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  1. I love simulators for that reason and just as an escape and get lost in. Lawn Mowing Simulator gave me that feeling for the most part but they also have challenges where you have to be meticulous. A little bit of both is alright - some chill, some challenge. Yes to the post above. Barring any setbacks, it looks like it’s on for January 30th. https://www.gematsu.com/2023/01/powerwash-simulator-for-ps5-ps4-and-switch-launches-january-30
  2. You can’t transfer progress from Hitman 1 to Hitman 2 or 3. Hitman 2 has carryover progress to 3 so if you complete the Hitman 1 missions from scratch in Hitman 2 they will transfer to 3. Confusing enough?
  3. Perfect. Thanks much. I missed out on a lot expeditions. First one that comes to mind is the one with the Normandy ship reward but have seen they do come back, or maybe only in that redux version. Sounds good though and can’t wait. I do hope the online gets better.
  4. I plan to start to fresh with the PS5 version of NMS sometime in 2023. NMS on PS4 was one of my favorite games to get lost in. I haven’t played in a couple years though and that’s an eternity in NMS because of Hello Games’ ongoing support, improvements, and additions. I would rather not transfer my save data. I would like a new experience. My two questions are 1.) Has ship finding been made easier? I remember spending countless hours waiting for the perfect ship I wanted to land at stations. I had a full fleet of the cargo size, class, and designs I wanted. I found this video, is this a good, new method? 2.) Are all Quicksilver items still available for unlocking and purchase? I had some cool base items unlocked in the PS4 version. Are older featured items still available for purchase or are they limited time items so likely won’t get them back? I don’t mind the grind for quicksilver, just concerned that certain things might not be available. Thanks in advance! I understand probably a lot has changed and I can’t wait to experience that all over again and learn new things as well. Now I just hope I can get a PSVR2 in ‘22 and then I’ll really be cut off from the real world and lost in NMS worlds 😛
  5. Wondering if any of these new settings from the update today could help with this? Like the aggro enemies one.
  6. Horror Games Roundup from the last ~60 days (In time order to show what happened when) Good day horror lovers. Before we start, I just wanted to say happy one year anniversary you big ol' list. I started this project last December and it's good people still find it useful. The big takeaway of the last two months since the last roundup is the numerous game releases, mostly due to Halloween season. Led by The Callisto Protocol, a rare AAA horror game, and The Beast Inside, a personal favorite of mine on PC, I count 16 games on the list released since the last roundup. That's not including the couple of stealth releases that flew under the radar like CASE 2: Animatronics Survival. As such, the list looks a lot different. If you're looking for a new game to play, remember, you can find those recently released games in the Archives section near the bottom. See if anything interests you. Also, many games were moved to the stalled section or were given new TBA release dates, being that it's the end of the year and they missed their 2022 release window. The list is a bit tighter now. Lastly, the Video Game Awards show took place and with it a ton of announcements and news but not much on horror games. However, there was one very interesting looking title shown called Post Trauma. Merry Christmas and 'til next time. October TAPE: Unveil the Memories (PS5) released. Moved to archive Yomawari: Lost in the Dark released. Moved to archive Opus Castle released. Moved to archive. The first title from the Stalled category to (surprisingly) release. The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me video 4 added Saturnalia released. Moved to archive Signalis released. Moved to archive Charon's Staircase released. Moved to archive Resident Evil Re: Verse released. Moved to archive Unholy video 2 added. The first trailer was lacking but this second one is substantial. It's the first 16 minutes of gameplay. Game looks pretty. Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse release date (March 9th) and video 2 added NEW: Dark Deception added. Port of the uber popular maze runner-like PC title is finally making its way to consoles in Q3 '23. Physical copies will be sold by Special Reserve. November NEW: Bendy and the Dark Revival added. Sequel to Bendy and the Ink Machine. NEW: Level Zero added. Another asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. This one in a sci-fi setting and is scientists vs. monsters. NEW: The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR added. An on rails rollercoaster shooter like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. It will be available on PSVR2 launch day and it looks great! I'll definitely be getting this whenever I get a PSVR2. I enjoyed my time in Rush of Blood and so did everyone I showed it to, so I'll gladly take another helping. NEW: Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue added. Another PSVR2 launch game. The Chant released. Moved to archive Overdose [Rumor] article 2 added NEW: World of Horror added Do Not Open (PS5) released. Moved to archive. This will likely be receiving a PSVR2 update and a PS4 version next year. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners-Chapter 2: Retribution release date added. Coming to PSVR2 March 20th. Dead Island 2 new release date. It has been delayed and will now be releasing April 28th instead of February 3rd. NEW: The Dark Pictures: Directive 8020 added. The first title of Season 2 and is sci-fi based. It seems they dropped the "Anthology" moniker. The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me released. Moved to archive The Callisto Protocol video 6 added. The final one. Saint Kotar released. Moved to archive Alien Isolation 2 [Rumor] article 2 added The Beast Inside new release date. Now releasing Nov. 29th for PS5 and a couple days later for PS4. The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR release date added. PlayStation Store lists the title as releasing on Feb. 22nd, the PSVR2 launch day. Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II added to different genre games list Last Days of Lazarus released. Moved to archive The Beast Inside released. Moved to archive December NEW: Amnesia: The Bunker added. The fourth Amnesia game will be surprisingly only coming to the PS4 and not PS5 in March. The Callisto Protocol released. Moved to archive Paper Cut Mansion released. Moved to archive NEW: Greyhill Incident added. I'm very excited for this Signs-like alien invasion game. The greys (traditional looking aliens) are invading the neighborhood and you must sneak, run, or fight. Here's hoping similar PC game They Are Here also gets a console version. Hello Neighbor 2 released. Moved to archive Dead Island 2 article 2 and video 3 added. This mostly outlines preorder bonuses and special editions NEW: Post Trauma added. Excellent and interesting looking title that is clearly inspired by the classics. I can't wait to see more. Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse article 2 added NEW: Untitled Survival Horror Game from Bloober Team added. Not much known about this. Only that it's a new survival horror IP, being published by Private Division, and likely won't be out until 2025. NEW: Holstin added Resident Evil Village VR removed from the list. The PSVR2 version confirmed to be in the form of free DLC. Fantastic! NEW: Project A.I.D.A. added NEW: Creature Lab added. This is a cool looking title that has you creating monsters like a mad scientist then having them invade towns. It's currently running a Kickstarter campaign here to fund the console version and enhanced versions and it will likely reach the goal. The publisher has had success releasing games on console before and the PC version is out January 19th. Misc. Dark Fracture new TBA release date. Fell out the late '22 release window. Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle new TBA release date. Fell out the 2022 release window Dying: 1983 moved from Confirmed to Stalled Lust from Beyond: M Edition moved from Confirmed to Stalled Luto moved from Confirmed to Stalled Paranoid moved from Confirmed to Stalled A Quiet Place moved from Confirmed to Stalled System Shock new TBA release date. Fell out the 2022 release window Untitled Single Player, Action-Horror Aliens Game from Survios moved from Confirmed to Rumored Gravewood High new TBA release date. Fell out the 2022 release window Tormentor moved from Confirmed to Stalled
  7. Everything can be done solo with bots. I recently got the plat and played exclusively with bots. Took about 20 hours, maybe less. There is a guide for it but more in depth videos are found on YouTube. I did not use this guide but looked up videos for a couple of the tricky ones. The list is mostly straightforward. https://***/trophy-guides/ps5/ghostbusters-spirits-unleashed-trophy-guide/ It’s a fun, little game. I say little because it’s a somewhat easy and short plat and compared to other asymmetrical games there’s just not as much content but more is on the way. They also added a prestige system last week and more cosmetics to unlock with it. I’m still playing it nearly every night even after getting the plat.
  8. Good call on the laser hallway. I remember thinking that was so cool back then. They catch a lot of flak but I genuinely enjoyed the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill films. Before they got silly.
  9. Would be tough to think about one kill from all the (mostly horror) movies I have seen so I’ll go with a kinda recent killer scene that was memorable. It’s from the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Netflix where Leatherface just walks up *SPOILER* in a party bus full of influencers and slices through them like warm butter. Very satisfying. ”Try anything and you’re cancelled, bro” 🙃
  10. a, b, c, d.) That excellent shovelware filter applied to the leaderboards. Could you imagine 😲 If 100% was donated to charity I might spend some dollars. Still wouldn’t play one but better chance of giving up my hard earned money on it if say Stroke the Dog donated it’s proceeds to the Humane Society or animal shelters.
  11. Unfortunately the developer of the RPG Siralim Ultimate has announced on Kickstarter today that console ports of the game have been cancelled. You can read about that here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zackbertok/siralim-ultimate-monster-catching-rpg/posts/3692806 Here is an extra Steam key, first come first serve: ED8G9-HQBFP-V0VZX If anyone else backed the game and has a key to give away, feel free to post below
  12. Very nice recap there. The most interesting looking game to me was Post Trauma. Didn’t see it up top but it was on the preshow. Behemoth VR was another one, glad to see it’s also coming to PSVR2.
  13. The greys are coming! Yes!! Console announcement for Greyhill Incident. Coming to PS4/PS5 in Q2 ‘23. Being published by Perp so good chance it will have a physical copy. Rely on Horror | Gematsu
  14. Edit. It has players finally and trophies earned!
  15. Big Hauler (collect 25 supply bags) exploit: I came back to this game after about a year hoping to finish up the last couple trophies I needed. By luck, I discovered an exploit for the Big Hauler trophy. If you find a location that has a supply bag on it, gather it and place it in your car. Quit to main menu. Continue game and repeat. The first couple of times the bag did not appear on the map and I reloaded. Then it appeared every time and in the same location. If it doesn’t appear just reload and eventually it’ll be there. This will get around the buggy trophy that some people have reported needing to do in one session and without turning the game off. Oddly, I only needed to collect 6 bags using this exploit for the trophy to pop. I only had one other bag from the current session. Not sure if it counted bags from previous sessions but until it’s (ever) fixed, this exploit should get around it. It took 10 minutes to collect 6 bags using this method.