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  1. Can comfirm that the platinum is now possible. First to achieve it in NA
  2. I was first to achieve world 2 and 3 perfect in NA version. World 3 is still impossible. Sitting at 90% completion now... I emailed the company in hopes they fix that level. I don't wanna wait another 9 months for an update again.
  3. Not true. World 3 level 5 is impossible still, or I haven't figured it out. But World 1 and 2 are possible as I was first to finish level 2 perfect. World 4 I don't know yet.
  4. Platinum is impossible, don't buy it. Idk why on the ps4 it says 0.5% got it. But it's literally impossible to move fast enough to get the coin.
  5. I always hated losing on a mission as you lose so much points towards getting an A or S at the end of the chapter. But if you were to lose, just pause the game right when you lose. Close the game, and the loss will not count. So you can keep trying till you pass. Or just set a save point if you like by uploading your data to the PS4
  6. I've been spamming Deku. Seems to work fine, almost all his attacks are close range. So I can just murder them all.
  7. Either I'm awful or this does not work, I rush and spam square and it's just your basic attack.
  8. I feel like the 10,000,000 coins is going to be a grind. Just hope it's not like the 1 billion studs from lego worlds.