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  1. ↑ This. Played the game yesterday and was very disappointed. At first it looked very promising, but when I got to the first enemy, I knew this was going to be one of the dullest games I've ever played in my life. Back in 1995 is supposed to be a survival horror game, but it doesn't feel like one. There's no tension, no meaningful interaction with NPCs, nothing that makes the game actually enjoyable (the only exception being the container puzzle). I thought that the later sections of the game would be more interesting, so I kept playing until the end, but instead, the game just got weirder. To all of you who consider getting this game: Please don't. Buy Iconoclasts, Celeste or Shovel Knight instead. Unlike Back in 1995, those games are actually fun to play.
  2. Rain World
  3. Street Fighter 4 - 6 Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe - 23 Absolver - 4 Speed Brawl - 4 Dead or Alive 5 - 1 The King of Fighters 14 - 1 Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator - 1 Darkstalkers - 2 Outlast - 1 Outlast 2 - 3 Street Fighter x Tekken - 3 Iconoclasts - 1 → 12 games.
  4. 1. Iconoclasts - Agent Black's final boss fight 2. Claire - Saving everyone 3. Senua's Sacrifice - The ending
  5. 1. Speed Brawl Except the trophy where you have to get all items, I loved this game. Think of it as a Sonic+Streets of Rage hybrid with a Victorian flair. The animations and dialogues are great as well, though I wish the devs made more use of voice acting during the cutscenes except grunting and simple exclamations (okay, it's most likely because of the budget, but it's still a bit sad because the cutscenes are really funny and would've been even funnier if they were fully voice acted). 2. Claire Even though it's a bit bugged, I did enjoy this game a lot. This is how I imagine Silent Hill if it was a 2D pixel game. The game is rather short, but the story and cutscenes with the NPCs are very heartwarming and encouraging. 3. Sundered Sundered is one of the few games that I still play from time to time, even after I got the platinum. You can tell the devs did quite some research regarding Lovecraft (whose stories inspired the game); it's an action adventure, but it's quite surreal and the enemy hordes always keep you on your toes. The character design reminded me a lot of Disney's Atlantis. I also liked the voice acting a lot, I wish they used it more in the DLC. Honorable Mentions: Jotun Absolver Amnesia Outlast
  6. Tried this out and it really saves a lot of time! With this trick, you can finish a scene in about one and a half minute. Normally, matches last 5-6 minutes, so this is a great tip for people who want to get the online trophies. Thanks for sharing this!
  7. I always block spambots. Thank goodness I don't get messaged by them very often.
  8. Here's my top 3: No Challenge Too Hard (Street Fighter 4) Street Fighter 4 was my very first Street Fighter game, so I had a lot of trouble clearing all combo challenges. After 5 years of failing over and over, I finally got this trophy... with a dualshock and without plinking. Dutiful Xenologist (Speed Brawl) If it wasn't for the RNGesus in this game, this would be a rather easy trophy. But as you unlock more items, the chance to get items you haven't obtained yet decreases. This means that it's possible to 100 matches without getting a single new item. Still can't believe I actually got this trophy. The Grandmaster (Absolver) I learned 90% of all attacks by joining schools because learning them from NPCs is way too tedious. Still, it's a long grind, even if you can learn attacks by using the combat deck of a school, so I wouldn't consider this cheating.
  9. The devs of Oh... Sir - The Insult Simulator made a sequel called Oh... Sir! The Hollywood Roast. While it's not as RNG-heavy as the first game, getting 15 golden parrots with 6 characters is still luck based because you can't control which phrase parts you get and thus might not be able to build a phrase that does a lot of damage. In Sundered, the levels are procedurally generated every time you die. Last but not least: Speed Brawl. While most trophies in this game depend on skill, the trophy "Dutiful Xenologist" depends a lot on RNG. For this trophy, you have to unlock all item entries among other things. The problem is that the items you get are completely randomized and there's little you can do to influence which items you'll get. Even if you finish a race with a gold trophy, you might only get low-tier items. You can even get two identical items that you already have. However, now that you can get platinum trophies in all races, unlocking all items might be a bit easier.
  10. Speed Brawl So far, I'm the only one who has this platinum. It's a bit odd because the game isn't hard, but then again, it's very time-consuming because of the RNG plus it's an indie game.
  11. Likes first person shooters a lot but doesn't mind trying out other genres.
  12. Oh... Sir! The Hollywood Roast Roasting 101 Finish the basic tutorial. Time/Effort: Since you get this trophy by playing through the first section of the game tutorial, it doesn't take long to obtain it. Also, all you have to do is press X, so it doesn't take any effort at all. Thoughts: The game in general is quite funny (i remember playing a card game with a similar premise when I was little^^) and luckily, the trophies in this game aren't RNG dependent like in the predecessor. Right now, I'm trying to get the online trophies, and those are the only ones that are really hard because no one plays this game online.
  13. Absolution (Absolver Platinum) - 0.89%
  14. Sillshez15, Fighting For Real "Come at me, bro."
  15. Trophies where you have to finish the story on the highest difficulty without dying. Online coop trophies you can only get when your team consists of more than 3 players are horrible as well (looking at you, Castlevania HD). Also: Online trophies where you have to win consecutive matches (King of Fighters 14, Street Fighter 4 etc.).