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  1. 8.5/10. Needs more bloodstains.
  2. ↑ seems to be an otaku but also has a soft spot for good gothic games.
  3. Megaman Zero / ZX Legacy Collection
  4. 1) Kholat You can describe this game with just one word: bugfest. The character you play gets stuck between trees or bushes and can even glitch trough the floor and die. The monster that chases you throughout the game often spawns right in the middle of the only path you can take, and it doesn't move so you can't just sneak past it. Also, there's no way to identify traps in the game that instakill you. The "best" thing about this is that you can only save by finding tents which are scarce and far apart which means that you can lose up to an hour of progress (maybe even more if you're unlucky). 2) STAY Oh god, I still remember those horrible puzzles... 90% of the puzzles in this game aren't just hard, they are imposible to solve unless you either use a guide or have an IQ of 300. Also, the character you're supposed to help acts like a moody teenager. His reactions to your answers are unpredictable; at the start of the game, he thanks you for encouraging him to find an exit, but use the same dialogue option a few chapters later and he whines about what a heartless monster you are. I found it very hard to relate to him and the story didn't make much sense either. The only thing I liked about this game was that you can skip all puzzles after beating the game once. 3) Back In 1995 The developer clearly put a lot of effort into getting the retro look right, but I can't say the same about the other aspects of this game: Suspense? Zero. Good monster designs? Zero. (One enemy literally looks like a floating overcooked potato with arms...) Meaningful interaction with NPCs? Zero. They only give you quests, maybe say something that's supposed to be witty, and that's it. Plot? Zero. I read that the developer took inspiration from Silent Hill among other games. As a Silent Hill fan I can say that, while the plots in this franchise are often very surreal, they always make sense. The story in this game however doesn't make any sense at all, even if you play through the bonus chapter. TL;DR: Cool retro graphics, but the rest sucks. But hey, at least you get a free platinum for your troubles. 4) The Mooseman While I really like the art style of this game, I found the gameplay very repetitive and boring. You get some interesting insights into Finno-Ugric mythology, but there's not much more. You just wander from one level to another, collect some items with lore descriptions, and at some point the game is over. The trophies were a pain in the rear too because the hints hidden in the game are very cryptic. During my first playthrough I mistook them for simple background details that didn't serve any special purpose. 5) Everybody's Gone To The Rapture A game with a very interesting story, but the trophies... they felt like the devs just put them in because they could. There's a lot of backtracking, doing useless things like entering and exiting a certain building multiple times in a row... I wonder why I even bothered platting this game because it was one of my most tedious platinums.
  5. I bet Gabriel Belmont Dracula would be one of the strongest characters in a fighting game. You could nerf him as much as you want, he'd still be at least mid tier.
  6. Death Metal / Symphonic Metal.
  7. Summer
  8. What do we have here? A fellow Castlevania fan! 😀
  9. No, but I'd definitely play it! Looks like a fun game to play ^^
  10. Clearly a Castlevania fan → probably enjoys metroidvanias and games with a dark, gothic setting. Might also be into GoW-like games.
  11. Here's a guide I found on Steam. The diagrams are quite useful because they show all possible dialogue options and their effects on Quinn for every chapter. I used the diagrams for my platinum playthrough and I can confirm that the effects are the same for the PS4 version. One last thing: Some answers increase/decrease the trust/bonding meter more than others. For example, when you pick the "Photos?" option in chapter 23, you lose a good chunk of your bonding level, so always make sure to check your stats after every answer. Hope this helps everyone who needs help with the platinum.
  12. "Keep going, Gabriel. Do it for Marie."
  13. Hi, hope it's not too late to reply. I finished the game a couple of times and it looks like you can't max out all of your skills. You can only master 3 or 4 of them per playthrough.
  14. Finished the game and I have to agree. The first few minutes had me hooked and I genuinely wanted to help Quinn. But almost every puzzle starting with the wall puzzle broke the immersion. I don't mind difficult puzzles, but those in Stay didn't even make sense for the most part! I'm so glad you can skip them after completing the game once. Also, Quinn's reactions are pretty weird too at times... And the examples in the spoiler are just for one chapter. Sometimes it felt like I was chatting with a moody teenager rather than someone who is trapped somewhere and desperately needs help. Whenever he started his philosophical monologues, I wondered if he even wanted to get out at all. So yeah, the game had a great premise and a lot of potential, but the execution was rather disappointing.