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  1. Gotcha. That makes sense. Thanks for the answers.
  2. Haven’t started this game but am looking forward to it. I’m just curious why you need a middle man (the dummy account) to drop items to and from. Guess I’m just used to the similar duping method in Diablo 3 where you drop to friend then reload the backup save. Good info though and good to know it’s an option. And if play this on PS5, the backup to Cloud should work, correct? Am used to having convenience of USB on PS4 but wanted to try this on PS5 for the locked 30 FPS.
  3. I thought it started at 7:30ET too but then everywhere said 8 but nonetheless… The show just went live! What crazy throwback horror games will we get and is there anything you want to see? Played Murder House PC and intend to play Nun Massacre PS4. Puppet Combo games are charming in their own unique way. Besides new game announcements, it would be cool to get a Christmas Massacre port where you kill everyone as Santa. A nice, festive game to play during the Holidays.
  4. Horror Games Roundup from the last ~60 days (In time order to show what happened when) State of Play in early June then Summer Game Fest 2022 produced noteworthy news. It was awesome to see so many horror games highlighted in both. Mostly due to Callisto Protocol and all of the various Resident Evil titles. April Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel possible release date, preorder link, and video 2 added The Quarry video 2 added NEW: Conscript added. Thanks to Ptirle for info and the addition! This looks like a cool top down horror set during WWI. Chernobylite for PS5 released. Moved to different genre games archive Evil Dead: The Game video 3 added Injection π23 – Ars Regia May 23rd release date added The House of the Dead Remake released. Moved to different genre games archive May Resident Evil Re:Verse added to different genre games list. There was recent news about this forgotten shooter set in the Resident Evil universe and now more than ever, it looks like it could release this year. Dead Space Remake release date and article 4 added. Also a non-important video was removed to tighten it up Evil Dead: The Game released. Moved to archive. This one was reviewed well and popular with players. Always good to see. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre video 2 added. A game vs. original film comparison video. It's unreal how authentic the locations are going to be in the game. NEW: The Chant added. A trippy and good looking third person horror game coming out this Fall for PS5 NEW: Silent Hill 2 Remake rumored game added. Supposedly it is a PS5 exclusive from Bloober Team. If true, this would be a dream to many players. SH2 is a classic and one of my favorite games also. Rumors should be taken with a grain of salt though. Then you won't be disappointed if doesn't happen. Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel June 28th release date, article 3, and video 3 added. This is turning out to look like a pretty good RE7-like horror game. Injection π23 – Ars Regia released. Moved to archive The Quarry multiplayer update delay info, article 3, and video 3 added. Online multiplayer will be added to the game via update by July 8th. Local multiplayer is still available day one. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre console (PS5), a link to "The Hub" (official website with more info), article 3, and PSNProfiles topic added. Moved from Rumored... to Confirmed. NEW: White Day: A Labyrinth Named School for PS5 added. PS5 version of the already released PS4 game. Saint Kotar moved from Rumored... to Confirmed. Consoles, October 14th release date, article 2, and video 1 added MADiSON two week delay. Release date changed from June 24th to July 8th and video 3 added. Still hyped for this one. June Resident Evil 4 Remake moved from Rumored... to Confirmed. Console (PS5), release date (March 24, 2023), article 3, and video 1 added. The start of the crazy, fun June news! NEW: Resident Evil Village for PSVR2 added. This is supposedly a port of the PS5 game for use with the upcoming PSVR2. It's strange how they didn't mention it to be an update to the existing game. Guess we'll see. Callisto Protocol release date (December 2nd), article 3, and videos 2 and 3 added NEW: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution added. This was a nice surprise. Coming out on PS4 & PSVR late 2022 and early 2023 for PS5 & PSVR2 TAPE: Unveil the Memories for PS5 added to different genre games list. PS5 version of the already released PS4 game coming out this Fall Abandoned article 2 added. This game is looking... well, abandoned. NEW: Overdose rumored game added. Supposedly the new horror game from Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions NEW*: Untitled Layers of Fear Project renamed Layers of Fears and moved from Rumored... to Confirmed. Console (PS5), release date (Early 2023), article 2, and video 2 added. The lid has been lifted on the new title in the Layers of Fear franchise and it looks great! *Kinda new The Quarry released. Moved to archive. This too was reviewed well and is popular among players. Great to see. System Shock Remake video 3 added. This game's come a long way. Resident Evil 2 for PS5 released. Moved to archive. Resident Evil 3 for PS5 released. Moved to archive. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard for PS5 released. Moved to archive. Capcom Showcase at Summer Game Fest: 'Surprise! All three are out today cause why not' The Texas Chainsaw Massacre video 3 added. Gameplay with violence and kills is shown. NEW: Signalis added. A gnarly looking indie retro-style third person sci-fi survival horror inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Too many descriptors, ahh. Misc Credits section added. Ptirle is first member to suggest a game that was added to the list! Changelog and Archive separated. Makes things easier and is better organized. Added Bonus section with another big ol' list of horror games. This time by a user on IMDb who lists over a thousand horror games dating back to 1972. It's interesting and a trip back to memory lane. Added a Stalled, less likely to release, or has not received updates category. There have been no signs and no news to change anyone's mind on the outlook of these titles. It is unfortunate but it might be best they receive their own category near the bottom of the list. Good thing is the games that are confirmed or likely to release will be easier to see. I hesitate to add a title to this category. There must be no updates in a long time or in Abandoned's case, reports that it's stalled, been placed on hold, or otherwise looking all doom and gloom. Hopefully some of these titles will be able to break out of this category and I will move them accordingly. The games moved from Confirmed category to the new Stalled category: Abandoned, Borneo, Do Not Open, Ghosts, Opus Castle The games moved from Rumored category to the new Stalled category: Once Upon a Time in Roswell, Project Nightmares Case 36: Henrietta Kedward Edit: Just realized I’ve been doing this 6 months. 6 months and we have 69 total games guys. Also if the mobile phone doesn’t load this have to restart phone to get the memory back. It’s gotten too big.
  5. Anyone else hyped for this new horror game coming out soon? The release date got moved back two weeks so now it's coming out July 8th for PS4 and PS5. IMO, it looks a lot like Visage and a little bit like Fatal Frame (two good ones) and I think it looks amazing. Per dev press release: "What would you do if you woke up locked in a dark room, with your hands covered in blood – your sister and mother massacred? MADiSON is an immersive and terrifying first-person psychological horror game, featuring disturbing gameplay and an unsettling and compelling narrative. With the help of a ‘possessed’ instant camera, you will connect the human world with the beyond. Solve puzzles, explore your surroundings, and most importantly, survive. Throughout your journey, you are haunted by MADiSON, the ghost of an evil murderer, who is forcing you to continue a gory ritual started decades ago and commit abominable acts." MADiSON will be getting a physical copy in various regions with camera customization DLC and some goodies: This game and many more featured in the Big Ol’ List of Upcoming Horror Games right here on PSNProfiles!
  6. Depends on what you think of simulator games. Most sim fans would embrace the gameplay but even then it’s a simulator AND a satire of hillbilly America so it’s verryyy niche. I can see how it wouldn’t be for everyone. I thought it was fun customizing the shop, rebuilding the car, assembling, exploring each location for stuff, etc, but if games like Gas Station Simulator are not your thing, Barn Finders won’t be either.
  7. I played this a lot on Steam and enjoyed it. It has DLC there and quite a bit to do. Not sure if that’s all in the base PS version or separately later. I liked this game, found it funny, and will get it on PS4 also if a decent port.
  8. Uncut and unrated version of the trailer. We finally see some violence and kills.
  9. Sure. I don’t disagree there are perks to always online games. I personally just don’t like them because you have to assume Blizzard or whatever other company servers will always be up and running, PSN will always be up and running, as well as your own internet connection. Call me old fashioned but I like the assurance I can pop in a disc and play regardless of online status.
  10. Good takes there. I could see that. It’s an interesting dynamic they have here with the cook and the hitchhiker being in a support role and essentially tagging the survivors. Maybe they can soften them up too until Leatherface gets them. We know the villains can’t be killed so Leatherface will eventually have a chance to take everyone out if the team is cohesive and plays it right. It’s all just speculation here but that’s part of the fun
  11. The always online requirement and Diablo Immortal structure give it 2 early red flags from me but that’s not saying they can’t do right. I’m in the boat of exercising caution. Hope they prove us wrong.
  12. Nice job getting these up fast. Gonna blind play a bit then go for the trophies after with the guides. Still waiting for disc to arrive though 😠
  13. The good ones, sure, but some are just arcadey pick up and play button mashers. Especially the old coin op games. All wrestling games are not equal and I wonder where this one lies.
  14. They knew people were going to hate on Goat Simulator 2 due to the pain and suffering flappy goat inflicted on them so they went ahead and skipped part 2 and went straight to 3. Genius! Now it’s like nothing happened.