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  1. When I did this I completed the dlc first. Then when doing story mostly used explosive arrow and cable tie down on ultra hard. All your material and items role over even the armor sets.I have a video up for final boss if you would like to see how I did it. https://youtu.be/f0P7xhlhF6o
  2. Could any one help with soul and item drops please?
  3. That's what I was worried about. Scourge of the aegean is also glitched and not unlocking. I took down the cultist with an epic ship to test this
  4. I've leveled the ship all the way up to legendary and even popped the trophy for fully ungrading it. Any ideas?
  5. Concrete genie for me. The story is amazing and the game play is very enjoyable. Very well put together
  6. Yea same here for mod trophy. Only mods I traded items for counted. Nothing bought or already installed was included
  7. Coins do not carry over. Weapons and items such as walking shoes, skill saw, and unlimited ammo are unlocked by doing certain this in a playthrough of the game. Those items will carry over into your loot chest on every playthrough after. There are two items that increase your block also. Madhouse has more coins and they also all have to been done in a single playthrough
  8. Blocking will save you alot of time. Knife in the head till dead. Move to the next. After you get the skill saw for completing the game in under 4 hours even hard mode is a cake walk
  9. Awesome work putting this together
  10. One punch man, Hunter x Hunter and death note
  11. Oh ok thank you
  12. Adventurer for me. Rise of the tomb raider and Lara Croft go
  13. They are on only unlocked threw missions and finding them on the map. I was able to get all the weapons with no extra money spent
  14. Can anyone help with covenant rings and silver cat ring please