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  1. The main game shouldn’t be a problem. The dlcs are definitely harder to get because of the specific conditions.
  2. It’s been awhile since I played this game but as I remember correctly if there are 4 Ballons straight when you start it’s good... then after the corner I stayed right side and then crossing over to the end left. The controls are really annoying. Good luck 🍀
  3. I agree with maxijodi in his statement.. just because people use games like this to raise their stats doesn’t mean they are bad or whatever. If you don’t like it don’t play it.
  4. Mgs4 nice 👍
  5. Really nice checklist of games and fluid to read your reviews. Mfg 😄
  6. Skyrim I would like to have 😄
  7. I have done the mp mode now and it was still pretty full of people. Cheers
  8. Yes you can , but online is faster and easier since it’s even developing when you are not playing.
  9. I think the list is good. Not much Grind and some side stuff so pretty relaxing to Play and enjoy the Game 😄
  10. Street fighter 5
  11. I try to finish the game I start before going onto new one. When I started trophy collecting I had a completition of around 40 percent and I cleaned them up the last 2 years and have little over 90 now.. so it’s working for me.😄 cheers
  12. None sofar. Mk9 is grinding atm but i will take my time to get it done. When Iam bored I play another game. I think have a variation of genres will not make you burning out of grinds.
  13. For me it was 5 h and i don’t know how many try’s 🙈 but finally made it in 15 sec... thx for sharing your runs. It has been helpful to me. Cheers
  14. I ve watch some videos on you tube and of course it has take some more try’s to win... but it’s doable... head in the cloud trophy was more annoying because a pivot was in a house 🙄 good Luck 🍀 cheers
  15. Hello 👋 Iam working at it atm sofar it’s enjoyable to play this. I will try later survival+ . Let’s see how many try’s I will need 🙈. 7th try I got it 😄 has take me 4h