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  1. Hmm, these raise the analog sticks. I forgot to add I would like something that doesn't raise the analog sticks too much. About Kontrolfreeks, they don't slip on the analog sticks, they just stick on them. I'm scared if they wouldn't easily unstick sometimes especially when sometimes lot of force is put in. But I always heard they are pretty great.
  2. Hi, What are the best thumb grips for Dualshock 4? I have the brandless ones with the nubs all around the corners and the nubs always irritate my finger, so I would like to replace them. I also would have liked if they would fit the Dualshock 4 nicely, so it doesn't rotate on the stick or something. My fingers easily sweat and DS4 sticks are pretty slippery with just a little bit of perspiration, so I need some thumb grips. So anyone using thumb grips as well, and if yes what are the best? Thank you. Sorry if it's in the bad forum section, if yes feel free to move the thread.
  3. So I just completed the game to 100% today with no problems whatsoever. Both trophies popped for me when they should and I had an entire artifact collection filled and completed before finishing the game, and I also have the world map at 100%. Good Samaritan trophy for completing 8 side missions though popped for me after completing all the side missions not just after 8 for some reason, but I'm glad it popped, I thought it glitched. I played on the Physical version updated to 1.03.