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  1. And it's over 33% of my monthly data. I bought FFXV on release and its size was something around 40 GB, a year later it became 70 GB because of all the dlc's although I don't own any of them. Come to do the math with my limited internet and it's better for me now to buy the retail version than re-downloading my own game.
  2. Yea like I care if you downvote me. Pleaaaaaaase. You and the other and the bunch who upvoted your replies are all idiots. Crypt of the Necrodancer difficulty is 10/10. Can this site make it less for you ? Obviously there are shoes in your heads no brains.
  3. The trophy guides include the author's experience with the game too. He may give you easy ways to tackle difficult tasks in the game. I'm talking in general: if something is gonna ease the difficulty of some trophies then it's cheating. You guys will never run out of ideas: online trophies, collectible guide, trophy guide and now farming kills and video guides for puzzle games. Farming kills on checkpoints: Will it ease getting a trophy or just make getting it faster ? Farming kills for me is just like collectibles, no difficulty involved .. just numbers. Guide for puzzle game: Will it make the game easier ? Diffidently or probably .. then it's cheating, and the first person you cheat is yourself. Video guide: Is just like any other guide, yes videos are available to aid you but you're the one who is going to perform the action. It's not gonna make, for example, a 10/10 difficult platinum an easily achievable one. Platinum video guide (that's a walkthrough for the whole game till you get platinum): Same, though this will make you an imitative person but it's not cheating. Really guys who cares about collectibles or video guides for puzzle games ? I'm sure psnprofiles rules doesn't include any of that.
  4. Of course it's cheating, you gonna call that legit ? Like someone who lies a lot till he starts believing his lies. I boost online trophies, so I'm a cheater and we all cheaters except for those who don't boost. Why do we delude ourselves. I say exploits fall in the middle region of the Cheating-Legit scale, depending on your effort but if we're gonna go like it's either this or that then Legit is legit. Using a trophy guide: it's just a guide (source of info about the game trophies) no more, and "collectibles" who really cares about them, they're just there in case you're having fun searching and exploring.
  5. Yep this is exactly what I meant. The most important thing for me is: Legit is Legit. When you exploit something in the game design then you have cheated. You're not equal to someone who did the same thing legitimately, but who really cares ? People nowadays use so many ways to cheat: game saves, modded saves, controllers made exclusively for cheating, ..etc. Personally I can hardly appreciate someone's achievements unless he has so many difficult trophies or he has a video showing his work.
  6. So we got two words "Legit" and "Cheating". If we draw a line and on one end we write "Cheating" and on the other end we write "Legit", and depending on your effort this exploit can be considered either legit or cheating, then this one is much nearer to "cheating" since you did almost nothing to achieve the trophies. I'm not against exploits at all. I have a very long experience in video games and I always try to exploit things in games (on my own, not looking at YT videos or anything) but if I used a glitch I don't consider my self like someone who didn't use any "exploits". Let's be honest and fair .. games like Uncharted Remaster and for example Dead Space 2 are pure hell on the highest difficulty. I'm not equal to someone who have done them without using any glitches/exploits.
  7. So many games I'm avoiding now because of all the reasons one could think of: longevity, difficulty, a lot of glitched trophies, huge platinum projects (in terms of knowing a game and how to get its trophies) ... etc. I'm not giving up on any but the main reason why I'm avoiding a lot of games is because of my huge backlog (300+ games) that I never touched .. some games I bought years ago and didn't even download yet. All because of a very bad OCD that makes me delete all my work for really "silly" reasons. Like one time I deleted my profile because I thought Tomb Raider 2013's online is shit and therefore I'm gonna boost all trophies right away but then I regretted popping all trophies at the same time 😔 Hope now I'm recovered from it after taking a long break from trophy hunting.
  8. If everyone is cheating to get the speed run trophies in UC series for example, why wouldn't I do the same too ? Why others earn it easily and I make it hard on myself ? But I'll tell you when I do it I'm actually not happy, because there's no longer a sense of challenge. Using debug mode in Jak series, on the other hand, is going too far from just using exploits and glitches .. it's like hacking the trophies, so I would never do that.
  9. Would it be faster (and perhaps less tedious) if i speed run the story and kill the last boss at low level (say level 40) and then start NG+ at level 90 and get the rest of trophies ? I remember leveling up the characters to level 99 to be a painfully slow process.
  10. For this game specifically I said if it got anything less than 85 on metacritic, I will not buy it. Not a fan of collectibles games and shitty multiplayer games .. I liked TR 2013 only because of how smooth the movement was. I don't know if this site is run by staff from Sony and other gaming companies but reviews are not completely useless, it give you at least a general idea about the product you're going to pay for. So yeah I respect the general opinion of others and Metacritic scores may turn me off from buying games I don't know much about or I don't like.
  11. If you wish, use this site: to sort lists easily.
  12. I lose 80 Riyals every time I re-download FFXV which is 80 GB (not including DLC's) .. approximately $22 US dollars. Game size increases each time they add a new DLC. So imagine if it's digital only, I'd pay another $22 each time I wanna play it again.
  13. FFXV (standard edition) removed from store and will never be brought back again, that's what one of Sony support team told me.
  14. Only if you're an F1 fan, otherwise you're mostly not gonna like it. The controls are different than other racing games, and for me the game is a little boring because of the many screens you go through and loading times till a race begins. The big difference between F1 and other games is that you need to know the turns very well cause the braking is very sensitive (The formula is very fast, so if you hold your brake for too long, you'll be left behind) and most of the time when you turn you think you're gonna get out of track boundaries so you slow down, then you realize you're far from getting out of boundaries. Add to that how easily can other drivers screw you over and cost you the race without getting any penalties and just wonder how F1 2017 got an amazing score of 89 on metacritic. If you want to play the game solely for trophies, it is just grindy nothing too bad. Winning 4 online races is easy against 1 other person.
  15. ✔ Yes ✘ NO ✔✘ Not really So to which category do I belong ? 🙃 I play all games regardless of length/difficulty or if they have got a plat or not. I don't even care if the game is shit (I enjoy even the shittiest of games 😖) I don't buy a game I played before unless I really liked it and it's been too long since I last played it. I don't buy DLCs because they're usually too pricey for little content.