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  1. Hello, i'm sorry to inform that I have not gotten the trophy yet, even with a second rank 10 achieved. No one has gotten the trophy after 6th September, so it is probably not currently a workaround on this bug, atleast not to my knowledge.
  2. Yesterday I got to rank 10 with Cernunnos and have still not gotten the trophy to pop - anyone knows why or encountered something similar?
  3. So, I transferred my character save from PS4 to PS Now's PS3 version of the game. I'm maxed, so how do I get the story missions? UVHM is just too tedious to do. Any trophies that auto-pops?
  4. Strikeout is the best mode for Hard Carry, and overall the best mode. Gotten many 20+ downs myself by just playing, shouldn't be hard.
  5. I can vouch for OP. I have tried every way possible trying to get Diamonds Are Forever to pop, with nothing to show for.
  6. Even Scorch was fixed?
  7. Anyone knows if they fixed Scorch with the new update today?
  8. Thank you guys very much, very good tips and helpful pictures!
  9. So i'm looking for inspiration and hopefully some of you want to share yours. I'm trying to get my games listed in Excel, as well as completed games but I don't know where to start. Does anyone here have something like that they could share?
  10. Could I see a screenshot?
  11. Did you play when there was a Card-system? If so, I think that's the reason.
  12. As the title says, is that a possibility? I recently started a new main account, and will no longer be using this one. So I would like very much to transfer the premium on this site, if possible.
  13. Thanks, I've sent him a message here and on Discord about 2 days ago, i'll just try and be patient 👌
  14. Gotcha, thank you very much.
  15. Awesome, do you know how to proceed with doing that?
  16. Update: Tried everything except getting another god to rank 10, but currently trying that since it's my last trophy for plat 😩
  17. Still works
  18. Ahh makes sense with it being bugged then. Thanks for the reply, and hopes up for a new patch to fix it! Maybe, i'll post here if it works. And yeah, they do have some nice events going with worshipers. I
  19. I just check'd all-time favorite game on PS4 Smite on TrueAchievements to see what extra trophies they had. (I knew they had a few more than PS4 when checking years ago) When scrolling down, I realize there is no end, just more scrolling. So I scroll up to see that there's 211(!!) extra achievements on Smite that is not on PS4. Context given; questions inc Why? And how to get the process of getting them implemented started? Will give free cookies to anyone who contributes to getting more trophies on Smite PS4. Regards, A Smitefanboy Trophy Hunter that desperatley needs a reason to play Smite again. /NoTrophiesNoPlay
  20. Does anyone have a guide or tips for this? Specifically I need to know where and how to get the fish jokes. Where the 4 rare spawns are located, and the location of the ECHO logs. Yours truly, The iLLest
  21. Thank you kindly!
  22. I figured I should share this farming method I got from a guy on a Facebook group, I don't know if it's the best or fastest but I found it very effective. >Also, if anyone wants to try and carry me through some Extreme-levels, hit me up Episode NY3: Hell and High Water Mutators: 1. Perfect Condition 2. Looter 3. I Feel Your Pain It can be boring and tedious at best and if you're unlucky the BOTS will not revive you even if they can, but that has only happend to me once after 10+ succesfull runs. If anyone has a better/faster method, please comment so EDIT: Also, does anyone know if I need to buy all the PvP perks for the trophy?
  23. So, I was thinking about the most optimal route to farm structures - an idea popped to my head but yet to be confirmed if it even works. My idea; Go to any homebase, make a few stairs up and start building - When out of rss/space you simply cut off the stairs and all of the structures built will collapse and make room for new structures, in theory. Since storage is available, you can simply put several stacks of rss in it and go at it for a while. Anyone tried this and can confirm if it works or not? My biggest concern is it being Stormshield (not SSDefense) so structures may not count. Also, if anyone wants to join boost this trophy hmu on psn 👌
  24. I can admit I didn't see the Mastery 70 gods was missing, and I certainly didn't look through all the DLC achievements. Not sure what any of what you typed has to do with my questions tho? Obviously you haven't read the whole thing, because making another account is obviously not the same that i'm looking for, nor mini-ingame achievements with no trophies attached. There should honestly be a Mastery trophy for every existing and new gods, that would be awesome.
  25. I didn't realize which language it was before posting it, but knew as much as it was in Asia somewhere. /Fyi Not saying more is always better tho, but for me in this case, the more the merrier. I agree on more isn't always better.