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  1. Has anyone gotten this sale to work at all for them? I can't even access it. All the other ones work fine.
  2. I think as a runner of the event you did fantastic, honestly. You were really active in the thread, and the idea behind it was super solid. If you're worried about timing, I've done a couple winter/holiday events, and I generally keep the timing about the same. Since the "christmas month" is December, i give it two weeks on either side of it. So, it starts halfway through November, and ends halfway through January. That way people have time on either side if they get busy with stuff, and it still feels like the time of year it should happen. In terms of announcing it I've generally gone with two weeks to a week and a half ahead of when the event starts, and then allowing more people to join for a little while into it. Obviously doesn't really work when you have teams, but it's just an idea. But yeah! This was still great. Good luck with the badges, I'm looking forward to updating my signature again.
  3. Well I was right about Mad Max, haha. That game took me fucking FOREVER, though it doesn't help that this month has been super busy for me in real life anyway. I only got one game in for October, which is kinda worrying for the rest of my list, but as long as I crank it hard through the rest I think I'll be okay. Might have to dip into those backups, but hey, we'll see. Hopefully no massive 80 hour games known for being time consuming and glitchy will be getting any shutdowns by the end of the year, hahaha. At least the game I got is fitting for the month! C is for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is alright! I wouldn't call it amazing by any means, but it was a serviceable enough God of War clone, and an interesting outreach from the rest of the Castlevania story. I don't really see why they decided to portray the main character as this horrifying figure who's committed the ultimate sin, when really he wasn't that bad of a guy in all honesty. Oh well, the gameplay was fun at least, and though Paladin mode was hard, nothing was too unstoppable for me. However, did you know that the DLC for this game is TEN BUCKS EACH? They barely give you any content, just two levels with new content each (the first one technically has three but the first level is just reused assets), and the second DLC is basically one long boss battle. The worst part is, you need it to even understand the ending! It's a total scam, and definitely the spookiest thing for me this month. Kinda sad I only got the one, but I think it was worth it to knock out what will now be an unobtainable. Really hoping I finish this list by the end of the year, but it'll likely be cutting it close now. Here's hoping!
  4. Time to throw in one more for Clan Belmont. Even if it doesn't matter anymore, I'll want to help where I can! Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mythological - Hybrid Humans This is another one of those games that could have counted for anything really. I would have gone for Vampires, but it looks like Cassylvania already beat me there, and fittingly enough, with another Castlevania game. I'm choosing hybrid humans because you fight a lot of werewolves in this game, even including a werewolf boss as the first lord of shadow you fight. I did think it was weird they started with werewolves and didn't end on vampires given the nature of the series, but this is already a pretty major departure from the formula anyway. It's a decent game I guess. Fun gameplay, WEIRD story, though the spookiest thing about it is that the DLCs are still both TEN DOLLARS each. It's just three levels in the first one, and TWO in the second! Super overpriced and a downright scam if you ask me. Horrifying. This was a great event. Kinda sad everything lost steam after Mystery Inc. won though. Maybe if you do something like this again, every team who fills out their cards completely could get some sort of reward? That might keep people biting at it for longer. Maybe first place gets the PSN cards, but everyone else could get a special badge or something. I don't know, I'm far from an expert, haha.
  5. Oof, I feel bad for being impatient now. For someone that's applying to grad schools this year, this doesn't exactly inspire confidence, ahaha. Good luck though eigen, you're a tough cookie, and you can handle this! Hopefully you manage to get a break soon.
  6. Hey, soooooo... it's been a little while. Are those badges coming?
  7. Alright! Here we go. Got a lot on my plate, but we'll see what we can polish off while doing this. Don't think I'm gonna get them all, but we'll see! Well all in all that's a little over a hundred games. I'm good, but not THAT good, haha, especially with the difficulty of a lot of them on there. We'll see how much I can knock out over the course of a year though. Lots of kinda short shovelware on there that shouldn't take too long.
  8. It's so good to see so many people joining this! I knew a lot of people would need some kind of event to kick off their PS3 progress, haha. I'll post my own list soon, just been busy as of late.
  9. Well, it's about that time. The PS5 has a launch date that's very soon (as of writing this), has its prices confirmed, and a fair set of launch titles coming with it. That, plus the recent updates to the playstation store that will be making PS3 and Vita games only buyable from those specific consoles, plus the fact it's two generations behind means the future of these games is... iffy. But, if you're like me, it can be hard to even motivate you to play what you have left! There's so many great new games coming out, and these old ones seem so dated, and they'll take forever, and what have you. I get it, trust me, I've been there. But no more! This procrastination is about 15 years in the making, there's already been so many shutdowns for major games it's not even funny. And think of all those single player games! That's what this event is for. Starting now, we're gonna get through that PS3 backlog, even if it kills us. Or, maybe we'll just get as much done as you can while having fun along the way, whatever! You get the point. THE RULES are simple! At least, I'll try to make them simple. 1. List your unfinished/unstarted PS3 games now! All of them, doesn't matter if you've got a backlog 8 billion years long, just put them all down there so you have something to keep track with. If it's really that ungodly long, you can use a spoiler tag to hide it. God knows I'll need to, I have a big backlog myself. We won't judge, that's what the point of this event is. 2. Play your PS3 games! You don't have to EXCLUSIVELY play PS3 games, that would be insane and really restrictive, but do your best to complete as many as you can! 3. Share whenever you beat a PS3 game! You don't have to do it EVERY single time if you don't want to, but at least one post a month I think is a good way to keep it. Feel free to do every time though, so we can all cheer you on during your journey! Your post might motivate someone else to get that game out of their backlog too. 4. Don't lose hope! This may not feel like a rule, but I'm making it one! When you write out that backlog, or you get a long way through this and you realize you have so much left, or even if you left it abandoned for ages because you forgot about this event, it may feel like you should just give up and forget about it. Don't! There's a great library of games out there, and even if all you're playing is shovelware garbage, at least you can throw it out afterwards and say you don't have it looming over your head anymore. If you try to quit, I'll punish you by keeping you here! Or, something like that... THE DATES are right here! A deadline is always important to keep people motivated, I think. So this event will be ONE YEAR long. START DATE: November 1st, 2020 END DATE: November 1st, 2021 What will happen in that time? How many games will you get through? Who knows! Let's find out! THE REWARDS are plentiful! I know at least for me it's hard to get into an event if I don't know I have a shiny .png waiting for me at the end of it, so that's the carrot I'm dangling at the end of the stick now. There's plenty, so don't feel like you'll need to go all in just to get something. The Participation Badge is just that. You get it for participating in the event! Complete one PS3 game, just one measly game, and you get this. Easy, right? Make sure you make a post about it so I know! The Completion Badge is also self explanatory! If you complete a good percentage of your games, probably over 75%, maybe more maybe less depending on the size of the backlog, you'll get this! There might even be a bonus shiny gold version or something if you get through 100% of the backlog you posted here. The Backlog Heap Badge is for people who were really in the thick of it at the start of this event. If you had a REALLY big backlog (which is subjective and will be judged on a case-by-case basis), and you managed to take a good chunk out of it, you'll get this! This will have less strict requirements than the Completion Badge, since it's more about quantity than quality. The Effort Badge is for those of you that really pushed yourselves through this. If you had horrifying multiplayer slogs, ungodly amounts of hours in some crappy JRPG, or pushed your skills to the limit with some incredibly hard games, you'll get this. Again, it's case-by-case, but it should be pretty obvious through your game choice. The Reporter Badge is the last, and second easiest, badge to get here. If you make at least one post here a month reporting back your progress, you'll get this. I heavily recommend you post more, though. If you're especially prolific, you might even get some bonus badge of this too! And that's what I got. I'll probably make some kind of sheet for this or something if it gains traction. I just know a lot of people here need to get through their PS3 backlog before it all goes under, and hopefully this event is the motivation you need. Sign up now!
  10. Did you check your in-game stats? I believe it's out of 277 so you might have just missed one.
  11. Personally I always think it's fun to see this. The game's going offline, so it gets one last hurrah with a bunch of people who never experienced it before finally giving it a go. Some might say it's sad, but as long as people are having fun I think it's a positive. Anyway, I finished it just a couple days ago, and I'd say my experience is pretty positive. I was fortunate enough to not run into any trophy-ruining glitches, and even though it took forever to finish, it is definitely very doable. I just wish the game were a bit faster? I've since moved on to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and while that game isn't perfect, it certainly respects your time in how far you have to go to get content. In Mad Max there's just so much driving everywhere, and it takes ages to get anything done. I don't know, it's a decent game, just not great. For anyone looking at doing this, I recommend you A, get started right now, and B, turn the game off completely when you're done playing it for the day. I have a theory that leaving the game running for too long is what makes it start to glitch out, given that other PS4 games can have similar problems when they're somewhat shoddily made, so just going into rest mode may not quite be enough. Plus, you get free scrap from it, so why not right? Best of luck to everyone trying this, I'd say it's worth it at the end of the day. Plus you'll have a sweet unobtainable after you're done.
  12. I know nothing about this game, so feel free to look at any of the rest and see what it fits for it. Sorry for the wait! Mad Max is a long-ass game.
  13. ...What year is it? I spent like all month doing Mad Max only to find Cassylvania took Psycho right out from under me 8 hours before. Well, damn, guess that's how it is, haha. Not like this event really means anything more anyway though? Ah well, at least we have vampires. Would have been embarrassing if *Clan Belmont* didn't get that bounty.
  14. Best of luck! This game is really annoying with its collectibles, but thankfully it's also not very long. I've heard a lot of people miss the first one when you enter the town in chapter 1? And potentially something in the prologue? Just places to look. The gold is barely an issue though, there's setups you can find on youtube that make it trivial to get in about an hour.
  15. It's more than likely you missed a couple shards in the cages, because the shards only stop dropping at 130. I believe if you check level select it tells you if they're there? If not I don't really have a clue.