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  1. Would love to have nostalgia from my tv shows. But i can’t get into doing like 50 online matches…
  2. AC Unity. When you’re literally doing all the Sync in Paris before even starting Sequence 2 lmao. Might go for all the collectibles that I can get right now since I get lock pick anything yet.

    1. zizimonster


      I enjoyed this game despite the fact that it has an abundance of collectibles. xD

  3. Time to start AC Unity. Yay more collectibles.

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    2. AK-1138


      You have my sympathies. Everything that's bad about AC is in there, with precious little of any of the good to balance it out. I'd recommend it to precisely nobody.

    3. DrBloodmoney


      @AK-1138 That’s ACIII you’re thinking of 😜

    4. Copanele



      Best parkour out there and quite some good graphics BUT!

      Best of luck with collectibles and the wonky sneak mode....

  4. I played on hard mode to practice for Masters and made it all the way to the last two boss. I can say it’s not that hard to get there. But the final bosses are just an absolute nightmare. The AI is just built to screw you over. I eventually gave in and just went to a lower difficulty. Couldn’t even imagine how hard Masters would be. So I used the exploit lol.
  5. Platinum 184 Kena: Bridge of Spirits One of the best games I’ve played so far on PS5. Right next to Demon’s Souls. This game was an absolute beauty. The amount of dedication the developers at EmberLabs put into this game gives me high hopes for their future titles.
  6. Platinum 184 Kena: Bridge of Spirts - Let me say first. Yes. I used the exploit for Masters. The AI for the final boss is retarded on hard. Masters would kill me. 

    Other than that. I absolutely loved the game. The graphics and story were amazing. I really want a plush Rot in my life. They’re so cute. I’m extremely proud of EmberLabs on their first game. They put some serious passion in this game. Loved it all the way.

  7. snip Oh. Thought this was a forum question. Lmao


    Even better since they’re always around you even on the cliffs or in the furniture. Love the incorporation of them.

  9. Platinum #183 Assassins Creed Rogue. I enjoyed playing the game as a Templar and being able to control another ship was also enjoyable. I look forward to Unity. But I’m probably gonna go play Kena Bridge of Spirits as I’m looking forward to that.

  10. Is it a mandatory 2x play throughs or can you just start on the hardest difficulty. Honestly. I’m rooting for this game for either GOTY or best Indie Game/Art/Music. So I don’t mind playing twice either way. I want to enjoy this game. Very rare to see a development team actually put passion into their games.
  11. Finished AC Rogue campaign. Assuming the two kids at the end have an importance in Unity. Makes no since to tell me two kid names for no reason. Other than that, got a few collectibles and full sync missions to go to platinum. 

    Also reached 6,000 trophies even tho the forum hides 5 trophies that I can’t find lmao.

  12. Sucks i have to get up early tomorrow. Or I would play all night when it comes out in 2 hours. Been waiting for this since they announced it.
  13. Why I said average. No all are like that.
  14. Should make a trophy checklist thread for myself one day. Seems useful for other people lol

  15. About like 7 of these pages is just people hating R* or posting the same R* ticket response… nothing useful for people actually wanting info lmao.