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  1. The penultimate update... it's unfortunate that this one is so sad. Been a lot more busy with less time for games as of late. SAW - The Videogame You know, this was a lot better than it had any right to be. I've actually watched every single SAW movie after a marathon I did a few years ago, and this one captured the spirit pretty well! Sure, it had random cameos by characters from the movies, a plot that didn't really tie in together at all, and is completely non-canon by everything presented in the movies, but it had HEART! And that's what matters. Some effort was put in here, which is more than can be said about pretty much every movie tie-in game out there. 6/10, better than expected for sure. Aaaand that's it. Yeah, only one this month, and it's actually the only platinum I got too. I'll do my best to finish strong with October though, get at least two or three real solid plats in there to make a good ending. Still proud of what I got though! On a more personal note, I hope you've been doing well. It's been a long year! Can you believe we only have one month left before the end of this whole mess? Think of everything that's happened! The PS3 store almost got shut down, even more online games have been closed, the PS5 actually got released, games have even started to come out for it now... it's pretty wild! Reflect on that with spooky month coming up; hopefully we can all finish strong. Good luck everyone! We're nearly there. Also, the badges are being worked on! They're not quite ready but we got some drafts and they are looking good. COMPLETED GAMES
  2. Yikes, only got one done for the entirety of September. Doesn't exactly look good going forward, but who knows? Maybe I'll become a machine this October and somehow knock out a ton of them. I know I can at least get my primary three done though, I've been hard at work on Dead Space 3 since even before this started. SAW is my first one down though. I'll start arranging them properly on the left once I have more than just a singular game. You know? This wasn't too bad. Brought me back to those old october horrorfests I had where I'd try to watch a scary movie every day. Not the most amazing game, but meh, I had fun.
  3. Oh this is a fun one, I LOVE holiday events, I even hosted one similar to this a couple years ago! Let's see what we've got... Not a bad one! Even got lucky enough to nab January 31st. This should be fun, I'll have to make a better list later. Just happy to get involved with this for now!
  4. Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus is definitely a hidden gem. Not the longest game in the world, but a lot of fun! Has a lot of that classic metroivania vibe and has a TON of charm.
  5. This is a shame. But, oh well, there are other spooky games out there to play. And so, MY LIST! One thing to keep in mind is that I don't think a game being horror-based itself makes it Halloween-like. I think it needs the correct kind of aesthetic. The vibe of a horror movie is a good start, but even just the overall feeling of autumn and a sense of spooky dread I think is enough. It's hard to explain, maybe this list will help. 1) Batman: Arkham Asylum - This game's always given me really heavy Halloween vibes. The dark atmosphere, the creepy clown taunting you the whole time, and do I even need to talk about the Scarecrow sections? This is totally a Halloween game. 2) Dead Space 3 - Though it's the least scary of the series, it's hard to argue that this isn't still a Halloween and horror game, what with all the body horror zombies and all that. I've really been meaning to finish this before the remake comes out too, so this is a good excuse. 3) SAW - A couple years ago, I watched the entire SAW franchise over the span of October. Most of them aren't very good, including this game apparently, but I guess I'm going to find out! Should be a good time. The rest of these are just random thoughts. Not sure if I'll do all of them, but it's a shortlist for what I'm looking forward to with this event. 4) Resident Evil - Do I really need to say anything here? Zombie horror mansion. And Wow, what a mansion! it is. 5) Bloodborne - Spooky monsters, creepy set pieces, and an overall freaky eldritch theme. Very Halloween-y. 6) Savage Halloween - It has Halloween in the name! Plus it stars a werewolf, a huntress lady, and someone with a jack-o-lantern head. Classic Halloween. 7) Undead Horde - Nothing spookier than skeletons! The idea of a necromancer raising everyone they can from the dead to take over the world screams Halloween to me. 8) Days Gone - The zombies are key for something being Halloween-related, but also the other aesthetics of the game fit it too I think. We'll have to see. 9) htoLNiQ: The Firefly Diary - This is what I mean by a game's aesthetics being Halloween-based. I haven't played this yet, but it does seem to have some spooky stuff in it, and all the warm colors along with the art style just really says Halloween to me. 10) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate - Fucking around with Dracula of all people puts this solidly in Halloween territory. You can't have him without it being spooky. It's just impossible. 11) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - Same reasons as before, but you PLAY as Dracula too! The gameplay is also different enough that I'm confident in putting both on here without burnout. 12) Psychonauts - While less distinctly spooky than others on the list, the weird and creepy aspects of the game are definitely there in spades. Everything down to the character design makes this game right at home with the Halloween crowd. 13) Costume Quest 2 - A game actively about children dressing up for and participating in Halloween. The only reason it's last is because I don't technically own this one, but hopefully that will change before the end of this challenge! Will I get all these done? Who knows? I'll probably end up swapping a lot out, but it's a good start. Good luck, everyone! Merry Spooks!
  6. I'm so down for this. Getting spooky and scary during Halloween is so much fun, and any excuse to break out some games I've been neglecting is perfect. I have a question though. I want to use A Plague Tale: Innocence for one of my games, but all of the highest leaderboard scores are 1 second long. However, this is because of autopops, something I won't be doing since I've never played the game before. Is this okay? Are we not allowed to pick any games that have autopop trophy lists because of this?
  7. Time for the update! Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate Wow. I always thought Arkham Origins was a little rough around the edges but still a pretty good game, but this? This was actually completely terrible. Obviously this is the "Deluxe Edition" for the PS3, and thank god, because I hear the map is even worse in the Vita version. I had decent hopes for this one despite the bad press, but I really cannot recommend this to even the die-hard Arkham fans. Even the story has no value, because all the plot points were completely thrown away! This might actually be my worst game of the year, no exaggeration. And I've played some garbage. Dead Rising 2 Thank god I was able to bring it back with something great. In a word, I LOVE Dead Rising 2. This was one of my favorites to play as a kid; I adore the atmosphere, the fantastic gameplay, the memorable characters, even the story is honestly pretty realistic as to why the outbreak happened in the first place. When I was younger I thought I would never have the patience to get this platinum, but now, I've finally done it. So glad to finally have this done, even if playing through the whole story on co-op was pretty time consuming. Love this game, even with the long grind to be a Zombie Genocide Master, would absolutely recommend. It's been quite the year. I wonder how much more will happen in September and October? We're near the end now, so try and finish strong! Get those ones you've been DYING to get out of the way finally complete. COMPLETED GAMES
  8. Alright everyone, with it being the end of August, this is a big post! So big, I'm going to give it a big title. ANNOUNCEMENT POST We're nearing the end now! Only September and October left, and then the event will be over! In preparation, I've completely updated the spreadsheet, at least to the best of my ability. Everyone who was missing should be on there now, I've actually filled in the % completed column, and even added in a column for pure numbers completed! I've tried to update the original number of games if I saw it change, but I am VERY fallible, so it's more than likely I missed something on all of those counters. Additionally, I didn't comb through every single post, so unless you had a list of your completed PS3 games wrapped up neatly, you likely have just a couple question marks as your number and percentage. I've also incorrectly marked people wrong for the reporter badge too, so if you see a discrepancy, please let me know! Just list the correct information and I'll be sure to update it, since some of it definitely doesn't look quite right. There's also a new column to the right! The Effort Candidate column! As I read through a lot of these posts, it started to occur to me that I didn't really know a lot of these games. What is long, what was hard, what was over exaggeration for comedic effect, and it left me worried that I might give someone the effort badge that doesn't need/want it, and I might miss someone who really worked hard. So, if you feel you earned the Effort Badge, put it in your post! Outline what game(s) made you push yourself to your limits, and in all honesty I'll probably just give it to you unless it's really low effort, haha. It makes it easier on me, and lets you relive the memories you've made with the Playstation 3 throughout the year. And speaking of badges, yeah! We have those! I have an artist friend who's helping me make the outlines, and I should have some previews before the end of September. Look forward to it! Doesn't seem like too many people will be getting the Completion badge though... maybe I just need to lower my standards. I'll put my August update in a different post later on so it doesn't clog this one up too much. My biggest apologies for not keeping everything updated, I hope you've all been having lots of fun all the same. Good luck! Finish strong!
  9. I can think of a couple. Mad Max This game sucks, lmao, but a friend recommended it to me a long time ago so I promised him I'd play it. It's not the worst game I've ever played, but it is very generic and kind of boring when it gets down to it. The bugs don't help either of course, having to check every single time I picked up any scrap pile was really annoying. The fact that this is unobtainable because of two extremely simple challenges that really have no reason to be tied to an online server is really stupid. But hey! I got it. And now no one else can ever again. Evolve Did you know, despite being entirely still playable on a P2P basis with other people, Evolve's platinum is still unobtainable? You can get every single gameplay-based trophy in the game, except one extremely simple 2-second trophy gained by changing your emblem. Thank god I did that when I had the chance, I went for this one during the shutdown timer. It's honestly a pretty fun game, just a really long grind for platinum that's not very fun without friends. Thankfully, I had friends! So it worked out in the end. Dante's Inferno The platinum is obtainable, but the DLC's long since been delisted. This one was weird, because I have absolutely no memory of this, but apparently I bought the season pass for this game AGES ago when I played it for the first time. I was at first upset for not being able to get the 100%, but lo and behold, it was all right there waiting for me. The co-op is terrible by the way, you aren't missing anything, but I got it done! There's a few others I have that are unobtainable now, but these are the primary ones I think about.
  10. You're fine, man. Hide whatever you want. The most that'll show up is a little H in the corner of your profile, and half the people on here have that anyway.
  11. It should be noted for everyone that's going to comment "WOW GAMES THESE DAYS ARE TOO EASY" in this thread that God Mode doesn't make you invincible in this game, it just increases damage resistance when you die. So it's not an instant platinum by any means, you still have to beat the game.
  12. I've just about finished the online. I'd say if you want all the Far Cry plats, then yeah, definitely start it. Adventurer has been more and more buggy lately, which gives me the impression it's eventually going to stop working for good, and given the direction Ubisoft's been going with the franchise, I don't think 1 and 2 are going to see another remaster anytime soon. Go for it! It's a very long haul, but it's easy enough that it's not the worst grind out there.
  13. That was the lawsuit I was talking about. 😊
  14. At last, the Euros get the weird, questionably legal Cooking Mama game. Get it while you can, before the lawsuit destroys it.
  15. Doesn't look like I'll get another PS3 game done by the end of the month, so here's my update for July! Quite happy with how many I got this month, and the quality of them too! Sniper Ghost Warrior I really thought this was going to be some shovelware garbage when I got it. The visuals aren't great, and it's very obviously trying to bank on the success of the Sniper Elite games, but this was actually a lot of fun! I got the online done with a couple friends some time ago, which was a pain, but ultimately not as hard as it could have been. The main story was actually fun! The shooting was responsive, the story was basic but serviceable, and overall I would actually recommend this game. It's rough around the edges, but has some heart! Hope the sequel's just as good. rain Nope, doesn't begin with a capital letter. This was really neat though. It was one of those PS3 digital exclusives I had heard about years ago, but only just now got around to buying, and it was super worth it. It's a haunting yet heartwarming puzzle game about two children who are invisible when not underneath the rain, being chased throughout their hometown by mysterious monsters. There's a lot of Themes and Metaphors going on here, I won't ruin any of it. Definitely check it out if you have a few bucks to spare. No platinum, unfortunately. That's how they did it back then. inFamous This is a PS3 classic! I know this game sold the console for a lot of people, and I can see why. It's a LOT of fun just running around the city shooting shit with electricity. I actually beat this game a very long time ago in 2014, but I only did it while being Good, and didn't finish most of the actually hard requirements. Luckily, I was able to get the stunts done with minimal effort, and the Hard/Evil playthrough was a lot of fun. This one's a no brainer if you want to play some older stuff. inFamous 2 Yep, I did the sequel next lmao. A few PS4 games are inbetween this, but given the age of this franchise, I figured I should get the remaining ones out of the way before the UGC servers shut down without warning or something. This one was better in some ways, not as good in others. I REALLY liked the gameplay changes, for once all your upgrades from the last game aren't taken away, and you're truly able to move around not-New-Orleans in super fun ways. The story though... less good. Every character feels like they're straight out of a movie, where stuff was a lot more grounded in the first game. It's still good, just not quite AS good as the last. Oh well, still a good game, I played this one when I was a child too. Which leads us to... inFamous: Festival of Blood The standalone DLC! This one is GREAT. Ever since I played this as a kid, I've been saying more games should have non-canon exploits where the main character is just suddenly a vampire now with minimal explanation. It's pretty ridiculous, but I absolutely love it. This, again, has online components, so I'm glad they're out of the way. I don't THINK Sucker Punch would just suddenly kill the servers, but you never know. This one's pretty short, I went from 0 to 100% in a couple hours, but it was a fun ride the whole time. And hey, gave me total series completion for the Infamous franchise! The Darkness II Last one! I played the first The Darkness a couple months ago, and I had a decent time, but I mostly played that one so I could enjoy this one more. It's fantastic! A really interesting and poignant story of a mobster dealing with his literal inner demons, which has a FANTASTIC use of metaphor for mental illness throughout the whole game. It has some really fun fast paced gameplay too, with tendrils flying around killing other mobsters and guns akimbo going nuts with it. It's a shame it ends on such a cliffhanger, because this one definitely isn't getting a sequel after so long has passed. At least we can enjoy it for what it is now, even if the first game doesn't have any trophies. Whew! Lots of games this month, but all of them very good! I'm so glad I've been able to play through so many more of these PS3 games I would have probably just kept putting off before because of this event. Thanks, past me, for thinking of this idea! We've only got a few months left, so end it strong! Everyone's been doing so well so far and I'm proud of you all. COMPLETED GAMES