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  1. I got my Community Ambassador trophy last week, funny thing i only did 18 events
  2. I also need need them. I was reading the guide today and the site was terminated 2 days ago, talk about bad luck! Any help is deeply appreciated.
  3. It's World Wide.
  4. This is a mini guide for the “Safety First” trophy. I found the descriptions to achieved said trophy a bit confusing, maybe im getting older and stupid, so i aim to make a clean description how to get this trophy in a fast orderly way. You'll need a boosting partner, no other way around it! Important Settings Realism Settings – Damage Type – Set to Full Damage Rules & Regulations – Competitive Racing License – ON (this way you also work for the Lincenses trophies) Opponent Setting: Maximum Grid Size – 8 Maximum Human Opponents – 1 Fill With AI Opponents – ON Opponent Skill Level – 50 (default value) Opponent Aggression – Max Caution (I think this is the default value) Opponent Field Type – Same Class Track – Knockhill Tri-Oval Laps – 20 Vehicle Select – You can select any ca you like, i don't recommended vintage cars, because they slow down the process, or WRX cars because they drift really easy and you can crash into other cars and you don't want that. Now you just need to invite your boosting partner into the session and start racing. With 20 laps you both should progress really fast, i got the trophy with 20 races while making experiences, registered time 3h35m, 1h iddle time in menus. The most important part is this, it doens't matter if you finish last, just don't hit the other cars and ride in pack, that's why 8 cars is enough, even if you stay last you stay close enough to be safe. Important tip, at the end of the race, the host will hit X to return to the Lobby, TELL YOUR PARTNER THAT HE DOESN'T NEED TO HIT ANYTHING, or you'll have to set the lobby again!!! Hope it helps! English is not my first language. Tell me if i need to be clearer. The Licenses trophies seem to be glitched in a good way, i unlocked the 50 races at 42 races
  5. Just registered right now to thank you for this amazing work! For raising awareness to people that can try to plat this amazing game. Thanks man!