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  1. When I played through the game, and had gotten to 100%, I still needed around 30 coins and couldn't find them in caves or tombs anywhere. I had been pretty good with picking things up, but I'm pretty sure the lady who tells you to find all the tombs glitched on me and I missed out on a lot of money for her. I was pretty heartbroken as I thought I'd need to do it all again just for the trophy, but there are some good coin locations that I don't see people talk about too much. One is in the lost city. When you first go there, you're more than likely trying to avoid all the soldiers and focusing on getting the gate down, so it's easy to miss a whole lot of the coins there. They're mostly on the ground floor of the houses, and there's a good amount of them scattered around. The other is in Syria. When you first started the game, it's more than likely you weren't really looking for coins there. It's on the bottom left corner of the map, in a big rectangle. Check out the big room where you found the Prophet's Tomb, and there's a decent amount of change there too. Hope that helps! I don't know if this was a struggle for anyone else, but it definitely saved my run.
  2. Rise of the Tomb Raider. It's been very fun, and I just need to do Score Attack for the platinum. I think I'll give the DLC a shot too though, since it looks fun.
  3. Seems kind of strange that a series can be as popular as Dead Space, yet have a part in the series that has no forum posts. I thought it was alright for how cheap it was. It was very short, but it's also supposed to be more of a comic than a game I think. I dunno, anyone else have an opinion?
  4. I'll sign up then! This looks fun. I guess I'll try to spell MAYUS as well. How hard could it be to finally finish one of the Yakuza games?
  5. I'm into this! I have the same question as Masamune though. Do games we've already platinumed count, or do we have to get them during the challenge?
  6. My favorite game is probably Okami, though I haven't actually registered it on my account yet. I own the Japanese release on the PS3. HUGE fan of that one. Serial Cleaner's great! I even wrote the trophy guide on playstationtrophies, since I guess no one else cared enough to get to it. Yep! It's where I got my username. Kind of a long story involving a two-DM tabletop game, but it ended up with my nickname being Space, and since Space is the Space Core's father, I am therefore the space core's dad.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm Space! I've been trophy hunting since I was a little kid and got LittleBigPlanet for my PS3, though regrettably a lot of my progress got wiped out at some point. I don't even really remember what happened, but I had to make a new account and for some reason it says that Bioshock was the first trophy I ever got. It's kind of a shame, since I lost a few platinums in the process, but they were pretty easy, and I imagine it won't be hard to earn them back. I've already done some online stuff on this website and it has been a huge help, so it seemed only right to finally use the forums. Hello world!
  8. Didn't this game turn out to be really bad? I don't get how it's getting ported to so many different systems when it's so poorly designed.