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  1. I know it yes, I meant Classify cheater
  2. So will I stay in the cheating leaderboards? because many people seem to say that the discrepancies between my last trophy and platinum can happen
  3. I can understand for other people. afterwards i'm just trying to explain what is really going on, other people might not be doing it. and since 2016 my dates for obtaining turntables are correct. It's up to you to decide if I can come back or not in the ranking of your site if I would have cheated I would have done it for all my decks when it is not at all the case. I'm just saying what's really going on
  4. For Minecraft I made the games on 2 consoles but I had not synchronized the first console. and for the other games that you say it was not me who made them and when he had made them it was already too late it was for his that I had them hide. So could I come back in the rankings even if I hide all the games you find suspicious?
  5. Alessandro54 The Godfather II The platinum of the games falls only 7 seconds after the last. These are PS3 bugs. I don't see why they say that I edit the dates of the tropher.
  6. Thank's for guide
  7. to have the trophy finish you have to play level 20. if you do like him on his video and you skip all the trophy does not fall. suddenly play level 20 you just have to go around in circles and the trophy will fall when the credits
  8. I asked to join the crew
  9. around a week
  10. I have just reached 20,000 kilometers. I note my advance on a piece of paper
  11. Version VR, 11 january Store European