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  1. What is that shirt even say? I dunno but politics, race, and social justice stances can stay the F out of my video game enjoyment. If that’s what it’s about. I play games to get away from reality, not to think of all the ugliness in the world.
  2. Yep that’s it! And happy to help. Having those three will grant access to all trophies. There isn’t any trophies tied to the Seven Deadly Sins Collection or the Deluxe Pack.
  3. 1. Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 1 GOTY Edition - $29.99 2. Hitman 3 Access Pass: Hitman 2 Gold OR Hitman 3 Access Pass: Standard + Hitman 3 Access Pass: Expansion (Gold is just the bundle that includes both the Standard and Expansion passes) - Standard: $59.99, Expansion: $39.99, Gold: $99.99 (on sale for $19.99 right now) Yes, there is a way to import Hitman 1 & Hitman 2 if you already owned them but I’m assuming you’re starting from scratch.
  4. That is. I don’t want to complain about free DLC but being able to play the mode with another person would have given it legs.
  5. Maybe they accidentally sent you the master disc, can’t find it, and now have to delay it. Lol.
  6. With the delay it would be great if they now had time to make a true PS5 version. I do see that by playing the announced PS4 version on a PS5 will increase resolution and frame rates though. I loved SW2 but it had a good share of bugs and performance issues. Would hate to see the same problems come up in the new one so the delay could be a good thing.
  7. UPDATE IS LIVE! Three new trophies: 1. Complete first Horde Mission. There seems to be three missions and the first one at least has 5 stages. 2. Re-collect all of the weapons on the Weapon Wheel. Get weapons by advancing. 3. Beat Horde Mode. -New Bonus content to unlock in Horde mode like the Doom 2 slayer and a biker slayer. -New Demon and Map in Battlemode 2.0. Had a quick go alone while on break. It was fun but got hot and heavy pretty early on normal/Hurt Me Plenty difficulty. No doubt would be more fun and manageable playing with others. Was a hefty patch for PS5 at 9.3GB.
  8. “The first official video game based on Paramount Pictures’ terrifying blockbuster film franchise. Experience a new untold story of survival in the A Quiet Place universe. Coming 2022” This is a nice surprise, a rare video game from a horror movie franchise. Not much else to go off besides that tweet and a basic barebones official website. Published by Saber Interactive, the team behind World War Z and the upcoming Evil Dead video game and developed by an external studio.
  9. If you can figure out how to rewind the end bonus of 1942 or another game’s end bonus repeatedly it might be quicker but that didn’t work for me even after the patch. The reloading of the 1942 save method described above is easy and quick (but very boring) once you get the hang of it. Regardless of the way you do this, the grind will be brutal.
  10. That’s terrible. I’d be in a far worse mood if that happened to me. Yikes. In fact I have just have a handful of events to go and I know death loop is one of them. I will back up my save and try doing that one first and report back if had an issue. I’m on PS4 though. Is your problem just for the PS5 version? Did you transfer data from PS4 by any chance?
  11. This is a welcome addition. Better than having to dabble in more PvP. Man so many fond memories of playing Gears of War 3 horde mode with friends. Hope this one’s good.
  12. Toy Soldiers was a 2010 game for XBox Live Arcade on the 360. At the time it was even published by Xbox Game Studios. Fast forward 11 years and we have a remastered edition with many of the same trophies. About two thirds of the list are the exact same from the 360 achievements list and the other third look to be dedicated to the new levels introduced in this edition. It was 8-10 hour completion then and longer now with the new content. It’s an oldie but goodie so guides already exist: Guide 1 Guide 2 Video walkthrough of levels (All credit goes to the authors and creators) About the glitch I encountered. Either they changed the requirements of Pickled Monkey (win a multiplayer match on every level) or it is glitched. Previously this could be obtained locally with two controllers, by playing online, or a mixture. I tried the local split screen of all levels twice but no trophy. First time I changed the goal setting for shorter matches and the second time I left it at the default. The reason I think it might be glitched is the level Guise is buggy. The toy boxes (bases) are switched. Luckily both toy boxes count damage for you but it’s messed up and could be affecting the trophy. With every trophy name and description being the exact same as the original achievements, it would be odd to change up one. Nobody has earned it yet so I’m going to keep an eye on it and see if it changes. Lastly, if you liked Toy Soldiers, they’re supposed to be remastering the sequel too, Toy Soldiers: Cold War. No release date yet. Personally I found that one even better and more fun than the original.
  13. It seems Nintendo is the most protective and proactive company regarding their IP’s. I remember when they went after user creations in Dreams and pressured Sony to have the content removed.
  14. There’s currently a Halloween sale going on. Lots of good horror titles in there: @MikeCheck-- That Wraith looks pretty good! Will look out for it and try it.
  15. Then and now. It will be interesting to see what the new single player and multiplayer modes are.