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  1. I can admit I didn't see the Mastery 70 gods was missing, and I certainly didn't look through all the DLC achievements. Not sure what any of what you typed has to do with my questions tho? Obviously you haven't read the whole thing, because making another account is obviously not the same that i'm looking for, nor mini-ingame achievements with no trophies attached. There should honestly be a Mastery trophy for every existing and new gods, that would be awesome.
  2. I didn't realize which language it was before posting it, but knew as much as it was in Asia somewhere. /Fyi Not saying more is always better tho, but for me in this case, the more the merrier. I agree on more isn't always better.
  3. I don't speak asian.
  4. Yeah, it kinda is that hard. I'm sure there must be some available knowledge amongst the PSNP community. It's doubtfully top secret shit lol? Wetfgtfo
  5. So it's Sony's decision and not the devs? Case reopened.
  6. This is what I mean, it is a fun experience to chase trophies - and for me, that means every trophy I don't already have. So if the game has no earnable trophies left, that'd take out most of the fun. For me, that is.
  7. That may be, but I believe trophies were added in the last few years on Xbox, as I checked the same page years ago and I remember there were more, but not a 211(!) difference, but I may be wrong, tried finding out when dlc trophies were released on xbox but came out with nothing. That really sucks, atleast for me in this case.
  8. Thanks for the links. 1k trophies would indeed be very much, but if Smite had that amount, I would still enjoy every second of getting them, even if frustrating at times. I do enjoy the game, but that's not enough reason to make me keep playing it, if there's no trophy in the end of it. Again, because I would feel like it is time wasted. I would rather play a shitty, tedious, bugged out game that I can earn trophies on, or mistakenly added on my profile before I came a trophy hunter than I would a game I enjoyed every second of playing without trophies. (AoE II on PC is the exception) Maybe sad, but very true. And, since I've spent countless hours and thousands of money on the game, why would I not want to pursue the possibility of more trophies added in the game? Even if it pisses people off, why would that be of my concern? Would you in my position? And, i'm sure there's more people that enjoyed Smite as much as I did.
  9. Thanks. Yeah, no, not the same at all lol, but nice try.
  10. I'm not getting the references, sorry. I basically, in short; want more trophies on a game I love. (That actually exists, but on a platform i'm not using)
  11. And to answer you on topic; A trophy hunter hunts trophies, the more trophies the merrier for the hunter that seeks trophies, I assume. And for me, if you read the OP you'd see that Smite is the best game experience I've had on PS4, and since i'm a trophy hunter I feel it's a waste of time to play a game you can't get any more trophies on, therefore seeing 211 extra more achievements on Xbox, makes me want them on PS4, so I have a reason to play the best game I've played on PS4 again. That's like saying all you need is to read the headlines in the news to be well-informed of the situation.
  12. Sorry, did not see those edits! Fixed title. I thought of Smite, but it also is related to Xbox - again, thought OT was a safe bet, if mistaken I'm sorry for that.
  13. Just to be clear, I don't play any Microsoft consoles whatsoever. Only Sony consoles. Again, trying simply to find answers that I don't have. And again, please suggest a better title.
  14. I can change the title to something more suitable if you have any suggestions? Didn't know where to put it, so I assumed Off Topic was a safe bet. On the other side? I'm asking legitimately questions, not starting a console war. So, if someone goes into this thread and replying only by looking at topic name, they have lost because i'm not here to win or lose. Only find answers lol, but nice try saying i'm a troll.
  15. Just trying to figure out why Xbox has all these extra achievements and not PS4, and how/what to do to get them implemented in PS4? If someone clicks just to argue, they've lost in life already.