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  1. So pretty interesting to anyone who didn't know (I didn't until recently), but: Firewalk from Life is Strange Before The Storm are actually a pretty awesome little punk band from Wales called Pretty Viscous. Another Pretty Awesome Track:
  2. First bought a PS4 this year, so I guess this is just my first year in review 😊 426 130  47 12 2018 was a fairly productive year with gaming. Was very busy with work and family so I take what I can get when it comes to gaming time 😁 Anyways: Best Games - Titanfall 2 - Horizon Zero Dawn - BioShock - Spider-Man Honourable Mentions: Modern Warfare Remastered, Life is Strange, Life is Strange Before The Storm and RIME. Dishonourable Mention: - Jak II Its not so much that it's a bad game, I wouldn't know because I used debug mode to quick pop the platinum. Hence why it's a dishonorable mention, because I'm sure it's a great game that deserves a proper play through. At the time I only had one plat and I wanted a quick boost. Everything else I played last year, I enjoyed. But then again, I didn't play that many games 😂 Goals for this year: Aiming for 30 That will be an increase over this year's 12 so bring it on!!
  3. #12 - Horizon Zero Dawn Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Really did enjoy this one over the Christmas period. Looked amazing on my 4k OLED and the gameplay was pretty solid. Kind of reminds me of the Arkham games (bare with me); the combat is as simple as you need it to be, yet the depth is there. You could probably get through the game on the lowest difficulty just spamming arrows and not putting too much thought into it. Or you can play on a harder difficulty and play a far more tactical game, utilising more weapons and ammo types. The depth is there which is highly rewarding for those who seek a slightly more challenging experience. Overall I'd give this game a rock solid 8/10 to match my enjoyment factor. The story is good, the game is beautiful and only a few things hold it back from a higher score imo. The characters seem a bit robotic/emotionless at times, especially during the cut scenes and the pacing was slightly off throughout parts, again just my opinion. Also, I enjoyed The Frozen Wilds DLC more than the main game! The new enemies are awesome and the snowy setting is gorgeous! I really enjoyed learning about the Banuk. I just need to go back and do an Ultra Hard play through to mop up. Will likely polish off a couple games that I got for Christmas and then jump back in. Really looking forward to it!!
  4. little Nightmares - Got the 100%. Considering there isn't a platinum, I guess this won't count. But, neither will my other selections lol. Anyways, this game; I found myself completely immersed in its creepy but beautiful little world and also found myself continuosly watching and reading content to do with the game long after completion. OlliOlli - Played it on xbox. Rad soundtrack and I just seem to love that "in the zone" going for high scores kind of gameplay loop. So addictive and fun! Cuphead - Played it on xbox. Stupidly gorgeous art style and music. Ridiculously tight and solid gameplay. Very talented developers. I've found myself really craving these kind of games recently. I feel like they offer so much bang for your buck; if you're looking in the right places. Really looking forward to picking up a few more games that would make these kind of threads, top of my list are games like Hollow Knight, Dead Cells and Dust: An Elysian Tale.
  5. Yeah it's my bad on that one. I'm not really used to RPG style games so I've really just focused on the main quests, intending to get stuck into the side content afterwards. The lack of time has just ended up with me not noticing how much have missed until now (been playing 45 minutes to 2hr burst here and there). I didn't even think I was very far into the game but it seems I'm over half way through the main questline? Going to slow down and work through the side content for a while now. Should get some good game time in over the weekend!
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the posts.Will go to the hunting grounds a grind up for a few levels, then hit the side quests before continuing the main story! 👍
  7. As the title says... So I've just defeated the Deathbringer at the end of the quest: The Grave Hoard. That fight levelled me up to a whopping level 13 😂... I think I may need to grind somewhere to get my level up? Any recommendations on a good location or method to grind? I've been rushing through this game and no doubt have missed a lot. I haven't had much time to play the last week or so, so I have just been focusing on the main questlines and pretty much ignoring everything else. I'm not too familiar with this kind of game (RPG I think?) and upon having a quick Google it looks like I should of done some side stuff to level up along the way. The game is fairly manageable still, I'm only playing it on normal but I'm assuming it's going to keep getting harder if I don't level up! Thanks in advance for any replies!
  8. Started playing Spyro on X1. Kind of regret it because the achievement list is all three games compiled into one. Even though I'm not a completionist, I have some OCD tendencies and I feel compelled to complete the whole thing at once.. If I had of fired this bad boi up on PlayStation; I could of platted Spyro 1 and then deleted the other two off my trophy list until I fancied playing them! Nothing wrong with the collection at all, it's awesome... Just sooo much I want to play at the moment that it would of been nice to play other games in-between.
  9. Tune is 🔥
  10. Platinum #8 Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 First FIFA game in years. Found it quite enjoyable for the most part, only downside is that the journey feels quite repetitive but it is a repetitive game by nature. The cut scenes were well executed with some pretty good voice acting. Overall a solid game! Looking forward to 19!
  11. I've trained mostly for strength over the years but I don't compete. I am a strength and conditioning coach though buddy 👍
  12. Reading through all of these replies, I think it's fair to say that there are alot of assumptions being made on how people enjoy or don't enjoy their gaming habit's. My personal opinion is this: The perfect profile is the one that reflects your own individuall gaming tastes. Not what you think looks the best to a bunch of people that you've likely never met. Not any specific stat, be it completion percentage, UR count or overall average rarity etc. Just straight up, a list of games which showcase what you wanted to play and when you wanted to play it. Your completion on each title will likely be telling of how much you enjoyed it. There is nothing cool about forcing yourself to finish any trophy list if you are seriously not into the game, whether it be super easy or super hard. Just my thoughts. Cool topic OP. 👊
  13. Voted Cross
  14. Haven't played a FIFA game in a while!
  15. RIME - It was free with ps+ Absolutely fantastic game!