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  1. I know I’m gonna hate myself. But started playing Dark Souls Remastered. Loved the PS5 Remake of Demons Souls, so I finally decided to fully dive into the Souls genre. 

    let the rage fest begin again. 

  2. Loved Tiny Tinas character. I’m just about to play the DLC based on this game. Weird seeing a full game now. Can’t wait lol
  3. Battlefield was a multiplayer game before it even had a campaign... if they had a longer campaign time, woo. Can’t remember a damn thing I did In any of them, they were all pretty shitty compared to COD. But If you seriously think COD is more realistic than Battlefield than I need a smoke what ever joint you’re having. Gameplay wise, Battlefield is severely more realistic than COD. Military wise, Battlefield is still more realistic than COD. Yeah Battlefield has some non realistic stuff, but at least I don’t see myself dropping a nuke on myself after getting 30 kills and calling that realistic... or running down 3 lane pathway maps and camping on the staircase on Nuketown and calling that realistic military strategy. Story wise, yeah COD is more realistic unless you count the War Stories as they are as real as they get when the events used actually occurred. For real though. It’s an arcade game. It’s meant to be fun, not a sweat lobby like Modern Warfare 2019 turned into. People wanted bigger maps and more options for MW19 and hated it when people just camped with claymores and 725 At least with Battlefield I have options than just camping. Least In BF I don’t have to hear kids screaming in my ear. Just have my 4-5 friends squad up and have a good time in our squad. is it worth $70, we shall see when gameplay comes out. Lol
  4. Battlefield doesn’t care much for Campaign. We really haven’t had a campaign since 4 (if you ignore war stories) and I barely remember it. It’s all about multiplayer with them. Which is good as this is easily another 100+gigs with how big these maps are. I believe they’re also going the live service option, meaning this game will have a long life span.
  5. Too Silly? Have you played BF3 or 4? This trailer literally screamed Only In Battlefield with key references from their previous games such as using a quad bike to take down a Little Bird, or shooting a Jett with a SMAW. This game is an Arcade shooter. Glad they went back this route instead of what COD has been doing. it’s supposed to be fun.
  6. I’m not sure if this goes here. But I was looking at my profile and noticed that my rarest trophy is a gold and not the platinum... it’s the same game and isn’t DLC. Not sure what happened and if this is even possible. They’re both at 0.33%, but Turophile, (A++ all Cheese levels) is higher than I am Bread (Platinum). is it just a glitch since they’re both 0.33?
  7. You do not have to use a sword. I punched a drown with my fist and still got it
  8. Heh. Minecraft has two lists now. Finished the new list though. Hoping for more when the full update actually comes out.

    1. KingGuy420


      I’m pretty excited for the full update. Not even gonna bother with this one till then.

  9. Looks like you figured it out.
  10. Minecraft Dungeons: Finished the new Hidden Depths DLC to bring the game back to 100%. Also managed to be 8th fastest to 100% lol won't last long I would assume.

  11. Gonna start playing One Pieces PIrates Warriors 4. Anything I should keep an eye on while I play? Shows a 50% rarity, so I’m assuming nothing to difficult. Haven’t played a one piece game in awhile, so looking forward to playing lol

    1. SKiL_Clash


      Really said pieces... ok lol

  12. Platinum #177 Subnautica Below Zero. Absolutely loved this sequel. It wasn’t as scary as the original, but exploring more of the Architects past and learning more about the world is very enjoyable. 

    I feel bad for anyone who used developer mode just for a few golds. Missed out on a good game and story. 

  13. I’ve been considering it since the next BF is most likely Modern. if any chance to get DLC trophies it would be now. As I wouldn’t be surprised if BF4 completely dies when everyone who likes modern goes to that game.
  14. Forgot the third got remastered. Need to go play it lol. I’ve done 4 and Gat Out of Hell. Believe we did the 3 hours together for Gat lol. edit. I was wrong lol. Swore it was you, guess not after checking
  15. Soooooo jealous of your Minecraft Story Mode, not because of the platinum. It’s because you have it at 100%. Can’t buy the DLC episodes anymore as they got taken down when they declared bankruptcy. Hopefully it comes back one day lol.