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  1. Kinda weird that they're looking for Cock and Ball Torture participants. 😜
  2. You do not. Even if you don't have XL and it's a DLC character, it'll still show up. Related, I got all the invasion shit done on Predator! Thank god, this kept giving me anxiety every time I missed one.
  3. It's really funny. I think many people, intentionally looking for obscure answers, ended up making those "obvious" obscure answers some of the most popular. This was still fun though! Can't wait to see who wins.
  4. I DID IT!!! ...Kinda. I didn't get all 30 games done like I wanted to, but I DID at least complete the event, and technically my backups cover the two that weren't completed in time. This was a really amazing event, one that motivated me to play games that otherwise probably would have sat in my backlog forever. That said, I don't think I'll do it again next year. ^^; While it was good for getting me to play games I wouldn't have, it also felt like it was restricting me from playing games I DID want to play. I know it's silly, but that sense of obligation did lock me down a lot near the end, haha. Oh well, this was still a ton of fun. Time for my final update, chart, and thoughts! No spoiler this time, you all get to see what I've had open on my computer for the past year. X is for X-Blades was a lot better than I expected! It looked like it was just going to be some crappy weeb game, and while it was mildly crappy, it wasn't bad at all! I had to play through it twice and it was mostly enjoyable both times, and while it was nothing amazing, the budget Russian team who made it clearly did their best. The character design was hilarious too, and their original website is even still up! Amazing. S is for The Saboteur was... alright. I started this one back in June and it really couldn't keep my attention, and doing it now at the end, I see why I stopped. It's not bad or anything, it's just that it isn't really all that interesting. Though it was made in 2009, I think it's kind of a predecessor to the Generic Open World Games that would be incredibly popular in recent times. More of a GTA clone at the time though. I don't know, not the worst thing I played by a long shot, but also not the best. K is for Killer is Dead is my final game of the year, and it was fantastic! DRIPPING with style, as expected of a Suda51 game, and has really fun gameplay too! Its tight combat, fun characters, and... interesting story all come together for a game that's definitely worth your time. Glad I got this done before the end of the year, because it let me finish strong. And that's that! Guess I can give my thoughts on the whole thing now that it's over... GAME OF THE EVENT: Republique. Easily, hands down, my favorite thing I played this year, in or outside of this event. It was just so much fun! I love the story, I love the characters, I love the gameplay, the worldbuilding, it's just fantastic from every single angle. I heavily recommend you play it if you can get your hands on a disc, since unfortunately it was apparently delisted some time back. Runner's up to Aquanaut's Holiday for being far better than it had any right to be. For a swimming simulator, its story was surprisingly thought provoking and engaging! TRASH OF THE EVENT: Extinction. I mean this game is just trash, ahaha. Really jank controls, characters that never shut the fuck up, a story nobody cares about, and gameplay copied from Attack on Titan but worse just add up to a terrible experience overall. Worse, there's no really good trophy guides out there, so I had to write one when i was done with it. I like to think it's pretty well done though, so if you're unfortunate enough to own this game, at least maybe it'll help you understand it. Just awful. Runner's up to Life is Strange 2 for not understanding that in a game based around choices, you should probably have characters be in more than one episode. What a mess. CHALLENGE OF THE EVENT: For Honor. For real, I never thought I'd get this done before this event. It takes SO long to get so many of those trophies, and raising any character up to rank 7 is hard enough, let alone one from a paid DLC. But I did it! And with its storyline apparently coming to a close soon, it really couldn't have happened at a better time. I still have no idea how I got some of those trophies, but I'm proud of myself for getting it done. So glad I put in the effort, because this was a PS+ title I thought was going to go the way of Dead by Daylight. Runner's up to Need for Speed Payback because I fucking suck at racing games, but still being a good time. So yeah! That's that. Ultimately The Outer Worlds just really couldn't hold my attention long enough to complete it, especially when so many other, better games were right there waiting for me to play. In the end I think I'll just wait for all the DLC to come out before I go back to it, since apparently if you already beat the game you have to create a whole new game to do it anyway, so that kind of sucks. It's so disappointing, since that was the game I was most hyped to do on my list. It's just not that great. Sad I never got to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution either, but them's the breaks. I'll get to it in 2021, hopefully. FINAL RESULTS: WEW that's a long post. But I think I covered everything I wanted to say. Given what happened with @iXanon I don't know if those badges are actually coming, but I know I'd appreciate it at least. Hope everyone else enjoyed this event, and I hope next year ends up being even better than this one!
  5. This is great advice! I'm definitely going to incorporate this, thank you so much. Don't listen to them. It's great. Not the best game ever, but absolutely worth your time to play.
  6. I finally figured out how to work the Reporting tab! ...Kinda. Basically I'm giving everyone November for free, since I'm sure a lot of people didn't know they would need to report for the first month, or had nothing to say, etc, but I AM counting for December. The way it works in the spreadsheet is that it says "So far!" as long as you've been updating. The number is 2 right now if you've said something in December, and 1 if you've said something in November, so I'll know which people to maybe give a break or not. The numbers should go away before long though. What's been a little weird is for the people joining late: pretty much, as long as you update a month after you join, you're good to go there. After 2021 starts I'll be able to track who is locked out or not better. Just keep updating, bumping the thread to inspire others and hopefully get through more PS3 backlog! We'll get through this together, I promise. And on a familiar note, with an announcement about the thread comes another platinum! Killer is Dead This one ROCKED. It was so great to finally get to play a really good, fun, stylish game again after so much trash all in a row. It's a Suda51 game, so if you know the name, you know what to expect. The combat was fun and exciting, the story was kinda weird but still entertaining, and the characters were all really unique. It's not easy, but not too difficult, and if you know what you're doing this is a reasonable plat to get. Watching the same sex scenes over and over for one trophy got a little tiring, but that's what you get with a Suda game. I really enjoyed this though: if you have it in your backlog, definitely give it a go. Realistically, that's my last platinum of the year, so here's to another year of great trophy hunting! ...And another year that's better than 2020 was, ahaha. Good luck out there everybody. COMPLETED GAMES:
  7. Can't believe the one day I don't check the thread in like a month is the day it happens, oof. Hope another one comes soon.
  8. It's never too late, friend! Added to the list, and good luck! I got another game myself too. The Saboteur This game is from 2009, so I'm only 11 years late to the party. It was Pandemic's last game before being shot in the back of the head by EA, and unfortunately it's not the swan song I think many were hoping for. It's not bad by any means, but you can definitely feel its age, and there are WAY too many "free play" objectives to do before you get the plat. Still, after playing so much garbage all in a row, it was nice to play a game that actually had some character development and a genuine story. Killing nazis is always fun, even if you have to do it for ages and ages. Not sure if I'd tell you to go out and buy it, but if you already have it in your list, give it a go. Killer is Dead is probably next. Here's hoping I can get that done before the end of the year. COMPLETED GAMES:
  9. Updated the chart! I think I've figured out how to do the "Reporting" tab, so expect that to start being filled in soon. In the meantime, another done! And it's an... obscure one. More should hopefully be coming soon. Been working on another game for a while that I finally want to say I did. Good luck to everyone else! Snipers: Invisible, Silent, Deadly This one's weird. A European-only disc-exclusive multiplayer game that focuses on sniper rifles, that may or may not have been shovelware from a company that doesn't really make good games to begin with. Obviously it's terrible, obviously no one's using it on the public games, and I imagine they haven't been since the game came out. Boosted it with an old friend and a new one, and really learned how you can fuck up even something as simple as a multiplayer challenge sheet. Ever play a game where almost all of the "kill X number of enemies" challenges not only don't track your info, but are also WRONG about how many you need to kill? That's this game! It's... a lot. I did it though, so that's another obscure quirk on my profile. COMPLETED GAMES:
  10. Give it up for Among Us for winning two awards despite coming out two years ago.
  11. First, please stop spamming the thread with this list. 15 people in one message isn't going to change anything. Second, I'm surprised this hasn't been fixed yet. MKX is on the PS+ Collection, so you'd think more people would have raised a fuss over it by now.
  12. This is a good question! I'm actually going to say no, PS4 remasters of PS3 games do not count for the sake of this event. At least to me, the point of it was to get all of the things to play on the PS3 itself out of the way, and perhaps finally retire that system before Sony has a chance to rip it away from us. Remasters are great, because they keep great games updated for current tech, but that's not what this event is for. Congrats on your plat by the way! Speaking of, I got another one myself! X-Blades To be honest, I expected this to be a lot worse than it was. The graphics, while not great, were fine for a low-budget game made in 2007, and the gameplay wasn't too bad either! The main character's outfit was completely ridiculous, but the hacking and slashing was decent, and really, there's not much more you can hope for from that. I'd probably be mad if I paid full price for this, but considering I got it from a Gamestop for like 8 bucks, it's hard to complain. COMPLETED GAMES Shoutout to @microsamm for getting a copy of Aquanaut's Holiday by the way. I hope you enjoy it!
  13. My favorite Christmas movie HAS to be National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. The family watches it every year and we laugh every time!
  14. Hell, why not? Done a pretty good job this year. Taking a page out of a couple others in this thread and highlighting some I really think others should play, since i had fun with them. 1. Death Stranding 2. Titanfall 2 3. inFamous First Light 4. God of War III 5. Need for Speed Payback (The soundtrack for this one is A+) 6. DOOM (2016) 7. Doom Eternal 8. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday 9. Hunted: The Demon's Forge 10. Republique (Biggest sleeper ever imo, one of my new favorite games) 11. Zotrix 12. Sayonara Wild Hearts 13. Mortal Kombat 11 14. Watch_Dogs 2 15. Extinction 16. Job Simulator 17. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 18. Slayaway Camp 19. The Last of Us Part II 20. For Honor 21. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered 22. Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly 23. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 24. Life is Strange 2 25. The Sims 4 26. Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut (Also a new favorite, wouldn't you agree Zach?) 27. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole 28. Peasant Knight 29. Nextgen Sandbox 30. Yomawari: Night Alone 31. Blasphemous 32. MediEvil 33. Mad Max 34. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 35. Prison Break 36. Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories 37. Mindjack This was actually more than I thought I did, and it's not even counting the 100% only games I did. Some were good, some were bad, some were hot hot garbage, but it was a good year overall.
  15. Second to last update... has it really been almost a year already? It's crazy how time flies. Two games done this month, almost a third but I don't think i'll be able to finish it before December starts. Oh well, it's close, so I'm not too worried. P is for Prison Break was really trash, ahaha. I knew when I picked it up that it was going to be really bad, but WOW it was a mess. Really bad stealth mechanics, terrible fighting, what I have to assume is an extremely watered down version of the first season of Prison Break the TV show, it all just boils into a game that probably shouldn't have been made. It did make me curious what the original show was though, so maybe it wasn't completely without worth? I had to play this one entirely with a bootleg PS3 controller though thanks to the move. A is for Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories was actually really really fun! It's hard to even get your hands on this game in English, but I found a way, and I don't regret it for a second. The story was really really interesting, and for a game released in 2008, the graphics shockingly good. It's so easy to get lost in the atmosphere of the game, and though it was kind of an odyssey getting translations to all of the guides written in Japanese, overall it was still a really fun experience. If anyone has a strangely exorbitant amount of money lying around, hey, I'd recommend it. Only one month left. Mad Max really fucked me over with this one, since I think I'd actually have a shot at doing all this if it didn't shut down exactly when it did. At the very least I'll be able to complete the challenge, though I'll almost certainly have to dive into the backups, and that means no bonus for me. I was halfway done with Outer Worlds though, and X-Blades looks like it's going to be really quick, so maaaaaybe I can get it done? I'm pretty doubtful I'll get Deux Ex in that time, but maybe the full main list. Maybe. It'll be tight. Well, whatever happens, I've loved this event so much. I'm so glad I got to jump into all these games that I may never have gotten to otherwise, whether they were good, bad, weird, or otherwise. At the end of December I'll have one last update of my final progress, along with my thoughts overall on the games I played. Good luck to everyone, we're so close!