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  1. Hello i was wandering if i mange to get the platinum of hitman 3 in ps5 , will i get instant platinum on ps4 ? Regards
  2. i tried the proxy but still downloads the the latest version any tip how to download without the patch ? regards
  3. hello how did you mange to play the game without the patch ? regards
  4. Hello Can we use our ps4 save data in the special edition in ps5? Regards
  5. Hello i tried with method 1 to downgrade death's gambit , and it downloads most recent update ( 1.08 ) does anybody how downgrade this game ? regards
  6. Hello i looking for 5 players to do trophy boosting of this game EU or NA PSN ID: LazyFaisal Regards
  7. hello can anyone tell me how to get " Resonant Power " ? regards