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  1. Can we take a moment to appreciate the hint option with the collectables? The hints show the number of collectables left and they show you were they are all in order which is a great tool. I don't need to use a video guide as the hints are perfect. More games need to step up and be this good.
  2. Hey guys, I unlinked my epic account and started again for PS5 and that's going fine. Are rare or legendary costume pieces in the store though? I can't seem it find any. The head turner trophy for me popped when I just equipped a bought costume but no the other trophies. Does anything other than uncommon or common show up in the store?
  3. The last week and a half of playing I've never had more disconnections than the rest of my time playing. Glad I'm done with it now but every other game was disconnected. Even half way through the tutorial it disconnected which is strange because why does it need a connection for a tutorial?
  4. Exactly, you can just check the cards and it'll have all the videos of where to go and what to do so no need to be looking up a guide.
  5. I didn't even check the thread until after we got the trophy, also lmaoing at "It is absolutely hilarious how incredibly ignorant you are of the issue that has affected this trophy" its just a game, son. hope you never get the trophy xoxo
  6. What are you talking about, I did just tell you. Just go to the boosting thread and find someone and get a challenge sent to you You didn't even ask if I could help you which I would have lmao you just went straight to passive aggressive mode
  7. This is still possible to achieve legit as I just had a friend send me a challenge and once I beat him the trophy popped.
  8. I hope I can just platinum it again without auto pop. I enjoyed playing fallout 4 and need a game to hold me over till something decent comes out
  9. I got the trophies, I wasn't clicking out of the costumers bit so it wasnt unlocking the trophies. thank you for your help
  10. So to unlock bargin bucket, mad trendy and catwalk model I need to go through to level 83 in the battle pass?
  11. Same thing with patterns and body colours?
  12. I got this trophy yesterday playing duos and being the last person to win the hexagon game.
  13. I don't even care about autopop, would happily go for this platinum again. What I am concerned about is having to buy legendary items or some shitty battlepass for real money just to get the trophies.
  14. I got the platinum, the map master trophy is the one that takes the longest. I still had many animals to go after getting all the other trophies. Here's some advice for anyone going for the platinum: Don't worry about the land owner trophy at all. As you build your zoo that will just come naturally. Good and evil trophies: I went for good first and then evil.(Will explain later) When planting your trees to counter the C02 of the busses. Put all your trees/plants in one area, when you end up doing your evil playthrough you will be searching through your entire zoo for every plant that you have placed and deleting them and it was just a hassle to find them all. It is possible to do a good and evil run on the same zoo which is what I did. If I had to do it again I think I would have probably made a second zoo for my evil run though. Morality things such as keeping babies with the parents keep ticking. So if it takes 100 babies staying three days with the parents to get to full good morality, but you keep going, I think the ticker will count passed 100. Meaning when you try to get the evil morality on it you will have to pump out more than 100 babies which will take a while before you start to see the morality go down. This isn't too bad because when you do the map master trophy (which should be your last trophy) you will just be needing to pump babies out as fast as you can. Building heaps of nurseries and clone machines. This will cut down the time on map master trophy so much. If you do not have animals to put in the nursey cause you donated them or killed them you can just clone more extremally fast with 12 cloning machines. Abort abort abort. If you see an animal in your nursey that is pregnant and the little icon doesn't have "NEW" over it, then you already have that type of animal and you can just abort it and keep going until they get the right one. Good playthough is the easiest. Evil playthrough is hit or miss. At one point I was at 199.83 evil morality and couldn't find the last trees and plants that I needed to get rid of. By the time I did find them the trash pollution was the issue. I can't really give any advice on the trash morality as I spent about an hour on it and it would never make it passed half way and then it magically hit 100%. At that point you can pause the game and undo any good things left. For me it was putting the pay down on my employees which changed morality even when the game was paused. I assume this would also work with plants and trees. Looking back on it I think good playthrough first is the way to go When you reach the end where you just need to get every variant of animal, you will be wanting to pump the babies out as fast as possible. If you leave the good playthrough for last then you will be waiting an extra three days leaving the babies in the nursery which will just add more time to your playthrough. Evil playthrough you can take the babies away from the parents right away and start trying to get another baby going. Any questions I will be happy to answer
  15. lmao.
  16. I understand I can just keep clicking the square button but how often do I need to click it? Does it need to be constant clicking or can i click every 30 seconds?
  17. cheers boys
  18. How do I get this to work? I read it was tied to the flamingo trade but didn't get it when I swapped the flamingo EDIT: nevermind, it popped up as a event type thing asking me if i want a sky writer
  19. Christ on a bike this shit is hard. I just cant make it to break even point where Im making money without a scientist needing a rest, a dinosaur escaping, running out of money to bring a dinosaur to life or even having enough dinosaurs to keep guests interested. Any one got further than one star on this?
  20. Did you turn your torch on then click L1?
  21. I’m looking at having a normal playthrough of each game without bothering going for the trophies and just having fun. Am I able to auto pop the trophies once Ive done a playthrough? I assume I just import my save after I’ve play it? Cant be bothered going through all the treasures again
  22. This happening to anyone else? I feel like I run for a few minutes just to get sniped. Could be the learning curve of realising I shouldnt just run into battle but I cant help it. Edit: got used to how to play, love the game now. Still get sniped but having a lot more fun.
  23. Did a mod or someone change my title? I didnt write about it being unenjoyable. I wrote about running for 5 minutes to get sniped. Im getting better at the game now so im having fun edit: changed it back
  24. Ill give it another go I guess, thank you for your replies and help
  25. Which is the easiest bonus games to play to get the trophies? The only one I come kinda close to getting is the eel one and even then it seems ridiculously hard to do