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  1. I didn't see this or the other game in the NA store, figured I'd Google "Hot Springs Story PS4" I found this article. To quote it: "Kairosoft simulations are coming to a new platform. The company will be bringing Dungeon Village, Game Dev Story, and Hot Springs Story to the PlayStation 4 in Japan. No exclusive features have been announced for these versions." And "The pricing will be different, though. On mobile devices, all three of these games are $4.99. On the Nintendo Switch in Japan, they cost 1,200円 each ($12). On the PlayStation Store, they will be 1,500円 each. Localizations have not been announced." So far it seems like no NA/EU release. Plus 1,500円 is about $13.80 USD, so going from $4.99 to most likely $13.99 is quite ridulious to me. I'd hope to see it release in the West, but I'd wait for a huge price drop.
  2. Totally agree. I was hoping a price drop for FF8R but also for 7, 9, and pocket edition of 15.
  3. The Target sale ad has the game for $15.
  4. NFS Heat is definitely cheaper than Target's Black Friday sale, if you go for deluxe edition. I'll most likely grab that for now. Though I do have my eye on Spider-Man's GOTY, Days Gone, and a tad bit on Devil May Cry 5.
  5. My top three picks are: Skyrim on PS4 only because I platted the game according to the site 5 days, 16 hours, and 52 minutes. Though I didn't work on the DLCs in full due to me getting burnt out. We Happy Few. The plat was real enjoyable to get but with the collectables being buggy and the ones that only appear on the T.V. made it real tedious. Though with all of that and the constant crashes, I really enjoyed the game. White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. Honestly I didn't find this game too terrible to platunim, cause for the ending collection from difficulty Easy-Hard (Hell if you use cloud storage and/or flash drive) you can save before getting said endings to shorten down how many playthoughs you need for the ending collection which is 50 playthoughs down to 20. But I really enjoyed the game that it wasn't that much of a chore for me. Mentions: The Sims 4 due to RNG for the Triple Play trophy and Red Faction due to Impossible difficulty towards the end and four playthoughs is needed but same as White Day, I enjoyed the game that it wasn't a chore.
  6. I never checked if it was real or not, but it wasn't about the platinum trophy. It was towards the Sail the 7 seas trophy. Though thank you for the info and correcting my post. I'm not surprised, I know it took the devs a long time to fix the passing the day trophy and the lion tamer trophy before. I should've played and got the trophies before the issue, but right when this update came out I was finishing up the previous ones and got burnt out. 😅 But sadly, I feel ya on wanting the 100%. 😕
  7. The PSN store description says "80% of the proceeds will help fund Emily’s career as well as future initiatives from Safe In Our World." So with that being said, $1.49 isn't much for a 100% trophy list. I'll definitely buy a game that sheds light into anxitey, since we need more games like this. Same goes with depression. .. Also reading her story on PSBlog, it was very moving.
  8. I'm not sure about all of that, but I just rather wait for an official game patch. Since games shouldn't release content (even though it's free) that is pretty much broken.
  9. I saw someone posted in a PSN trophy hunting community and they showed proof that they got banned on PSNPROFILES due to someone reporting the timestamp of the trophy. I don't know if they got access back to this site or not, but they didn't get bamned on PSN. Still being banned on either, is something that I rather not risk. Especially if the devs are working to fix it.
  10. I heard downgrading gets you kicked off this site, so if you do downgrade do so at your own risk.
  11. Haha thanks for the mention! I actually own the game, I just thought the game should be in the Halloween sale. Haha. 😂 Though I'm gonna pick up some of the DLC. 😊
  12. Visually they are both on a different level, but story wise. Both are full of tragedy and have a dark story to it. That's true, but that's why I only play co-op with people who'd agree to take the time to explore if that's possible. Ah okay, I understand what you mean now. Though I'm sure in horror co-op game the experience between co-op or single player depends on the players.
  13. Sorry to hear that. 😕 Yeah I had to look around to see if DLC would work, cause I wanted the DLC outfits for White Day a labyrinth named school so I could see different outfits besides what the game gives you as in game rewards. But to spend $16 for a £10 card for one outfit pack is $6 more than the NA verison, which I'm too cheap to do. 😂 Though the logic behind DLC being region locked is understandable, just stinks. I'm not gonna diss who region stacks plats, cause people trophy hunt as they see fit. I just know that most games tend to share a list or have like 6+ different regions. 😆 I don't know much about Beach Buggy, but happy hunting on that game! 😄
  14. I always get excited for the sales in October-December that linger into the first week of January. A lot of good games go on sale for dirt cheap. 😄 What you seen is correct, the atmosphere isn't even that "scary" looking while off your Joy. I mean.. In all honestly a lot of the areas look exactly the same. But if you can get past that, I actually enjoyed the dark story that it portrays. If anyone played/liked BioShock I think those people will also like We Happy Few. 2P co-op is my most preferred with any and all co-op games, unless if it's PvP. I'll agree to what you said to a certain extent, cause you can still get the full exploration and intense moments if you play with someone who knows that you'd want to take your time. But most people who play any type of open world RPG would understand that. 😊 I didn't even know it was in sales before, I guess it never caught my eye until I saw a lot of people getting hyped up over the second game. 😆
  15. I didn't know that.. That's ridulious! 😆 I mean.. People trophy hunt as they see fit. 😊