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  1. I guess it’s been 30 years by me 😅. Gameboy was the Start , then snes , ps1 to ps 4. still a great Hobby for relaxing at home 😊 cheers
  2. I played it in the end of 2018 and it was no problem to get it done pretty fast. Of course it takes awhile but opening a lobby and people have joined fast. For the grind to 55 when playing it the normal way it’s kinda enjoyable with different people imo.
  3. If you want to get the mp trophy’s then better not wait until last day...I recently boosted the game and it takes some hours.. all races and the grind to wanted trophy has take me around 25 hours. As mentioned above the fly the coop trophy is not that easy. Good luck 🍀
  4. I enjoy collecting trophies and they are giving me an extra goal to achieve. I play games which interest me so i have not forced myself to complete it, of course there are some boring mindless stuff like mk9... but it’s still nice to get it done 😄. I am not so long into trophies and when I started I had a 40 percent completion and slowly it was getting up to over 90. would be nice to keep it that way. As for gaming time Iam 36 , working around 50 hours a week, a not in games interested girlfriend, still having time to enjoy it. 😄 cheers
  5. DENNIS330bmw Grand Theft Auto IV These games can be disputed:<br /> Grand Theft Auto IV • Reason: Time stamps for multiplayer trophies suggest that these trophies were not earned, but cheated to achieve.<br /> <br /> Hello everyone. I would like to dispute this flag. I guess it’s because I ve got wanted and then fly the coop minutes later. I needed only hangman noose for the trophy and when I ve got wanted. I ve invited another friend and with 3 people we have done the mission in time. Hope that explains it. Thx for looking into it. Greetings
  6. Gta 5 is really a nice one 😀
  7. The removal team are doing it for free and have a life aswell... they will look into it when they have Time... and about premium members ,they get the same treatment as everyone else no worries about that 😅
  8. The main game shouldn’t be a problem. The dlcs are definitely harder to get because of the specific conditions.
  9. It’s been awhile since I played this game but as I remember correctly if there are 4 Ballons straight when you start it’s good... then after the corner I stayed right side and then crossing over to the end left. The controls are really annoying. Good luck 🍀
  10. I agree with maxijodi in his statement.. just because people use games like this to raise their stats doesn’t mean they are bad or whatever. If you don’t like it don’t play it.
  11. Really nice checklist of games and fluid to read your reviews. Mfg 😄
  12. Skyrim I would like to have 😄
  13. I have done the mp mode now and it was still pretty full of people. Cheers
  14. Yes you can , but online is faster and easier since it’s even developing when you are not playing.