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  1. Yes, it should.
  2. Hello again, First of all, I wanna thank you all for your replies. After almost two weeks looking for a good condition PS3 Slim, I finally managed to get a 250GB PS3 Slim model bundled with Infamous+Killzone 2 (although I think I will never play those games lol) with two practically new controllers (one of them is GOW themed but I don't know if it is original, but it seems so) and as I have said, the console is in a "like new" state: no dust, no visible use marks, no scratches... And I also have the original box and instructions! I'm very happy with this new purchase for 80€ and I'm very pleased I'm going to play a good amount of the PS3 games I never had the chance to play when I was younger. Thanks again, guys
  3. What about getting a SSD? It is worth? Btw thank you all for your replies
  4. Hello, I have my old PS3 Slim banned so now I would like to get another one for trophies purposes and I don't know if I should stick with the Slim model or if I should give a try to the Super Slim model, although I do not like its design at all. What do you guys think?
  5. info about this?
  6. Returnal is much easier in my opinion once you adapt to its mechanics.
  7. Feel free to add me to the list too This is an interesting idea indeed.
  8. There is no need to do that. Read the first post again (edit 2)
  9. Dude @nanakiisnanaki I love you. There is no need to reach the Rot God checkpoint. You just need to activate de distortion stone thing on the left of your screen at min 2.36 in your video and make a manual save there. Then you only need to load your story mode or whatever mode at the final meditation spot (mountain shrine) and do the steps you mention on your first post and the "skip" button (that seems to be the indicator that the glitch is working) in the credits scene will appear! I just did it and now I got the plat, thanks!! (It is recorded with the share button, so the trophy pop does not show up)
  10. I mean I would like to have it
  11. Why not?
  12. Probably, the worst month I can remember.
  13. Weapons can be traded in multiplayer mode, so...
  14. Sly Cooper 5 New Deus Ex game NEw Splinter Cell game Alien Isolation