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  1. Oh fuck yes. I loved the hell out of this game when I was a kid, and I'd love to finally get the platinum for it.
  2. Wow, been a while since I updated this, whoops. Might as well update it with what I've completed thus far though! In The Walking Dead: The Final Season you meet more main characters than ever. Honestly I was pretty surprised by how many they got in this time around that actually stuck around. Maybe to some people it's not a lot, but Telltale can be a little sketch when it comes to this kind of stuff. I liked it anyway. Drowning requires you to play through the game four times to get all the endings. You can skip chapters, which helps, but you do have to start back at the beginning. Good game, if short. Conan Exiles has a trophy that specifically requires you to pray at an altar, and I'm pretty sure it has some substantial effects on gameplay. I didn't play a lot of it legitimately, but it was free, so eh. I'm still going to count it. Killzone Shadow Fall has a trophy that requires you to complete the campaign without killing any civilians, and now that I'm almost done with the multiplayer on that I'll finally be able to get that out of the way. Plus, summer's soon, so that'll give me a lot of free time. After that, I plan to finally knock Nier Automata out of my backlog. I hear it's good, but I only ever played it for a couple hours. 1. It's Summer Time! - Far Cry 4 2. Asian Traditional - 3. Blessing - 4. Peaceful - Killzone Shadow Fall 5. Movement - 6. Lady Songkran - Conan Exiles 7. Spend time with Family - The Walking Dead Collection 8. Play Together - The Walking Dead: The Final Season 9. Release the Bird and Fish - Nier Automata 10. New Year, New You - Drowning
  3. Soooo... Whatever happened with this @Dr_Mayus?
  4. I'm guessing it works for Brutalities too?
  5. SpaceCoresDad - Toaster in the Tub Maybe I'm just really good at killing myself, lmao.
  6. If you think for even a single moment I won't kill a man for a real life Disco Broccoli, you are sadly mistaken.
  7. Glad I stumbled upon this when I did! Had a couple games already from this publisher so I thought I'd get them done and hopefully grab a game for free. One Eyed Kutkh was really cute, if kind of short. I think it was for kids though. Drowning is sort of ironic to play for this, but hey, them's the breaks. Not bad though. I'd like Awesome Pea (NA) (PS4) if it's all the same. Hope this works!
  8. Valkyria Chronicles 4. Never been into JRPGs.
  9. Still no news two weeks out? Hmmmmmmm... Yeah I'm still in.
  10. Second game done! Spend Time with Family asks to play a game with non-game origins, and since it's originally a comic book and a TV show, The Walking Dead Collection I think fits that perfectly. Had a fantastic time with this one too. Apparently that also qualifies me for the bonus badge too if I'm not mistaken! I didn't even plan that, but I'm glad it happened!
  11. Really dude? Because of a trophy? One that very few people even care about? C'mon.
  12. The fact that it's been almost a week with no news... hm. :thinking:
  13. Finished my first game! For It's Summer Time! I can't think of too many games better than Far Cry 4. You swim, fish, hunt, help a revolution... okay maybe not that last one. But everything else I think fits pretty well. It's not quite as on the nose as Far Cry 3 which literally takes place during a summer trip, but I think it still works.
  14. I don't think you need to do that. If you have proof that you posted to the forums asking what happened, that should be enough to exonerate you and get the flag lifted.
  15. Didn't that already happen?