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  1. As a result of transferring the save with only one equipment upgrade left, all three people's upgrade trophies were popped up once they upgraded the equipment, related kill pop-up after one kill of the monster, and related trophies when using the store once. You'll save a lot of time.
  2. If you achieve 30,000 damage before winning 5,000 and 10,000 damage trophies, there is a glitch where only 30,000 damage trophy pop and two do not pop. Don't panic and turn the game off and on, the other two pop-up.
  3. Even if the stage is cleared, there is no trophy and it continues to the next stage. If you pick and acquire a stage where the trophy did not appear again, the stage trophy will be obtained, so don't be embarrassed.
  4. It will look strange because the 5,000 damage trophy achievement rate is lower than the 10,000 damage achievement rate. In some cases, 10,000 damage trophy come out and 5,000 damage trophy not come out if enemy immediately 10, 000 damaged without 5,000 damage trophy. In this case, if the game is ended and re-run, 5,000 damage trophy will pop up.
  5. While the mission was cleared during the campaign play with four people, all four of them were awarded mission clear trophies, the mission clear processing was only hosted and the other three were often treated as not cleared. In this case, if the host chooses the next mission and proceeds, only the host can win the episode clear trophy, and the party members have to do the mission again for Episode 1, 2, and 3 clear trophies. too many Freezing, and 1~3 party members often failed to win trophies because they were caught in freezing when mission end. There are too many bugs. Please think again before you play.
  6. The Stage 1 Clear Trophy didn't come up, so I went straight ahead and re-cleared Stage 1 with the new game, and this time Stage 1 came up.
  7. After finishing everything else, the upgrade went to stage 3, but it didn't work, so I completely deleted save and did it again from the beginning and Stacked trophy pop.
  8. When I was playing Active Neuron 2, the stage 3 trophy didn't float, so I played the last round of stage 3 again and it floated. Attention.
  9. very good tip. Thx~