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  1. I have already completed the game and 100%'ed it. My save file is currently at 70 hours of playtime. I read that if the timer passes 100 hours, it's back at 0 hours and the trophy can be obtained. Let's say I'll let the game run for another 30 hours. If I beat the World of Chaos a second time in the same save file, will I still get the trophy?
  2. I didn't have polyjuice potions unlocked, so I searched for a fix on the internet. The fix was to rewatch the cutscene where you get the polyjuice potion. But now when I return to Hogwarts I'm stuck in the Slytherin potion room. The door doesn't work. Is my 80% game file screwed? God dammit
  3. Download patch 1.02 and you'll now run at normal speed.
  4. TL;DR for your comments: I hate Jak X, therefore everyone should.
  5. Jak X is underrated as hell! This looks fun, can't wait.
  6. Finally! Can't wait. Remember guys, orb glitch is CHEATING!
  7. Do what you guys want, but Jak and Daxter are my favorite games of all time. Therefore, I need it in my PS4 library.
  8. Same. I own 3 different versions of Jak. I obviously won't buy them again.... Until it comes out...
  9. Browse the US Store and go to Explore then swipe to the right until you see "Bundle & Save". A Jak and Daxter bundle is shown there, but if you click on it then it says "This content cannot be selected at this time." This can only mean that the games will come out in a few days! HYPE!
  10. I actually managed to find a great team on the Prison map, we got it without using any glitches
  11. This is the hardest thing I've ever attempted in my life.
  12. I know that there is already a topic on this, but this trophy is such a pain in the ass. I've tried to farm diamonds for 6 hours now and I've only gotten 2. Anyone who has got diamonds from a lot of chests who is kind enough to add me as a friend and help me out? Thanks
  13. No problem, thanks anyway! I killed a total of 3646 terrorists before I got the trophy.
  14. I check my stats on Ubishit's page and it says that I have 3255 terrorist hunt kills. And yes I'm looking under the PVE tab. I know that it says the total sum of my situation kills and terrorist hunt kills, but I am 110% sure that I have not gotten 755 kills in Situations. How did you guys get this trophy?
  15. This game must be the most boring game I've ever played in my life! The things I do for trophies..