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  1. It's difficult to replicate all the time. Someone else apparently replicated it, and showed proof, as shown by @B1rvine (who should probably lock this thread btw). Apparently this is not enough for some people. It can be difficult to make a glitch happen on command, but someone else apparently did it. I don't see why we're still talking about this.
  2. What would be good enough evidence for you? Clearly it's not a screenshot, clearly it's not a photo, video could be edited just as easily. What evidence would suffice?
  3. Don't think I'm gonna get another one out before May ends, so here's what I've got so far! Made a lot of progress this month, I'm very happy with it. H is for Hunted: The Demon's Forge was kind of shit, actually. It's probably the most generic action fantasy game I have ever played. You hack and slash, you shoot the bow, you play in third person and the characters snark back to each other for a few hours. Had to deal with an aggravating glitch, but it was really the gameplay itself that put me off from completing it for so long. Can't recommend it, but at least it's another one off my PS3 backlog. R is for Republique meanwhile, was fantastic! I think this might be one of my new favorite games, I'm so glad I picked up this gem physically when I did. It's a stealth game where you control both a girl that's trying to escape from this dystopian facility, and an AI swapping between cameras trying to help her out. It was SO much fun, I loved the story, characters, and gameplay all to death. I'd play it again if I had the time, haha. Would recommend, though apparently it's been delisted online. Z is for Zotrix was... I dunno, it was alright. Not a terrible twin-stick shooter, but it has a very unique way of deciding how menus should be navigated, and definitely takes some finesse to figure out how to work it properly. Once you do though, it's fine. Nothing amazing, but nothing awful, and there aren't too many games that start with Z so I'm happy to have been able to give it a shot! It was definitely a good time, I can say that much with confidence. Hoping to keep up this pace: most of the games I listed aren't ungodly long. There's still For Honor looming over my head, but I won't be able to make much progress on that until late June when the next season begins, so we'll see how that goes. Until then, let's keep it up! Also, if anyone else wants a fun little chart like this I'm happy to mock one up for you. Just @ me and ask or something.
  4. Another one down, much quicker than expected! I wanted to get into Mortal Kombat 11 for a while, just didn't really have an excuse before I got it as a random gift over the summer. It's pretty good! I'm bad at fighting games but MK has been my jam since I was a kid, so I was able to adapt real quickly. It's the easiest out of the series too, so that helps. Two down! I guess that puts me at a bronze badge. #COOKWITHME: Patapon Remastered #DANCESINGWITHME: Sayonara Wild Hearts #CRAFTWITHME: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 #HANGOUTWITHME: For Honor #READWITHME: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly #LEARNWITHME: Greedfall #GETREADYWITHME: Tomb Raider: Anniversary #SOLVEWITHME: Slayaway Camp #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: Onrush #BONDWITHME: The Sims 4 #WORKOUTWITHME: Job Simulator #FIGHTWITHME: Mortal Kombat 11 #TRAVELWITHME: Watch_Dogs 2 #GAMEWITHME: Extinction
  5. If you've never gotten an e-mail for these, I believe you need to change your notification settings. You can then just e-mail Sony about what you've platinumed but never received and they'll send them all to you at once.
  6. What would make you think that? We're still two days out from release.
  7. One down! Sayonara Wild Hearts was seriously amazing. I wasn't able to get into it at first, but the more I played it, the more I ended up loving it. I even wrote the trophy guide for it that got published a couple days ago! It's a ton of fun, I heavily recommend it if anyone has the money for it. It's even pretty quick, for those who are into that. Can't wait to see what comes next! #COOKWITHME: Patapon Remastered #DANCESINGWITHME: Sayonara Wild Hearts #CRAFTWITHME: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 #HANGOUTWITHME: For Honor #READWITHME: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly #LEARNWITHME: Greedfall #GETREADYWITHME: Tomb Raider: Anniversary #SOLVEWITHME: Slayaway Camp #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: Onrush #BONDWITHME: The Sims 4 #WORKOUTWITHME: Job Simulator #FIGHTWITHME: Mortal Kombat 11 #TRAVELWITHME: Watch_Dogs 2 #GAMEWITHME: Extinction
  8. After learning some more, this is fucking hilarious. Can't even be mad. Looking forward to 'playing' this soon lmao.
  9. Strangest game I've ever seen, with the strangest picture too. What the hell is this game? Lmao.
  10. Finally got a chance to update this! The recent months have not been conducive to video gaming for me. At the time I made this chart, the last game I acquired was Sayonara Wild Hearts, so I'm finally cashing that in! I also played a couple other games that didn't quite fit any categories, but I REALLY loved Republique and wanted to share it with the world. So that's my player's choice! Not sure what'll come next, but hey, I'm back in the game!
  11. What are they even remastering though? The game came out like four years ago. That would be like remastering Dark Souls 3 or Overwatch. For the trophies though, I'm hyped to finally play this. I know that one DLC was impossible to get without the right disc copy because it was delisted for some reason, so I'm happy to finally play the full game. Not excited to drive that thousand miles though. I hear that one's a bitch.
  12. Republique was delisted in February of 2018. Apparently it was due to a publisher change and contracts running out? Either way, you can find the disc version for pretty cheap in a lot of places, so it's not a huge issue.
  13. Horizon Zero Dawn. Honestly one of my favorite games of all time, and I thought it incorporated the platinum very well into standard gameplay.
  14. Is there any way for people other than Sly being able to build more to this site? It seems like he's busy with a lot of things as of late, and there's people out there with a lot of great ideas that I think would add to the site a lot.
  15. I know practically nobody is playing this game anymore, and the last post on these forums was years ago, but for future generations on PSNP: please hear my words and don't get forced to play the whole thing over again. If you're following a normal collectible guide, you should have gotten all of the crystals up to chapter 6.5. You'll find your last two crystals in their cages right next to a dragon skeleton and an obelisk. You'll know you're in the right place because the main characters will talk about chanting while they slide through the wall. DO NOT COLLECT THESE LAST TWO CRYSTALS YET. As far as I can tell, the PS3 version differs from the Xbox version in that you actually need all 132 crystals to get the trophy, where as in the Xbox version you only needed to collect the 71 in the cages. The rest of them are made up of the shards of crystals that are dropped by enemies, or hidden inside the small blue vases. These are random. From what I can gather, the game checks how many crystals you have, then allows the shards to drop up to a certain point depending on the chapter. The intention of this is to make it so you aren't incredibly overpowered by the time you get just a couple chapters in from being lucky with enemy drops, but it's also the same mechanic that causes this glitch. Once all of the crystals in the cages are collected, no more shards will drop, ever. This means you MUST have 130 crystals (you can check by pressing select and scrolling over to your stats) before you collect these final two in 6.5. Otherwise, you will not be able to get enough and you will be completely screwed. You can still get the death stone, but just walk straight past the crystals and go forward to complete the game. You might get the last few shards to bring you up to 130 in the next room anyway, but just play it safe and go through the last bit of the game. Once you've beaten it, and you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you have 130 crystals, use chapter select to go back to 6.5 and collect your final two crystals. This should safely get you the trophy. IF YOU ARE GLITCHED the only option is to completely delete your save and game data, re-install the game all over again, and complete it all over again. Don't despair too much! Just complete everything else first so you don't have to collect the gold, death stones, or prisoners again, then delete your data and speedrun it while only collecting the crystals this time. The game is a lot shorter when you already know the solutions to all the puzzles and how to play the game effectively. Just remember to complete the game first, then come back to get these last two crystals. If you can't get to 130 but you aren't finding any more shards, that means you missed some of the caged crystals somewhere. I recommend marking these off somehow on a guide to make sure you've gotten everything, because the game doesn't tell you where you've missed anything. I hope this helps. I was just about crushed when this happened to me, and I didn't see anything about it on these forums. Please heed my words: it'll make your runthrough much less stressful.