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  1. Mx vs Atv Alive and Mx vs Atv supercross
  2. Thanks 100% worked. Thanks!
  3. Infamous 2, easy plat and enjoyable game
  4. Thanks for the tips, I managed to beat all the time trials on my first go using that car setup.
  5. You are able to get all the online trophies by yourself and no need for a boosting partner. You will race A. I. Opponents.
  6. The Servers are still online. I have just checked and i'm still able to do autolog challenges.
  7. My 100th Plat was: Blood Drive
  8. IMPORTANT - This is going to take me a long time to complete as i have over 200 platinums. Hi and welcome to my Trophy Checklist. I'm 22 years old and i studied I.T. at college and now a manager in retail. I only started to collect platinums after i got the Killzone 2 platinum. I also borrow some games off my friends in real life that i'm very grateful for letting me borrow the games because without them letting me borrow the games i wouldn't have as many trophies and platinums i have today. My first ever time i played video games was back in 1998 on the PS1 and i played Crash Bandicoot and Centipede. I then got a PS2 in 2000 at Christmas and i loved playing Need For Speed Underground 1 & 2, GTA 3,GTA Vice City and GTA San Andrea's. I got my PS3 back in 2006 at Christmas and I only played Burnout Paradise and Juiced 2. I started to play online multiplayer in mid 2007 and played Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 all the time. My rank was Elite 68 and i was 69th in the world on Total Conquest. I had over 200,000 kills on this game. Then i got my 250GB Slim PS3 in November 2009 because my 40GB PS3 kept having a disc read error I got hooked onto getting platinums in 2008 until the end of 2012 and then i took a break for two years. In 2015 is when I started to get addicted to platinum trophies again. I aim to get around 45 platinums a year, 4500 Trophies (5128/4500) 90 Platinums (93/90) 100% 20 PSN Games (21/20) Platinum FIFA 11 Platinum DEAD NATION Platinum Call of Duty Classic 6000 Trophies (6428/6000) 120 Platinums (125/120) 100% 30 PSN Games (27/30) Platinum FIFA 12 Platinum Blood Drive Platinum Bionic Commando Platinum Need For Speed Shift 2 Platinum #1 - #10
  9. They're still open.