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  1. Platinum #8 Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 First FIFA game in years. Found it quite enjoyable for the most part, only downside is that the journey feels quite repetitive but it is a repetitive game by nature. The cut scenes were well executed with some pretty good voice acting. Overall a solid game! Looking forward to 19!
  2. I've trained mostly for strength over the years but I don't compete. I am a strength and conditioning coach though buddy πŸ‘
  3. Reading through all of these replies, I think it's fair to say that there are alot of assumptions being made on how people enjoy or don't enjoy their gaming habit's. My personal opinion is this: The perfect profile is the one that reflects your own individuall gaming tastes. Not what you think looks the best to a bunch of people that you've likely never met. Not any specific stat, be it completion percentage, UR count or overall average rarity etc. Just straight up, a list of games which showcase what you wanted to play and when you wanted to play it. Your completion on each title will likely be telling of how much you enjoyed it. There is nothing cool about forcing yourself to finish any trophy list if you are seriously not into the game, whether it be super easy or super hard. Just my thoughts. Cool topic OP. πŸ‘Š
  4. Voted Cross
  5. Haven't played a FIFA game in a while!
  6. RIME - It was free with ps+ Absolutely fantastic game!
  7. Without a doubt: Little Nightmares Also worth a mention: What Remains of Edith Finch Firewatch Sonic Mania
  8. Little Nightmares πŸ’―% Such an awesome little game!
  9. I can honestly say that I'm not sure these days which is the problem; the people (in this case Naughty Dog) who put these controversial scenes out there on the big screen, or the reaction to them from the media. I watched the trailor for The Last of Us Part II and thought it looked awesome. When the two girls kissed I couldn't believe how visually stunning the game looked and how on point the animations were/are. I didn't really think much of it in terms of two girls kissing, it kinda didn't even stick in my mind... Until it's all over the internet the next day, being blown way out of proportion. I'm just saying that I think a large portion of gamers are like me and don't read much into the controversy when it comes to this stuff, it's just that the internet and reach of the media these days is really, really fucking long and loud. Sidenote: I love Robin's Chanel and have followed him for years, top dude and content creator. Also, can't wait for the game, it's a day one!🀘
  10. Good shout! I didn't think of that. Toogie helped me reorganize my categories, so I think I'm all set now. Thanks though πŸ‘ Roll on June 1st πŸ†πŸ†πŸ‘Œ
  11. Haha, it's all good dude. No problem, I'll shift them about. I'll move God of War to the hiking category as I think I've seen a few others put it there. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Thanks man
  12. I was hoping to fit Little Nightmares into the: Make Something category as I've put Sleeping Dogs into Ghost Story slot. My justification is that I can't seem to see where else Sleeping Dogs could go and I'd like to finish it and I really want to play Little Nightmares 😊... There is a part in Little Nightmares where you get to make a rope swing out of Sausages? You have to grind the meat and everything πŸ˜‚... If that's not a good fit then I will change it? I'm also going to pick up the DLC for Little Nightmares, so that's no problem. I'm going to go for Life is Strange BTS and Sleeping Dogs first. That way God of War will be my 10th plat. Seriously can't wait! Smashing up ninjas sounds mad fun hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
  13. So pumped for this one @Toogie53!! Seems I'm definitely not alone, so many signed up already! It's going to be awesome πŸ‘ My game selection: Make Friends: Life is Strange, Before The Storm. Chloe lets in and opens up to Rachel Amber. This is a big deal for Chloe because she fears everyone she has ever cared for, has either left her or fucked her over. The start of a beautiful friendship, or is it more of the same? Who knows... Go Hiking: God of War. I've purposefully avoided any information and all spoilers for this game. Apart from the trailors, I know nothing! This absolutely has to be on my list... I am so excited to start this one! Hang out By The Lake: Little Nightmares.. This game looks awesome! I've wanted to play it for a while and now I have lots of DLC to tuck into on top! It's in this category for reasons unknown to me currently, but under the recommendion of Toogie. Tell a Ghost Story: Sleeping Dogs, Definitive Edition. Now this category was originally where I wanted to place Little Nightmares. There is however some supernatural activity in the Nightmare at North Point DLC, and since this is a game that I actually started in the previous event: Spring Fling, but didn't have the time to complete. I would love to knock this one out during this event, if that's cool?
  14. Done! Honestly didn't think I'd get the games finished in time, even though I've got a bit more time for gaming currently, work this time of year is just mental for me... Now that I'm all wrapped up, I've had the time to sit and reflect on the games I completed for this event... I've got to say: Life is Strange was just incredible! It blew me away, I was so invested in the characters and the story by the end of the game, that I think the whole experience will stick with me long after the fact. A Solid 9/10 from me. The Order 1886 was another surprise hit for me. I'd seen so much negativity about the game, primarily due to its length I believe, but I personally found it very enjoyable and a perfect length for the experience it's trying to deliver. I think it was released too early in this generation, a time where people were starved for content, when the library's for each console (PS4 & X1) were a little bare. Probably the wrong price point also. Β£24.99 or around $30 would have likely been a better choice. Either way, it was awesome! Loved the setting and the gameplay (whilst limited) was fun. Firewatch, I found it to have quite an interesting story. Some of the dialog between Henry and Delilah was absolutely brilliant. Overall though, it was quite slow paced and I found it a bit tedious with all the walking at times. The dialog and the art style made it a worth while play though, for sure. Modern Warfare Remastered, Call of Duty at its finest. Back when they gave a damn about the single player. Challenging and fun, definitely a great completion to go for with an excellent trophy list (imo). Had a blast people! Looking forward to picking out my games for the next one! Hopefully I'll have enough time between now and then to 100% Sleeping Dogs... Apparently I have a slight case of OCD now because it's bugging the sh** out of me that it's not finished πŸ˜‚ Glad to see everyone else is still tearing it up, there's been some huge efforts put in and it's been fun to read through!
  15. I'm in if there is still room! Will post my game choices after wrapping up Firewatch, hopefully this weekend πŸ‘ŒπŸ†