoyable.
  15. The perks that are available are good, but there's nothing earth shattering about them. I'd say it's not worth it. There are some great ideas from other members which were never and will never be seriously considered to be featured as cool new perks (nothing new ever happens), and the exclusive forum is the most boring and dull section of this whole site.